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Finds/removes ExeBug II virus (03/01/93). From the McAfee Board.
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Finds/removes ExeBug II virus (03/01/93). From the McAfee Board.
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Contents of the BUGFIX.DOC file

BUGFIX Version 1.0
Copyright (C) 1993 by Dynamic Solutions
All rights reserved.

Dynamic Solutions (021) 24-9504 Office
P.O.Box 4397 (021) 26-1911 Fax
Cape Town (021) 24-2208 BBS
8000 CompuServe 100075,200
South Africa FidoNet 5:7102/110
Beltel 608780

Authorized McAfee Associates Anti Virus Agents

Programmed by Peter Stoffberg and Oliver Steudler


1) Introduction
2) What is the EXEBUG virus ?
3) Company profile
4) Shareware
5) Registration
6) Overview
7) Error messages
8) Legal


BUGFIX is a background disinfection and system security
program against the EXEBUG 1 and EXEBUG 2 virus.


Besides the STONED virus, the EXEBUG virus is the most
common virus in South Africa. However unlike the STONED
virus, the EXEBUG virus causes malicious damage and makes
use of an advanced stealth technique called tunneling to
hide itself from anti virus programs.

On floppy disks, the EXEBUG virus infects the BOOT SECTOR
and on hard drives it infects the PARTITION TABLE.

A noticeable effect of the EXEBUG virus is that it
interferes with the CMOS setup and removes diskette drive 0
from the setup. Booting from a clean DOS disk will result
in the hard drive not being accessible as the virus will
over-write the partition table.

There are two versions of the EXEBUG virus :

EXEBUG 1 modifies .EXE files into droppers (files that when
executed DROP the virus into the boot sector / partition
table) and modifies .EXE files to become Trojans,which when
executed, will over-write the FAT, root directory and other
vital areas of the hard drive with garbage.

EXEBUG 2 is different from EXEBUG 1 in that it has the
damage routine called from the boot sector instead of the


Dynamic Solutions is a specialist data security company
that produces customized security solutions for stand-alone
as well as networked computer environments.We have recently
also been appointed Authorized McAfee Associates agents.


This software is marketed under the Shareware concept.
Unlike Public Domain software, Shareware may only be used
in strict accordance with its registration policy. The
concept of 'look before you buy' in no way reduces the fact
that you have to pay for the software.


Dynamic Solutions grants you the non-exclusive right to
use one copy of the object code version of the BUGFIX
software for use on your computer system. You are entitled
to evaluate the software a on royalty free basis for five
days. Use after the five day evaluation period is subject
to payment of the license fee specified below.

BUGFIX 1.0 single user license R 20.00
BUGFIX 1.0 multi user license R 1.00 / per copy

Multi user licenses are charged at R 20.00 for the first
machine and R 1.00 per machine thereafter. Registered users
will receive a license agreement as well as a tax invoice
by mail.

Please fill in the attached REGISTER.DOC order form and
post to Dynamic Solutions, P.O.Box 4397, Cape Town, 8000.
OR fax the order to us at (021) 26-1911. Payment may be
by cheque or bank deposit as detailed in the REGISTER.DOC


BUGFIX is a memory resident program anti virus program that
detects and removes the EXEBUG version 1 and 2 virus. The
software makes use of a two-layered protection mechanism.
The first layer performs the detection and disinfection
procedure, and the second ensures that your system remains
free of the EXEBUG virus.

a) On execution of BUGFIX.COM, the program will inspect the
boot sector of all volumes on your disk drive(s). If it
detects the EXEBUG virus in memory, it will ask you to
boot the computer from a clean DOS disk and run BUGFIX
again. BUGFIX will then disinfect the hard drives.

NOTE: As the EXEBUG virus interferes with the diskette 0
entry in the CMOS setup,you will have to set up the CMOS
diskette configuration manually.

b) Now that you have removed the EXEBUG virus, you must
ensure that you do not get infected again. To do this,
include BUGFIX in your AUTOEXEC.BAT file, so that it
is run every time you boot the computer. Any disk that
is inserted into the diskette drives is automatically
checked in the background. If the EXEBUG virus is
detected, BUGFIX will automatically remove it.


a ) 'EXEBUG in Memory - REBOOT From Clean Write Protected
Dos Disk!'

BUGFIX has detected the EXEBUG virus in memory. Boot
from a clean DOS disk and run BUGFIX again to
disinfect the system.

b) 'Disk Infected! - Please Remove The Write Protect Tab
For Disinfection.'

BUGFIX has found the EXEBUG virus on disk, but can not
remove the virus as the disk is write-protected.

c) 'Error Removing EXEBUG - Quarantine Disk/Contact Dynamic

BUGFIX has found a modified or corrupted version of the
EXEBUG virus.Contact Dynamic Solutions at (021) 24-9504

d) 'Already Installed.'

BUGFIX is already installed in memory.

e) 'Exebug Removed From Hard Disk- Press Any Key to Restart

BUGFIX has detected and removed the EXEBUG from the
system. It will then reboot the system to ensure that
the memory is cleared.


The BUGFIX software has been tested extensively using a
host of different systems and configurations. However as
a result of the inherent instability of computer viruses,
Dynamic Solutions, nor its programmers,accept any liability
for damage caused by the use of this software. The use
of this software is at your own risk.

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