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Shut down your hard drive while testing new software.
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Shut down your hard drive while testing new software.
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Here is a little program that might just save your disk some day!
NOX was written by me to help with testing the programs that were
uploaded to my BBS.. One of them had teeth! And got around what
WPHD was doing to stop write and format calls..

NOX will trap writes and formats using ANY of the present set of
system calls that do those things. Not just INT13 and INT21, but
also INT26. It gets hard to be a virus without that one.

NOX has been tested against 115 of the nastiest viruses around!!
And NONE of them were able to get through what NOX does to keep
them out.

To use NOX, just place him someplace on your EXEC path and type:
NOX.. The program will identify itself, and then proceed to stop
you or any virus or trojan from writing to anything on any part
of your disks! In other words, DO NOT run NOX before you start a
session with WORD or LOTUS!!! You will not be able to save any
data at all! Once NOX is active in memory, most types of writes
to any disk will produce errors that range from 'Write Protect'
to 'General Failure' - Be not alarmed! You are SAFE! Also, any
program that tries an absolute write using INT26 will turn on a
drive light.. But NO data will be written at all! Try it out!

NOX is 'FingerWare!' If you see someone who looks smug and nasty
(like he just finished writing a virus) Give him the finger for
me! Also, if you find this program helpful and easy to use, send
me a dollar if you like. I will gladly continue with NOX if I do
get any interest, and have some new features in mind. Like being
able to remove him from memory without having to reboot! -OOPS!
forgot to mention that! I have a few mods to this in mind, and I
will happily continue with this if there is any interest.

Also, using this software is to agree that there is no liability
of any kind for anything that happens as a result of your doing
so. If you run this program from a shell in your program, and it
prevents you from saving data until you reboot. You were warned!


Daniel J. Karnes
POB 7007
Nashua, NH 03060

Call The Cutting Edge BBS:
300-9600 V.32/MNP etc.

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