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Latest virus signatures for MS DOS 6.0.
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Latest virus signatures for MS DOS 6.0.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
MSAVIRUS.LST 44864 11916 deflated
MWAVSCAN.DLL 167936 75145 deflated
WINAV.TXT 4416 2080 deflated

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Contents of the WINAV.TXT file


*Signature Update Information for the MS-DOS 6 Windows Anti-Virus Program*

This update works with MS-DOS 6 Windows Anti-Virus Program V1.0 or later.

To update your version of the MS-DOS 6 Windows Anti-Virus Program, follow
these steps:

1. From the Central Point BBS, download the self-extracting archive file
as WINAV.EXE to a temporary directory on your hard drive.

2. Run WINAV.EXE to extract the update signature file, MWAVSCAN.DLL,
MSAVIRUS.LST and the Read Me file, WINAV.TXT, which contains the
signature file and an updated list of virus signatures included in the

3. Copy the MWAVSCAN.DLL and MSAVIRUS.LST files to the DOS directory on
your hard drive, or the directory that contains the MS-DOS 6 Anti-virus
program files.

4. Run Windows and load the MS-DOS 6 Windows Anti-Virus Program.

The virus list is updated automatically when you run the program.

There are some virus signatures included in the WINAV.EXE file that have the
same name as viruses already detected by your version of MS-DOS 6 Anti-Virus
Program. As new variants of viruses are found, we may add the variant
signature to the signature file to increase the virus detection capability.
Since the name of the variant is, in most cases, the same as the original
virus name, it will show up in the virus list only once and will not be
added to the total virus count.


Additional Virus Signatures included in MWAVSCAN.DLL dated 05/07/93.

Abraxas, AirCop 1, Alien1, Alien3, Ambula, Anna, Anti Cad 3, Tobacco, Arc v9,
Arc v93, Arc V sand, Arcv-1, Arcv-2, Arcv-3, Arcv-4, Athens, BB, BB 1,
Black Jack 8, Bob 1, Boojum, Bopyr, Brazil, Burger, Burger 404, Burger 4,
Busted, Cancer, Cannabis, Carfield, Centry, Chad, China, Chang MPC, Chessy,
Chaser, Civil Def, Clone_v1, Close, CMOS Killer, Code Zero, Col Mac, Soilent,
Color, Comander Bombe, Correos, Cracker Jack 1, Creeper425, Crumble, Cruncher,
Crusher, Dark Avenger 3, Dbl Vision, Decide 2, Demolishon, Demoralize 1,
Demoralized, DIA 444, DIA 465, DIA 602, DIA 606, DIA 608, DIA 620, Diogenes,
Dismembe, DIR 2-A, Dong 2, Dontello, Drop Boot 2, Dropper 4, Dropper 5,
Dropper 7, Dropper 8, Dropper 9, Dropper 10, Ear, Ear 2, AnPrnt, Eearth Day,
EMF-A, Emmie, Emmie 2, End of, Enemy, Enemy 1, Error-Virus, FCB, FamR,
Family, Falcon, Fichv 3, Fm, Forger 2, Friends, Friends 1, Grunt 4, Geek,
Generic, Generic 1, G Spot, Ghost3, Gingerbread, Gingerbread PT, Gotch 1,
Gotch 2, Gotch 3, Gotch 4, Gotch 5, Got You, Green, Grenda, Grunt 2, H&P,
H-621, H-705, H-1508, Hafen 1, Haifa2, Haifa3, Hanji, Hilton, Hilton PT,
Hitler, Azusa 2, Infected, Inject, Intimit, Intruder, Intruder 1, Irish 3,
Itti, Itti 1, Japan Virus, Jason, JD-448, Jo 1, John, Joshi File, Dropper 10,
Keypress 4, New TURKU, KilRoy, Kinsion, Hate, Kode 4, LCV, Lanert, Li Xibin,
Lanert 2, Lisa, Lisa 2, Little Broth, Little Brother, LockUp, Lvvirus, LZ 1,
Maltese Amoeba, Malaise, Mannequin, Massiah, MCWhale, Merde 3, Merde 4,
Merde 5, Merde 6, Mexican, Ministry, Mimic 1, Mimic 21, Munich, Multi 2,
Multi 2 PT, Mut-Rock, MK, MK 1, MK 20h, MPS 1.2, MPS 3.3, Mummy 2, Murphy 6,
Mv 30, Nazgul, Necro, 1963, Nines2, Nitzan, No_start, Npox, Npox 2, Null 178,
Number 1, Number 2, Nygus v2.0, Ontario 2, OW 27, OW 27-B, OW 28, OW 28 B,
OW 30, OW 37, OW 42, OW 64, PC-Bandit 1, Pearl Harbor, Pixl 11, Pixl 12,
Pixel 850, Plague, PLO Virus, Posscas 5, Possessed 3, Possessed 4, Protecto,
Prime B, Psycho, Radyum, Richards, Rob, Rocko 2, Russan A, Sara2, Scroll,
Shhs, Shield, SickSick, Silence, Shz, Skism 808, Small 38, Soilent,
Spanish Fool, Stahlpla, Stanlh, Stealth, Stoned 2, Stoned 3, Stoned 4,
Stoned 5, Surfer, Susan1, Flagyall, SwanSong, Swiss (Phonix), Sylvia 1,
Terminator 2, Terminator 3, Th 1, Th 2, Th 3, Timid 1, Timor, Tiny F, Tmtmid,
Traveller, TRV-50, Troi, Troi 2, Typo 1, Udi, Ultrasik, UNK, V-BNB 3, V512,
VCL Virus, VDL Trojan, Viniscul, Viol-c, Viper, Vootie, , Totoro, Vx1,
Walker, Warrior X, Whywin, Wild B, WinVir 1.4, Wolverine, Wrz_dood, X-3ad,
Yankee, Yankee 2, YAP, Year 1992, Yukon2, Z-10, ZU 1, 132, 1385, 1792, 1992,
205, 256 virus, 2623, 302, 321, 500, 572, 7th Son, 981, 99.

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