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Keyboard lock.
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Keyboard lock.
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Contents of the LOCK.DOC file

The program LOCKERUP.EXE is designed for those offices like
mine where too many people have access to my PC when I'm
not sitting in front of it.

To use this program just type LOCKERUP at the DOS prompt. It is
recommended that you include this program in your AUTOEXEC.BAT
file under another name like TIMER, or something else that will
not give a tip-off that you are locking up your keyboard. As
soon as you run this DOS resident program, your keyboard will
lock up until you depress the "Alt key", the "Left-shift key"
and the letter "U" or "u" (which stands for unlock). To lock up
the keyboard, depress the "Alt key", the "Left-shift key" and the
letter "L" or "l" (which stands for lock).

This three key combination can be changed by using DEBUG in the
following manner:

(1) COPY lockerup.exe junk
(2) DEBUG junk
the bytes at location
303 equals 26 which is the scan code for the letter "L" or "l"
304 equals 16 which is the scan code for the letter "U" or "u"
305 equals 0A which is the bit map within KB_FLAG
LEFT_SHIFT = 02H...:
ALT_SHIFT = 08H...:

Example :

the following debug commands will change the program so that
it is necessary to use the letter "S" or "s" to lock the keyboard
and the letter "G" or "g" to unlock the keyboard in conjunction with
the "Ctrl key", and the "Alt key"

(3) -e303 1F 22 0C
(4) -w
(5) -q

Any question concerning this DOS resident utility should be directed
to :
Warren E. Fuller
1211 HolmeWood Dr.
Pasadena, Md. 21122

You can also leave me a message on the following Bulletin Boards:

BBS Name Phone Nr. SysOp
-------- --------- -----
BHEC (301) 661-2175 Hampton Childress
Capital (301) 956-3396 Andy Smith
Chesapeake (301) 267-4930 Vince Castelli
GoodNite (301) 655-3996 Kyle Goodnight
OnLine (301) 484-2831 John Madill
USF&G (301) 578-4635 David Sieminski
XTurbo1 (301) 256-8012 Stephan Hendricks
XTurbo2 (301) 252-0717 Tom Hendricks


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