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Allows use of McAfee's SCAN to look into ZIP files.

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Makes Virus detection of archived files FAST and EASY.v1.03
This is a shell program for SCAN from McAfee
and Assoc.. Makes running SCAN an easy to do
task on .ZIP, .ARJ and now .LZH files. Will
also extract and process embedded archived
files. From Larry Edwards

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Category System Diagnostics
Allows use of McAfee’s SCAN to look into ZIP files.
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Contents of the DOSCAN.DOC file

DoScan Version 1.03
Copyright (c) 1994 by Larry Edwards
All Rights Reserved

Developed and Marketed as Shareware
Larry O. Edwards
P.O. Box 3429
Kent, WA. 98032
CompuServe: 74010,773
FIDO: 1:343/187

If you use DoScan, you must accept this disclaimer of warranty.
The author disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied,
including, without limitation, the warranties of
merchantability and of fitness for any purpose. The author
assumes no liability for damages, direct or consequential,
which may result from the use of DoScan.

DoScan was written to make using "SCAN" from McAfee and Assoc. an
easy and hopefully interesting task. It will process all files in
a directory including any .Zips,.Arj and now with v1.03 will also
do .Lzh files. With this version DoSCAN will also extract and test
any embedded files in an archive.
If a virus is detected by "SCAN", the archived file is automatically
moved to a "Badfiles" directory and DoSCAN continues on with the other
files to be processed. If a virus is detected in any other type of file
a warning message is given on the screen.

Why use this type of program?
"SCAN.EXE" is an excellent program for testing for viruses, BUT it
is also difficult to understand all of the options available in it.
With DoScan you don't need to worry about them as most of them are
already hardcoded into the program. To process a directory full of
new files simply type DoScan , what could be

What is Shareware?
Shareware is a form of distribution which gives users a chance to try
software before buying it. If you try a Shareware program and continue
to use it, you are expected to register. Individual programs differ on
details -- some request registration while others require it, some
specify a maximum trial period. With registration, you get anything
from the simple right to continue using the software to an updated
program with printed manual.

If you find DoScan useful and you continue to use it after a reasonable
(30 days) trial period, you are required to make a registration payment
of $15.00 to Larry Edwards. See "REGIS.TXT" for more information.
The $15.00 registration fee will license one copy for use on any one
computer at any one time.

You must treat a registered version of this software just like a book.
Just as a book cannot be read by two different persons at the same time,
this software may be used by any number of people and may be freely moved
from one computer location to another, as long as there is no possibility
of it being used in two different locations at the same time.

Commercial users of DoScan must register and pay for their copies of the
program within 15 days of first use or their license is withdrawn. For
site-license information, contact the author direct.

You are encouraged to pass (unregistered) copies of DoScan along
to your friends for evaluation. Please encourage them to register their
copy if they find that they can use it. All registered users can get
a registered version of DoScan by calling my BBS and downloading it.
(See REGIS.TXT for more details)

Please fill out the included registration order form (file REGIS.TXT)
and send in your registration today. You can send REGIS.TXT to your
printer by typing:

"COPY REGIS.TXT PRN" (without the quotes)

and then pressing ENTER while at the MS-DOS prompt.

What Do I Get for Registering, and Why Should I?

Here are some reasons why you should register:

o You can pick up a registered copy of the program by calling my BBS,
which does not show the "UNREGISTERED" line at the bottom of the
the display screen nor does it have the NAG screen and delay.

o You get a LIFETIME license, meaning you're entitled to all future
versions/upgrades of DoScan.

o You get unlimited technical support via surface mail or electronic

o You have the author's ear when it comes to suggesting new features
and capabilities.

o You help increase competition in the software industry by keeping
prices low (shareware doesn't rely on expensive advertising).

o Finally, you can be proud of the honesty and integrity you've shown
in registering the program and having participated in the Shareware

Installation is very easy, simply extract the DoScan.EXE file to a
directory that is in your Path statement.

Copy the new DOSCAN.EXE over your old one.

Operation is even easier than the installation! To start the program
simply type "DoScan ", no quotes. I have all my
new downloads go into a directory called "TOTEST", so when I am ready
to check those files I type "DoScan C:\TOTEST" and sit back to watch
the operation. DoScan will create a working directory under the
specified directory called "X2348" which is where the archives are
extracted to. Once the files are extracted, they are tested with the
program "SCAN.EXE" which MUST also be located somewhere on your PATH
Statement. If "SCAN" detects a virus (or other possible problems) it
will pass the information to DoScan which in turn will create another
directory under the specified directory called "BADFILES". DoScan will
then move the suspect archived file from the specified directory into
the new "BADFILES" directory and will give you a Warning message on the
screen. Once the move has been completed DoScan will continue on until
all of the files in the specified directory have been processed.
If "SCAN" detects a virus in a file that is not in a compressed archive
it will pass the information to DOSCAN and a Warning message will be
displayed on the screen. Files that are not in an archive form and are
detected as being contaminated will NOT be moved to the "BADFILES"
directory, but you will be given plenty of warning messages.
DoScan is a very tidy program it will cleanup and remove the "X2348"
directory it created when it is finished.

Whats New
02/02/94 - v1.01 released.
02/06/94 - v1.02 released.
Corrected lockup problem if no files were in a directory
specified(don't know why anyone would run this program on
an empty directory, but they did).
Now runs "SCAN" on any file in a specified directory. No
longer needs to be in an archived form.
02/16/94 - v1.03 released.
Will work with .Zip, .Arj and now .Lzh files.
Added code to extract and process any embedded archived files
within the main archived file.
Added a "Nag Screen" to remind you to register the program.
Tests to be sure that the program "SCAN.EXE", by McAfee and
Assoc., is in a directory in your path statement.

How to Reach the Author
Home BBS Official Support BBS's
TINKER SOFTWARE BBS Boardwalk BBS Borealis BBS Happy Hunting Ground BBS
(206) 852-7708 (206) 941-3124 (303) 750-7136 (206) 228-1734
Kent, Wa. Seattle, Wa. Denver, Co. Seattle, Wa.
FIDO: 1:343/187

Final Remarks
Many Thanks to my Wife, Evelyn, for her Friendship, Love, and Support in
every aspect of my life. Especially my addiction to computer keyboards.
I also want to Thank my new son, Robert Lee Edwards, for his patience
while sitting with a wet diaper while daddy finished "Just one more line".

Thanks again to my BETA team for beating me up.

I've made every effort to provide a safe and stable program, BUT...
If you find errors or additions, please let me know.

NOTE: Your registration and support for this program will enable me to
continue to develop DoScan and add other valuable features in future

I'd appreciate bug reports, new feature requests, comments, performance
problems, constructive criticism, suggestions, additions.

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