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XMEM displays information about extended memory use.
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XMEM displays information about extended memory use.
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Extended Memory Usage Utility
Copyright (c) 1990 Howard M. Edin


XMEM is a simple utility designed to provide information about
extended memory use. XMEM is currently designed for Microsoft's
HIMEM.SYS driver or extended memory available under BIOS control
(ie. no memory manager present).


Type XMEM at the command line to display a brief report. A
command line switch [-v] toggles XMEM into detailed reporting of
extended memory use. If no extended memory manager (XMM) driver
is found XMEM will only show total extended memory reported by
the BIOS.

In detailed reporting mode, XMEM will show memory use by each
Extended Memory Block (EMB) handle. The total memory used is the
sum of the EMB handles plus the 64k used in the High Memory Area
(HMA). The XMM driver always reserves 64k for the HMA regardless
of whether it is actually used.


XMEM was written with Turbo C version 2.0, and the XMM library
files from Microsoft's Extended Memory Specification 2.06 (found
on most BBS's). The file contains a wealth of information, as
well as C and ASM support files.

The current version of XMEM uses the CPU detection routine
published in the Tutor column by Jeff Prosise, PC Magazine Volume
9 number 13, page 425-426. I plan on changing this in the future
since this routine does not get along with 386/486 chips in
virtual 8086 mode.

If you find any problems with the program, or have suggestions or
criticism, please send me a comment if possible. I can be reached

Howard Edin Compuserve ID 72446,3555

Colossus ]II[ BBS : (913)897-6667
JCCC COIN BBS : (913)469-4401
Sound Advice BBS : (913)436-4516

Version 1.0 Released 9/14/90.


This document and the program file XMEM.EXE are copyrighted by
the author.

The copyright owner hereby licenses you to: use the program; make
as many copies of the program and documentation as you wish; give
such copies to anyone; and distribute the program and
documentation freely, provided that both the program and the
documentation are distributed together.

There is no fee for the use of this software.

There is no warranty of any kind, and the copyright owner is not
liable for damages of any kind. By using this free software,
you agree to this.

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