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Lists all device drivers that are presently loaded in memory.
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Lists all device drivers that are presently loaded in memory.
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Contents of the DEVICE.DOC file


DEVICE: Device Driver directory utility
Copyright (c) BCMI 1988
Version 2.00


DEVICE lists all the resident Device Drivers. For each Device Driver,
the following informations will be displayed (left to right):

- the hexadecimal address (SEGMENT:OFFSET) of the Device
Driver header.

- the device name in the case of a character device, or
the number of units in the case of a block device.

- the current nul, real-time clock, standard output and
standard input devices (character devices only).

- the special calls supported by the Device Driver:
or NON FAT ID (block).

For more information on the device drivers see "MS-DOS Programmer's
Reference" Chapter 2: "MS-DOS Device Drivers".

Writing of DEVICE for MS-DOS was motivated by the lack of an utility
like the "DEVICE" shell command available on TRS-80/LDOS, or the

DEVICE will work just fine on DOS 2.xx or higher.


NOTICE - A limited license is granted to all users of this program, to make
copies of this program and distribute it to other users, on the
following conditions:

1. DEVICE.EXE is to be distributed to others with DEVICE.DOC
and those two files are not to be distributed in
modified form.
2. No fee is to be charged for copying or distributing the
program without an express written agreement with BCMI.

Copyright (c) 1988 BCMI.


======================= S H A R E W A R E =======================

User-Supported Software

If you have used this program and found it of value,
your contribution ($10, or FF 70 in Europe, suggested) will be appreciated.

11 rue Benjamin Godard

Regardless of whether you make a contribution,
you are encouraged to copy and share this program.


Francois Bergeon
CompuServe: 73377,3170
CalvaCom : FB15

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