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AT benchmarks from PC Tech Journal.
File PREFORM.ZIP from The Programmer’s Corner in
Category System Diagnostics
AT benchmarks from PC Tech Journal.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ATBIOS.COM 13947 10002 deflated
ATBIOS.PAS 5426 1488 deflated
ATDISK.C 10811 2343 deflated
ATDISK.EXE 22558 14704 deflated
ATFLOAT.C 2551 968 deflated
ATFLOAT.EXE 21484 14460 deflated
ATKEY.ASM 2833 896 deflated
ATKEY.EXE 1169 327 deflated
ATPERF.C 27623 4706 deflated
ATPERF.EXE 95924 16690 deflated
CONTENTS 646 271 deflated
PDISKIO.ASM 5293 985 deflated
README 1174 575 deflated
TIME.ASM 57293 3855 deflated
WARRANTY 1008 520 deflated

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Contents of the README file


This disk is a compilation of the programs in PC Tech Journal's
Compatibility and Performance Evaluation Suite, which originally
appeared in the August 1986 issue and was updated in March 1987.
The diskette will spare you the task of typing long listings, thus
leaving you with time for more productive uses of the material we
publish in PC Tech Journal.

The file CONTENTS is a table of contents that associates the
listing files with the programs in which they are used and the
executable versions of the programs. The file WARRANTY contains
the limited warranty and copyright notice. CONTENTS, WARRANTY,
and all the listing files are in ASCII text format suitable for
TYPEing or PRINTing. You may need a particular language processor
or other tool to take full advantage of some of the listings.

We hope you find this Listing Diskette a valuable and useful
contribution to your work with the PC.

Will Fastie
Editor, PC Tech Journal

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