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Reports installed modem(s) using COM1-COM4 on PCs.
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Reports installed modem(s) using COM1-COM4 on PCs.
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Contents of the DETECT.DOC file

DETECT -- Reports installed modem(s) using COM1-COM4 on PCs.
Copyright 1993 by Robert W. Sehlke.

PURPOSE: DETECT reports modem(s) attached to a PC. Although PS/2 model
PCs can support COM1-COM8, this utility was designed to report
modem(s) using the standard COM1-COM4 utilized by AT-class PCs.

USAGE: DETECT requires no command line parameters -- just type
DETECT. To report any external modem(s), the modem(s) MUST BE ON.

LICENSE: Use of this program is free. This program may be distributed
for free as well. The author makes no guarantees of any sort,
nor is there any expressed or implied warranty for the program
use. Simply stated, you use this program at your own risk.

AUTHOR: Comments, questions and/or suggestions may be addressed to:

Robert W. Sehlke
P.O. Box 5306
Everett, WA 98206-5306

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