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Latest signature file for CPAV for OS2 dated 01/05/94.
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Latest signature file for CPAV for OS2 dated 01/05/94.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
OS2SIG.TXT 3177 1547 deflated
OSAVSCAN.DLL 242967 99356 deflated
OSVIRLST.CPS 56640 14752 deflated

Download File OS2SIG.ZIP Here

Contents of the OS2SIG.TXT file


*Signature File Update Information for OS/2 Anti-Virus Version 1.X*

The self-extracting archive file named OS2SIG.EXE is for users of Central
Point Anti-Virus for Windows Version 1.0, or later. It contains updated
files that include the latest virus signatures available.

This update works with Central Point Anti-Virus OS/2 Version 1.0 or later.

To update your version of Central Point Anti-Virus for OS/2, follow these

1. If you are on CompuServe or the Central Point BBS, download the
self-extracting archive file as OS2SIG.EXE to a temporary directory
on your hard drive.

If you have the Central Point Anti-Virus Signature Disk, copy the
self-extracting archive file OS2SIG.EXE to a temporary directory on
your hard drive.

2. Run OS2SIG.EXE to extract the updated signature file, OSAVSCAN.DLL, an
updated virus list file, OSVIRLST.CPS, and OS2SIG.TXT file, which contains
this file and an updated list of virus signatures included in the

3. Copy the files OSAVSCAN.DLL,and the OSVIRLST.CPS to the directory on your
hard drive containing the Central Point Anti-Virus for OS/2 files.

4. Run the Central Point Anti-Virus OS/2 program.

The virus list is updated automatically when you run the program.


Additional Virus Signatures included in the OSAVSCAN.DLL dated 12/16/93:

Anti Daf., AT-132, Atomic 1B, Atomic 2A, BackTimeA, BackTimeB, BackTimeC
BadBoy 2, Banana, Bell Vir, Benoit, Big 702, Bit Adct., Blood Lus, Bloood 1
Boot-437, BrainDrop, Bugfix, Burma, ChaosCom, ChaosExe, Chrisj13, Col Mac
Crazy Eddie2, CrazyVir, Cybernet, DarthVader 6, Dc-B, Dest1-2A, Dest1_2, Dhog
Didavdr, Do+Do2 Troj, Dr2-20- inf, Dropper 11, DRQ1161, Dtiny99, Dt_Var1,
Emfii, Empire, Explode, F-VHS A,B,C, Flex, Game770, GdnGHT, Gili1st
Gr, Gr2, Grun C, Grun1, Gyro, G_Virus, H-1385A,Hafen VRS, Haloech A,
Heeva Hav, Hilton 1, Insuff, Invader, J-Moctez, Jabberwocky Japan Xmas1,
Jer1767, Jew-2, Joke, JP 2, KeyPress 7, Kuzmitch1, Larry Leach 1, Lisbon 3,
Lockup, Loren, Lvvirus A, Lythyum, M.S.K, Madden Malmsey, Mayak, Mcwhale, Md
Virus, Michinst, Min Less, Mini 97, Monkey Monkey 2, More, More, Mosquito,
Muaddib, Muaddib, My_1, Nazisk Drp Necro, Night A, Night B, Night C, Nika,
Numm4, Ontario A, Ow-42 Pcbb's, Phalcon, Pirate1, Pixel283, Play Tetris, PMBS,
Proto-T, Quox R-20, Rat, Rat Sofia, Ray M, Ray S, Ray S.1, Rce #2, Repent
Resext B, Revenge7, Ripper, Rob, Rob 3, R_22B, S-86, S-91, Sathanyc,
Schrunch, Scream 4, Scream Net, Scribble, Scyth-C, Seneca Seneca 2 Trj,
Sentinel 4, Shake 1, Silver 2F, Solonom, Sound4, Souther StartShip,
StoneHenge, Succubus, Suomi, Suomi VIR, SVC - 4661, Sylvia 3, Tatou 1
Term1501, Th-Th, Th-Th, Thanksgiving, The 1008, Timid, Tiny 122, Tiny 124
Tomorrow, Tony H Trj, V-3000, Vacsina 8, Veng-A, Veng-B, Veng-C, Veng-D
Vien377, Vienvipr, Vir Command, Vir1530, Vir224, Vir224, Vir250, Virus9
Virus9A, Vote, V_Basic, WildThing, Witcode 1, Y-Yank 2, Zaragoza, 1008
1226 Drp, 4 Joy, 948

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