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Latest release of Modem Doctor 4.01 external modem driver files.
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Latest release of Modem Doctor 4.01 external modem driver files.
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Contents of the MDRDRV.TXT file

Version 4.0xS / 4.0xR
Hank Volpe copyr. 1989,1990,1991,1992
P.O. Box 43214
Baltimore MD 21236
Voice : 410-256-5767
BBS : 410-256-3631

This brief text file accompanies the latest release of Modem Doctor
external modem driver files. Modem drivers keep your investment in Modem
Doctor current, and all general releases are distributed free of charge.
This driver is designed to work with version 4.0 and higher of the Modem

Modems are constantly being manufactured with new extensions to the AT
command set. We hope to keep up with this process by releasing new drivers
as soon as we find out about new modems from users like yourself.

To use an external modem driver, simply place the file MDR.DRV, that
accompanies this text file,in the same directory that Modem Doctor is using
as its default. If Modem Doctor finds this file, it will verify it is a
valid mdr.drv file, and then it will use the file for its driver
information. To test that the driver file has installed properly, simply
press Shift-3 from the main menu (the # sign). A full diagnostic summary
will be displayed. At the lower left corner, you will see one of two

If the driver installed properly, it will display;
Using External Drivers: Driver Version 2.0

if not, it will display;
Using Internal Driver table

Or, just go over to the carrier select, and choose a modem driver. You will
notice you now have more choices that the 5 built-in drivers. If for some
reason you don't wish to use the external drivers, just renname the MDR.DRV
file to anything else, delete the MDR.DRV file, or move it to another
subdirectory. If Modem Doctor can't find the file MDR.DRV, it won't use it!

Modem Doctor 4.0x Driver File Release 2.0 Reference Information
Page 2

Brief summary of Drivers from the Tech Reference Manual
The Modem Doctor uses a software module to communicate with most brands of
modems. These "modem drivers" are built into the Modem Doctor. When you
start up the Modem Doctor, it will make a choice of the correct
driver to use depending on what kind of modem it finds. You can always
override this choice by going to the Carrier tests and selecting the
pulldown "Select Modem Commands".

To keep your version of Modem Doctor as state-of-the-art as possible,
Version 4.0 and higher have the ability to read external modem driver
files. Like printer drivers, these files can be loaded to extend the
ability of the Modem Doctor to communicate with any type of modem. This
means you should never need to update for the sake of incorporating a new
modem selection into the Modem Doctor. ALL GENERALLY-RELEASED MODEM DRIVER

You can always get the latest shareware version of the Modem Doctor by
calling the Modem Doctor BBS at 410-256-3631. Also, other communication
utilities and help conferences will be available to you. There is no charge,
and instant access is provided to all callers.

Please let us know of any additions or corrections to these driver files,
so we can help keep Modem Doctor one of the best diagnostic values that you
can find!

Hank Volpe
The Modem Doctor

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