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A simple and easy way to check for viruses in ZIP files.
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A simple and easy way to check for viruses in ZIP files.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
AUTOLOG.DOC 833 434 deflated
AUTOLOG.EXE 12206 7110 deflated
AUTOSCAN.CFG 934 487 deflated
AUTOSCAN.DOC 14119 5590 deflated
AUTOSCAN.EXE 35808 15909 deflated
AUTOSCAN.HIS 4437 1962 deflated
CHECK.EXE 1488 1124 deflated
REGISTER.NOW 2430 923 deflated
SCANIT.BAT 662 304 deflated

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Contents of the AUTOLOG.DOC file


AUTOLOG is a down and dirty little utility to keep the AUTOSCAN.LOG
under control. All it does is search through the current AUTOSCAN.LOG
and pulls out any lines that report and error in Archive or a Virus,
it then renames this file effect all it does is
only keep entries in the log that are of any importance.....

AutoLog will expect to find the log file in the same directory as
AutoScan itself, as long as that is on the current path then it'll find

If you are running a version of AUTOSCAN prior to V3.0 some other info
will also be retained in the log file..

'bout have fun..

AUTOLOG.EXE 1.0, Copyright (C) 1991 Nick Tucker, /\/\ountainTop Technologies

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