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PC system analyzer, check system status and configuration.
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PC system analyzer, check system status and configuration.
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Contents of the SYS-42.TXT file


Version 4.2

SYS-42.COM and SYS-42A.COM were developed by John
J. Seither II and are offered without support or warran-
ty to the public domain. All rights to the source code
are retained by the author.

Both are written in Pascal with in-line Assembler.
SYS-42.COM is the intended for use on 100% IBM compati-
ble computers. The default disk capacity function has
been disabled on SYS-42A.COM to afford execution on less
than 100% IBM compatible computers. The version uti-

lized should be renamed SYSTEM.COM.

Upon inputting "SYSTEM" at the DOS prompt, the
initial screen is displayed. Thereafter, inputting an
upper or lower case letter "E" will cause the program to
terminate. Inputting any other key will continue execu-
tion of the program.

The second screen displays additional system infor-
mation and provides optional access to a three page
tutorial. As before, entering anything other than a
upper or lower case letter "E" will execute the tutorial.

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