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DataScope is a powerful serial communications analyzer designed as a high performance tool for software and hardware professionals.
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DataScope is a powerful serial communications analyzer designed as a high performance tool for software and hardware professionals.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

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DataScope Version 1.4x

DataScope is a powerful serial communications analyzer
designed as a high performance tool for software and
hardware professionals. Now you can eliminate guesswork
about asynchronous transmissions, connections, character
timing, and serial events without purchasing an expensive
hardware monitor.

DataScope requires minimal setup. You can run the program
immediately, but be sure to print MANUAL.TXT and read the
basic setup chapters to identify the proper parameters for
your monitoring environment. Any of the files with .TXT or
.DOC extensions can be printed with the DOS "print" command.
For example, to print the manual, type PRINT MANUAL.TXT at
the DOS prompt.

Once you experience the user interface, you may wish to
build a monitoring cable to capture bidirectional
conversations and experiment with the more advanced features
of DataScope. Print CABLE.DOC for the diagram and pinout of
an easy to build, basic monitoring cable.


Two types of files are present in the shareware product version:
Files that are necessary for DataScope operation, and shareware
documentation files. Both groups are listed below for reference.
All files in both groups should be present on the disk or in the
compressed file, depending upon how you received DataScope.

Operational Files

PALS.EXE DataScope executable file.
PALS.CFG Default configuration kernel file.
EBCDIC.CFG Alternate EBCDIC character translations.
COLORS.CFG Demonstration character attribute colors.
PALS.HLP On-line, context sensitive help file.

SEQUENCE.BIN Demonstration archive file.
SEQUENCE.DAT Demonstration interactive transmission

Documentation Files

MANUAL.TXT Shareware manual text file.
CABLE.DOC Shareware cable description file.
ORDERFRM.DOC Registered version order form.
README.TXT This file (contains the most recent
DataScope product information).

The Shareware Concept

DataScope is distributed on a Shareware basis. You may use
DataScope without charge for the purposes of evaluating it's
usefulness and suitability to task. If you find DataScope
worthwhile, then you should order a registered version of the
program. Registered copies of the program do not require a logon
procedure, allow complete access to all program functions
without registration reminders and come with a detailed 130 page
user's manual, monitor cables and two serial connectors. An
order form is already prepared in ORDERFRM.DOC - simply print
this file, supply the necessary information and mail it in to us
with your payment. An invoice will be shipped automatically with
your order.

DataScope will soon have a protocol analysis language as well as
additional capabilities and enhancements, and as a registered
user you will be entitled to low cost upgrades to the newest
versions as soon as they are released. Most importantly however,
by registering your copy of DataScope (or any Shareware
product), you'll ensure the survival of the convenient and risk
free distribution method that originally brought you DataScope.

If you have paid a small fee to a Users' Group, "Software
Library" or "SIG" to receive this copy, you have NOT acquired
the registered rights or continued right to use DataScope. This
fee was for the convenience of obtaining the DataScope diskette,
and cannot be applied toward the purchase of a registered copy.

You may freely copy DataScope for distribution under the
Shareware concept, without charge. You may not reverse engineer,
decompile, or disassemble the software. You may not rent or
lease the software to other persons. You may not charge any fee
for the DataScope program or documentation without our express
written approval. Similarly, you may not distribute DataScope or
it's documentation in connection with any commercial venture,
product, publication or service without our express written

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