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Show what chipset your computer uses. Version 1.74.
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Show what chipset your computer uses. Version 1.74.
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Contents of the README.1ST file

* SHOWSET & Related Files - (C) 1991 Micro Firmware Inc. *
* 1430 W. Lindsey St. - Norman, OK 73069-4314 *
* 405-321-8333 FAX: 405-321-8342 BBS: 405-321-2616 *
* *
* The ShowSet program, documentation, and related files may be freely *
* distributed so long as all the files are distributed together and *
* unmodified. *

This archive contains ShowSet, a utility developed by Micro Firmware
that can detect many different integrated chip sets that are commonly
utilized in the implementation of an IBM compatible motherboard. The
type of chip set used is one of several factors that must be taken into
account when obtaining a BIOS upgrade.

Micro Firmware develops and distributes ROM BIOS upgrades. Files with
information about BIOS upgrades in general are also included in this archive.

===== ======== == ==== =======

README.1ST - The file you are now looking at

SHOWSET.DOC - Chip Sets Supported & Release History

SHOWSET.COM - The ShowSet Program

WHYPHNX.DOC - Explains why we use Phoenix BIOS, and why keeping
the same brand is NOT an issue when upgrading.

UPGRADE.DOC - Information about Micro Firmware & BIOS Upgrades.
What we need to know to get the right BIOS upgrade
for your machine, and interesting tidbits that some of
the other upgrade people don't want you to know!


ShowSet is periodically updated, and the latest revision can always be
obtained from the Micro Firmware Product Support BBS, which can be
reached at the following numbers:

300/1200/2400 BPS ........... 405-321-2616
300/1200/2400 BPS MNP ....... 405-321-2400
300/1200/2400/9600 V.32 ..... 405-321-3553

Connect with 8-bit word, one stop bit, and no parity.

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