Dec 102017
Tests system microprocessor.
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Tests system microprocessor.
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CHIPS.ASM 9570 3161 deflated
CHIPS.DOC 511 341 deflated
CHIPS.EXE 7725 5234 deflated
CHIPS.OBJ 376 338 deflated

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Contents of the CHIPS.DOC file

CHIPS.ARC contains chips(), an MSC callable ASM function which returns
the type of CPU (8088/8086, V20/V30, 80186, 80286 or 80386) and the
type of NDP or math coprocessor (8087, 80287 or 80387) present at run-
time. The return is via the AX register so the enclosed source code is
easily hacked for other applications. Includes .ASM, .OBJ (small mod-
el), .REF, and .C, .EXE and .MAP (for example and calling convention).
Enjoy! /Pat Shea @Psi! CIS [76210,712]

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