Music and Digitized Voice

MUSIC Files from The Programmer's Corner
File Name File Size Date Created Description
007.ZIP53279Apr 29 1992Themes from James Bond in MOD music file.
11-1.ZIP69499May 2 199011-1 MOD File for Soundblaster.
11_MIDS.ZIP71041Jan 29 1992Eleven new .MID files for your sound card.
11_WAVES.ZIP243466Sep 4 1992Eleven cool .WAV sounds for your sound card.
12WAR.ZIP103174Nov 2 199112th Warrior - MOD File for Soundblaster.
146B.ZIP131497May 26 1992Pro Audio Spectrum SCSI drivers from the Media Vision BBS. These are now publicly available. Version 146b.
146F.ZIP131634Aug 21 1992Pro Audio Spectrum SCSI drivers from Media Vision BBS. These are now publicly available. This is version 146F, and supports the FUSION cards.
16RASTER.ZIP67557Nov 27 198216 Raster Song - MOD File for Soundblaster.
1SBOARD1.ZIP100466Feb 1 1993The Sound Board v1.0 lets you draw songs.
2001HAL.ZIP71295Nov 28 1991Voice of HAL from 2001. VOC voice file.
204INSTS.ZIP28110May 26 1991204 .INS files for the Adlib sound card.
20TH_CEN.ZIP57731Aug 23 1991Sounder file of 20th Century Fox introduction.
2FROMHAL.ZIP93591Jun 8 19902 Digitized voice files of HAL 9000.
3KINGS.ZIP916Dec 11 1989Adlib ROL music file.
3STOGE.ZIP105430Apr 2 1993Various classic 3 Stooges .WAVs.
3STOOGES.ZIP208709Jul 14 1992Collection of 3 Stooges VOC Files.
48SILENT.ZIP843Sep 10 1990Silent Night in MIDI Format.
4INTHMOR.ZIP19109Jul 26 1992CWALK - four in the morning.
5TH.ZIP24992Apr 7 1992Beethovins 5th in WAV format.
5WAVE.ZIP3098Sep 25 1992StdMIDI - "Fifth Wave", Suzanne Ciani.
646SBI.ZIP80389Jul 27 1992646 soundblaster instruments for your soundblaster card (.SBI format).
7.ZIP85336Sep 6 1990MOD music file "7" for use with Trakblaster or similar programs.
70S.ZIP242199Sep 17 1993Disco wav.
728INST.ZIP11765Nov 3 1990728 instruments for the Adlib card.
90210.ZIP53541Mar 14 1993.MOD music file of the theme to Beverly Hills, 90210.
98ROCK.ZIP225719Jun 2 199198 Rock commercials for Sound Blaster in VOC format.
9TO5.ZIP1321Jul 20 1989Music file in ROL format. "Working 9 to 5".
ABDUL.ZIP202735Feb 7 1990A soundblaster VOC file.
AC32MUSC.ZIP270428Mar 8 1993ACCU MUSIC SYSTEM v3.2 - Allows you to create music on your computer. You can: use graphics-based (or text-based) editor to enter notes and view them on the screen, etc.
ACDC120.ZIP28508Jan 8 1994A TSR CD-Player for DOS, Version 1.20.
ACES-HI2.ZIP38447Sep 26 1992Aces High 2 : MOD file.
ACESHIGH.ZIP38656Jun 29 1990Aces High 2 - MOD file for Soundblaster.
ACIDBAT2.ZIP28063Aug 19 1990Trak Blaster Music File (MOD).
ACIDOFIL.ZIP153799Oct 22 1990Acidofil - MOD File for Soundblaster.
ACID_BAT.ZIP28063Mar 22 1991ST sound file. Use Trakblaster to play.
ACOUSTIC.ZIP42896May 31 1991Audio Acoustic - MOD File for Soundblaster.
ACTION.ZIP4872Jan 29 1992.MID file in Win31/General MIDI format.
ACTION4.ZIP4874Jan 29 1992.MID file in Win31/General MIDI format.
ACUMSC21.ZIP87890Mar 23 1991ACCU Music Printer 2.1 Designed for music writers who can't write music. You type in the music and ACCU will print out the sheet music. Entering the music is easy and can be done with any text editor or word processor.
ADDAMS.ZIP64866May 4 1991Music from the Addams Family, for Sound Blaster.
ADL-1.ZIP531808Dec 12 1989Collection of over 600 Adlib songs and instruments. Part 1 of 3.
ADL-2.ZIP705366Feb 17 1990Collection of over 600 Adlib songs and instruments. Part 2 of 3.
ADL-3.ZIP481825Feb 6 1990Collection of over 600 Adlib songs and instruments. Part 3 of 3.
ADLIB.ZIP34205Sep 27 1989A few *.ROL songs for your ADLIB card to play on Jukebox.
ADLIB1.ZIP35893Apr 5 1991A few *.ROL songs for your ADLIB card to play on Jukebox.
ADLIB2.ZIP138142May 30 1989Variety of songs for the Adlib Music Synthisiser Card.
ADLIBTIP.ZIP19047Feb 24 1990Text file to help with creating music files for the ADLIB music card.
ADLIBWV.ZIP5678Jun 14 1992Allows Adlib sound card to play WAV files.
ADLROCK.ZIP16019Jul 8 1990Various Adlib ROL music files.
ADMENU30.ZIP35796Apr 18 1991Ad Lib Menu -- Manage all your .ROL files in one ZIP file, saving disk space. PKZIP required.
ADMUSE.ZIP75764Feb 13 1990An excellent shareware music composer for the Adlib music card.
ADORE-EM.ZIP81904Nov 11 1990Adore Emulator - MOD File for Soundblaster.
AFFAIR.ZIP23172Dec 14 1991Windows 3.1 .WAV file.
AFTERT.ZIP29342Aug 20 1989Afterthought - MOD File for Soundblaster.
AGENTMAN.ZIP30852Sep 21 1992Cakewalk file of "Secret Agent Man".
AHH.ZIP14666Sep 9 1992Sam Kinison's patented scream in .wav format.
AHHH!!.ZIP321793Sep 18 1993Bevis and Butthead wav file.
AHHH.ZIP10773Dec 14 1991Windows 3.1 .WAV sound file.
AHHHH!.ZIP10999Oct 30 1990Someone screaming 'AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH'. SND voice file.
AHOOGA.ZIP9037Dec 14 1991Windows 3.1 .WAV sound file.
AHREV2.ZIP39907Nov 20 1989Ahhhhhrev 2 - MOD File for Soundblaster.
AIMDEMO.ZIP19254Dec 15 1989AIMDEMO - Alternative Instrument Maker for the Ad Lib Music System.
AIRBOR.ZIP29622Sep 18 1990Trak Blaster MOD file.
AIRNITE2.ZIP1378Aug 29 1989Adlib song file in ROL format.
AIRWLF2.ZIP59599Jan 2 2006.MOD music file - The Airwolf theme, done properly.
AIRY.ZIP925Jan 12 1991The theme to "Rolling Hills II". ROL music file.
ALBERTSL.ZIP25381Oct 30 1990Trak Blaster MOD file.
ALBUNDY.ZIP1164Jan 23 1980For Adlib Music Cards Only. Theme From Married with Children.
ALCOMP10.ZIP179120Jul 12 1993Aleatoric Music Composer, use with Windows and MIDI.
ALOHA.ZIP88214Jan 31 1991Trak Blaster MOD file.
ALWAYSON.ZIP35800Feb 7 1991"Always on my mind" - TrakBlaster MOD file.
AMEGAS.ZIP45584Jul 28 1990"Amegas" mod file for Soundblaster.
AMERICA.ZIP1847Oct 3 1989Adlib ROL: America.
AMNESIA.ZIP788438Nov 7 1992A Graphics and Sound "mega" demo by Rennisance. Supports SB and AdLib sound cards. Requires 386 or better. Cannot use any memory managers when running.
ANITRAS.ZIP2983Jan 29 1992.MID file in Win31/General MIDI format.
APC.ZIP54464Oct 2 1990Trak Blaster MOD file.
APPLAUSE.ZIP64751May 23 1989Digitized sound of a crowd clapping. Use sputter/replay to listen.
APPROACH.ZIP51548Aug 19 1990"Approach" - mod file for Soundblaster.
AQUARIUS.ZIP2591Jan 14 1990Adlib ROL: Age of Aquarius - from Hair.
ARCANE.ZIP74123Sep 11 1990Trak Blaster MOD file.
ARIA.ZIP1522Sep 4 1987A music file in .ROL format.
ARKANOID.ZIP21849Jan 8 1991Trak Blaster MOD file.
ARMADA.ZIP110730Jul 6 1991Heavy Metal (MOD) file for Sound Blaster.
ARMOUR.ZIP11824Mar 9 1990Armour Hot Dog Commercial Theme for adlib music card.
ARMSVED.ZIP234802Dec 21 1993Swamp Thing - very good instruments. MOD file.
ARNOLD.ZIP11043Feb 7 1991Mac voice file of Arnold saying "I'll be back".
ARVIDS.ZIP79643Jul 24 1990Trak Blaster MOD file.
ASCMID.ZIP7665Nov 15 1992Convert ASCII to MIDI format.
ASTA1WAV.ZIP21339Oct 10 1992WAV file for Windows 3.1 "Asta la!" Terminator2.
ATOM.ZIP18664Nov 29 1989A digitized voice demo. Very nicely done, does some amazing stuff.
AUDIO.ZIP25131Oct 15 1992Info on digital sound formats.
AUDIO210.ZIP28139Feb 7 1993FAQ: Audio File Formats v2.10 - This is info about sound file formats and includes a section on audio sampling rates. Formats include: CD, DAT, etc.
AUSOUND.ZIP959534Jun 28 1994An assortment of sound files in AU format.
AUSTEX.ZIP43588Feb 14 1991Trak Blaster MOD file.
AUSTEXCD.ZIP41383Aug 15 1992A .MOD music file.
AVEMAR.ZIP5189Aug 24 1990Ave Maria for Soundblaster card.
AVMOD2.ZIP456816Aug 14 19924 Great Sound Modules (.mod) files. Includes: HouseOut, TrainBea(t), Psy, and Rhythm_M(achine).
AWAY.ZIP4050Sep 22 1989Adlib song file in ROL music file format.
AWE32AIL.ZIP39935Apr 7 1994Miles drivers for Soundblaster AWE-32.
AWEFAQ.ZIP19633Jun 10 1994Frequently Asked Questions for the Sound Blaster AWE32.
AWESOME1.ZIP64787Nov 30 -0001Awesome Music (MOD) Sound Blaster Only.
AWESOME2.ZIP38573Nov 30 -0001A great Sound Blaster .MOD file.
AWESOME3.ZIP38804Nov 11 1990A Sound Blaster .MOD file.
AWESOME4.ZIP14614Mar 21 1991A MOD music file.
AWESOME5.ZIP56613Mar 21 1991Trak Blaster MOD file.
AWEUP.ZIP676880Oct 18 1994Upgrades for Sound Blaster's AWE32 sound card drivers.
AXELF.ZIP62919Sep 6 1990Theme from Beverly Hills Cop for use with the Trakblaster playback system.
AXELVOC.ZIP127534Jul 29 1991A .VOC file of Axel from Beverly Hills Cop.
AXEL_F_1.ZIP5240Feb 6 1986Axel F Song -- Midi Format.
AXK8.ZIP36588Sep 26 1992AXK8 : MOD file.
BABY.ZIP37246Mar 17 1990Sound Blaster VOC file of a baby crying.
BACARDI.ZIP31372Sep 26 1992Bacardi : MOD File.
BACH2PAR.ZIP59510Oct 20 1993Bach 2-part and 3-part inventions in general MIDI format.
BACHF.ZIP23576Jul 24 1993A MOD file of one of Bach greatest.
BACKOFF.ZIP30434Apr 4 1992"Back off man!" - VOC sound file.
BACKTALK.ZIP9940May 27 1989Your PC talks back at you -- rather fresh -- put this on someone ELSE's PC.
BADBONE.ZIP43172Dec 6 1991.VOC file to be used witha SoundBlaster.
BADMAN.ZIP4941May 26 1991Badman - A .CMF Soundblaster music file.
BALAD.ZIP64711Jul 2 1990Track Blaster MOD file.
BALLAD2.ZIP2300Mar 13 1991A ballad in the .MID (MIDI) format.
BANANAS.ZIP70083Nov 2 1991Trak Blaster MOD file.
BARNEY.ZIP9106May 20 1993WAV File of Barney from the Simpsons.
BARNWOLF.ZIP107467May 29 1993.VOC of Barney meets Wolfenstein.
BAROQUE2.ZIP8839Jul 1 1992StdMIDI - an original baroque stype piece done twice, the original for solo piano, and again orchestrated G/M.
BARTMAN.ZIP85940Feb 10 1991A collection of .VOC files from the Simpsons.
BARTSLAW.ZIP75829Mar 29 1992Bart's Law - Sound Blaster demo.
BARTTALK.ZIP122964Apr 30 1991Replace the parrot for the SB Pro with everyone's favorite Bart Simpson.
BAT-DANC.ZIP238058Sep 7 1990Theme song to the movie "Batman." .MOD, needs Trakblaster to play.
BAT.ZIP238036Sep 7 1990Great Mod from the motion picture Batman.
BB1.ZIP1382802Sep 18 1993Bevis and Butthead wav files.
BB2.ZIP1300827Sep 18 1993Bevis and Butthead wav files.
BB3.ZIP1206993Sep 18 1993More Bevis and Butthead wav files.
BB4.ZIP1370693Sep 18 1993Bevis and Butthead wav files.
BBCNEWS.ZIP67100Nov 2 1990Sound blaster file of the BBC news radio.
BBDEMO.ZIP353395Oct 12 1992Band-In-A-Box version 5.05. Generates multi-part accompanyment from chord entries to a song. Fully functional except for file save. From PG Music.
BBSONG.ZIP5450Jan 13 1994Beavis and Butthead Song Titles for Windows.
BEAMUP.ZIP37084Dec 28 1991A WAV file of the transporter sound from Star Trek.
BEANS.ZIP93229Mar 9 1990Beans and their side affects. For Soundblaster .VOC format.
BEATLES1.ZIP1296Jul 3 1988Adlib ROL: Beatles Song.
BEATLES2.ZIP1161Jul 17 1988Adlib ROL: Beatles Song.
BEATLES4.ZIP1076Sep 30 1989ROL music file of Beatle's songs.
BEATLES5.ZIP1336Jan 4 1987Adlib ROL: Beatles Song.
BEAUTY.ZIP2343Apr 8 1992Beauty and the Beast theme in ROL format.
BEAVBUTT.ZIP258235Jun 19 1993Beavis & Butthead .WAV's.
BED2.ZIP6648Oct 30 1990SND sound file. "Something is in the bed"
BEEF.ZIP8759Mar 6 1990Wheres the beef? Sound Blaster VOC file.
BEET5GUS.ZIP82851Oct 14 1993Beethoven's fifth symphony in MIDI file format. This is the complete piece, and the four movements are also included separately.
BEEVIS.ZIP449787Jul 17 1993Sound clips (WAV) from Beevis show.
BEV_BU.ZIP71000Sep 5 1993Bevis and Butthead
BEYOND.ZIP355837Mar 1 1991Beyond Music, for sound blaster. [MOD].
BGIBSON.ZIP52824Jun 30 1993Bill Gibson (Neuromancer) [WAV].
BIGWHEEL.ZIP12267Jun 2 1991VOC file for Sound Blaster.
BILLJEAN.ZIP9994May 21 1991StdMIDI - Michael Jackson's "Billy Jean".
BILLY1.ZIP1763Jul 23 1988Adlib Song: Billy Joel's Pianoman.
BISHOP.ZIP9838Nov 12 1993VOC of Bishop from Aliens the movie.
BIZZJAM.ZIP50970Feb 12 1991Trak Blaster MOD file.
BLACK-GS.ZIP7116Aug 8 1992StdMIDI - "Black Celebration", Depeche mode arranged for SC-55/General MIDI.
BLACKDOG.ZIP53044Mar 22 1990Led Zepplin - BlackDog. VOI sound file.
BLACKND.ZIP131250Oct 2 1992Blackened - Metallica MOD music file.
BLADERUN.ZIP22995Sep 26 1992Bladerunner : MOD file.
BLISTERS.ZIP33823Sep 17 1992"I got blisters on me finger" Voc File.
BLOOD.ZIP130770Jan 1 1991Excellent MOD from the popular Psygnosis game Blood Money.
BLOOOD.ZIP97701Dec 7 1991Trak Blaster MOD file.
BLOOPERD.ZIP780233Jul 23 1993Collection of Radio Bloopers (Sound files).
BLOWS.ZIP14973Jan 29 1991David Letterman VOC file.
BLUE.ZIP53856Jun 18 1991Trak Blaster MOD file.
BLUEBROS.ZIP174127Sep 2 1990A great VOC from the movie "The Blues Brothers".
BLUES.ZIP875Jun 9 1987Adlib music file in ROL format.
BLUESHAD.ZIP71116Jul 23 1990Blue Shaddows MOD file.
BLUESJAM.ZIP790Feb 23 1989"Blues Jam" MIDI file -- good baseline.
BLUESY2.ZIP3931Jan 29 1992.MID file in Win31/General MIDI format.
BM1992.ZIP108223Jul 5 1992MOD music file. (New Order).
BMSTR62.ZIP292342Oct 7 1994BLASTER Master v6.2 - best VOC file editor for the Sound Blaster (Pro). Many Special FX - Echo, Fade, Reverse, Mix, Remove Vocals, Stereo Panning, Change Sample Rate, Looping, and much, much more.
BOGUS.ZIP12307Sep 17 1992Bill & Teds "BOGUS" VOC File.
BOHEMIAN.ZIP3366Oct 22 1990Queen's Bohemian Rapsody for Adlib.
BOING1.ZIP56977Oct 1 1993BOING! v1.0 play WAV files with a click on its icon.
BOND.ZIP67447Aug 27 1991James Bond music file (STM) for use with Scream Tracker.
BOND007.ZIP64541Jan 28 1993James bond 007 .mod files.
BONDTHM.ZIP140737Feb 12 1991VOC file for Sound Blaster.
BONESASK.ZIP14330Aug 14 1992Bones inquiry of Spock Wav.
BORHAP.ZIP4483Apr 7 1992Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen in midi format.
BORIS.ZIP166643Apr 29 1993WAV files of Boris from Bullwinkle.
BOWSNAP.ZIP31323Mar 8 1990A bowsnapping effect. For the Soundblaster in VOC format.
BP_FUNK.ZIP9430Feb 6 1986Basic Funk Drums - Midi Format.
BP_ROCK.ZIP8699Feb 6 1986Basic Rock Drums - Midi Format.
BRAHMS.ZIP763Sep 24 1989Song for Adlib in ROL music file format.
BREAKFA.ZIP32490Dec 7 1991Solid Breakfast MOD file.
BREATH.ZIP67388Jul 5 1991"You take my breath away" - Trakblaster MOD file.
BRHAMS1.ZIP16500Dec 10 1992Collection of MIDI files from Brahams.
BRHAMS2.ZIP16512Dec 31 1992Collection of MTS music files for Brahams.
BRIDGEU.ZIP98734Jun 27 1991Bridge Universe Part II : MOD file.
BROONS.ZIP102286Feb 12 1994Broon's Bane Sample by Rush.
BROWNEYE.ZIP1538Jul 6 1990Adlib ROL music file of the song "Brown Eyed Girl".
BRWNJUG.ZIP2631Jan 29 1992.MID file in Win31/General MIDI format.
BUD.ZIP14335Dec 11 1985Budweiser ad with talking voice...
BUDWISR.ZIP76560Jun 13 1991Voc file for the SB. Two files for the Budwiser ad.
BUGS2.ZIP10372Oct 30 1990Bugs Bunny. SND sound file.
BUNGA.ZIP19575Jun 18 1990Sound Blaster .VOC file. TMN Turtles say: "CowaBunga Dude".
BUSTERS2.ZIP23194Feb 8 1992A great .VOC file from Ghostbusters 2.
BWAVE106.ZIP133487Aug 4 1991B's wave centre sound editor. Version 1.06.
B_BWAV.ZIP15919Aug 8 1993Beavis and Butthead .WAV files.
CAK2MIDI.ZIP16002Apr 24 1989Converts Cakewalk 2.0 workfiles into Format 1 Standard MIDI files.
CAKARIA1.ZIP9464May 27 1992The accompanying .wrk file is a Cakewalk 2.0 file of piano accompaniment for the Aria "Avant de Quitter Ces Lieux" from Gounod's Faust in Eb.
CAKE2MID.ZIP15234Apr 24 1989Convert cakewalk .WRK files to .MID MIDI file format files.
CAKE30.ZIP170566Nov 29 1989This is the Demo Version of Cakewalk 3.0 -- the world's most popular IBM MIDI sequencer software.
CAKEWALK.ZIP6272May 1 1992The demo file for CakeWalk MIDI sequencer.
CAMRAEYE.ZIP20614Apr 5 1991Camara Eye by Rush, for Cakewalk.
CANONIND.ZIP26395Mar 10 1992Canon in D. MOD music file format.
CANT.ZIP91306Jul 23 1990Can't Get Enough : MOD file.
CANTINA.ZIP3244Dec 16 1989Star Wars Cantina music in Adlib ROL format.
CARCRASH.ZIP24438Sep 26 1988Sound of car crashing, use sputter or replay to play.
CARHORN.ZIP2965Sep 16 1992Car horn Wav file.
CARIBEAN.ZIP246488Jul 20 1991A .VOC file of the Pirates of the Caribean (DisneyWorld ride). Good.
CAROLS.ZIP23820Nov 18 198832 Christmas Carols: Plays music and shows lyrics.
CARSTART.ZIP19086Sep 25 1988The sound of an old car starting up. Use sputter/replay to hear.
CASBAH32.ZIP5338Jul 18 1992StdMIDI - "Rock the Casbah" - the Clash set up for MT-32 seq. by Norma Williams.
CASINVOC.ZIP338085Aug 31 1993Collection of casino sounds in VOC file format.
CBERRY.ZIP1779Oct 15 1989Adlib ROL: Johnny B Goode - Chuck Berry.
CCFACTRY.ZIP78480Jan 9 1991Tjdemo1 : MOD file.
CCMUSIC.ZIP78535Jan 9 1991Ccmusic MOD file for Trak Blaster.
CDBOX305.ZIP287032Dec 15 1993CD-Box is configurable for Sound Blaster, Adlib and almost any sound card on the market today. Plays every music/sound file that you can find (.ROL .MUS .VOC .MOD .CMF etc).
CDP.ZIP163687Feb 12 1993CD player is a full featured CD Audio player for Windows.
CDP105.ZIP135576Sep 12 1992CD Player 1.05 for SBPRO CD-ROM from Creative.
CDPLAY10.ZIP17627Mar 22 1992CD player for Windows and DOS.
CDSTUFF.ZIP62235Jan 8 1993Programs for controlling CD-Roms for audio use. Downloaded from the Pro Audio BBS (Media Vision).
CDW302.ZIP170205Sep 27 1994CD Wizzard 2.30 CD Audio Player Windows It has all the functions of a home CD player plus many, many more.
CEBIT.ZIP95458Dec 1 1990Cream of the Earth : MOD file.
CERTNLY.ZIP7465Dec 15 1991A WAV file from the Three Stooges.
CFUGE1.ZIP4975Jun 21 1990ADLIB ROL file of BACH song.
CHAINSAW.ZIP24258Sep 26 1988Sound of a Chainsaw at work. Use sputter/replay or sounder to play.
CHAMP.ZIP13806Oct 13 1992Yet another .MOD player. This is small and fast.
CHARIOTS.ZIP71736Sep 6 1992.MOD music file - Chariots of fire.
CHEAPMID.ZIP1746Dec 20 1990Text file on how to build a cheap MIDI interface for the Sound Blaster.
CHEERS.ZIP2895Nov 19 1989Cheers theme for use with the Adlib Music Board.
CHEERVOC.ZIP423312Jun 29 1991.VOC file of the Cheers theme song.
CHICAGO.ZIP53585Sep 22 1990MOD music for Trakblaster.
CHILDREN.ZIP114180Jan 1 1991Hildren of Science : MOD file.
CHIMES13.ZIP11054Aug 9 1990Sounds Westminister Chimes every 15 minutes with or w/o a message.
CHIPNDAL.ZIP1955Aug 21 1990Title theme to Disney's "Chip and Dale's Rescue Rangers" for Adlib board. Use with Jukebox Playback program.
CHOP.ZIP15539Aug 1 1993Chop off static or blank space in the front of .VOC files(or anything).
CHOPIN7.ZIP1010Apr 6 1988Chopin's 7th in ROL format.
CHOPPER1.ZIP86942May 8 1991MOD file for use with Track Blaster.
CHORD.ZIP10262Mar 20 1992Windows 3.1 .WAV sound file.
CHRISMAS.ZIP32074Apr 1 1991ROL format song files for Ad-lib/Sound Blaster sound card.
CHRTREE.ZIP12320Dec 12 1988Christmas scenes: CGA animation with music. Two BASIC programs. Deligh.
CITY-RAP.ZIP1212Jun 30 1989Adlib/Sound Blaster ROL music file.
CLAPTON.ZIP52533Dec 17 1994Various files related to blues singer ERIC CLAPTON. Includes MODs, lyrics, chords, and biographies.
CLINT.ZIP120347Oct 16 1991Go ahead, make my day -- Dirty Harry for Sound Blaster.
CLINTDAY.ZIP62838Feb 14 1987.SND file of Clint Eastwood's "Go ahead, make my day".
CLOSDOOR.ZIP101206Apr 1 1994A 16 bit 22 HZ wave file of a door slamming shut.
CLOTHES.ZIP29158Jul 21 1992A WAV file from the terminator movies.
CMFMENU3.ZIP17360Jan 19 1993Great CMF file player using a menu. Uploaded by author.
CMFS.ZIP691852Jun 15 1931Over 225 CMF files with player.
CMFSONGS.ZIP95580Jun 15 1931A collection of CMF music files.
CMF_A-E.ZIP315742Jul 21 1991Soundblaster music files A to E.
CMS.ZIP26874Aug 23 1990Creative Labs FM Driver. Requires Stereo Chip Set.
CMSMUSIC.ZIP32437Jun 23 1990Music in CMS Format for Sound Blaster.
CMV14.ZIP149955Jun 20 1992Calliope Music Vision v1.3:Single-track Midi music player for the Sound Blaster. Includes .ROL to .MDI converter progrm & several music files. Mouse/keyboard and pop-up file selection.
CNN.ZIP44678Feb 19 1993Nice .WAV of CNN theme. Good for Exiting Windows 3.1.
COLDCUT.ZIP288173Oct 14 1990A very nicely done Sound Blaster demo.
COLORMY.ZIP9653Sep 21 1992Color My World Cakewalk file.
COLOSUS.ZIP903789Mar 29 1994Colosus The Forbin Project wav file.
COMICAL4.ZIP2782Jan 29 1992.MID file in Win31/General MIDI format.
COMPD13.ZIP86221Dec 10 1992Composer 669 v1.3 - The 1st 8-Channel Digital Composer For The IBM PC. It Features Direct Support For Mono Sound On A SoundBlaster Card and For Stereo On A SoundBlaster Pro Card.
COMPLICA.ZIP45413Mar 30 1990"Complications" mod file for Soundblaster.
COMPOSE.ZIP44307May 3 1986The Mouse Composition System allows you to compose, play and edit songs by moving a cursor around the screen using a mouse.
COMPOSER.ZIP65817May 29 1988Music composer.
COMPOSP.ZIP20093Dec 11 1991A composer for the Sound Blaster.
COMPOZ.ZIP106440Nov 6 1991Write songs for the Sound Blaster. Using color, not graphics, and a mouse. Convert your songs to CMF format, and even play CMF files through this program. Lets you import other instruments and supports up to 5 voices.
COMPUTER.ZIP1338Mar 18 1991The computer "warble" in ST:TNG - Mac sound file.
COOLCMF.ZIP27839Oct 9 1990Collection of CMF files for Soundblaster.
COOLRIFF.ZIP227416Feb 2 1995Guitar riff .wav file.
COOLROL.ZIP16117Sep 25 1990A group of great Adlib ROL music files. These are some of the best.
CPU.ZIP46400Jul 21 1992A WAV file from T2.
CRAZYTRN.ZIP111476Nov 7 1990Crazy train : MOD file.
CREAM.ZIP88439Oct 7 1990Cream of the Earth : MOD file.
CROCKET.ZIP84036Dec 7 1991Crockett's Theme : MOD file.
CRONOLOG.ZIP463906Jan 1 1991Excellent VGA/SoundBlaster demo that includes a vector demo.
CROWLEY.ZIP1680Dec 12 1989For Adlib Music Cards Only. Mr. Crowley by Ozzie Ozbourne.
CRYBABY.ZIP142556Apr 3 1989Cry Baby. a .MOD file for Trakblaster, JM Player, etc.
CRYHAVOC.ZIP49788Jul 5 1992.VOC file of the Klingon in Star Trek VI shouting "Cry havoc, and let loose the dogs of war!".
CRYPTLAF.ZIP21635Jan 25 1993Music file in WAV format.
CRYSTHM.ZIP52271Aug 19 1990Crystal Hammer : MOD File.
CTHUG-50.ZIP713067Aug 22 1994Cthugha listens to soundcard input and displays cool graphics.
CULTOF.ZIP1666Aug 13 1989Adlib song file in ROL file format.
CURTAINS.ZIP15170Apr 9 1991"It's curtains, Mr. Peabody!". Sound Blaster VOC file.
CVOICE.ZIP19845Oct 20 1989An on-line clock that will "speak" the current time.
CYBER.ZIP36201May 8 1991MOD music file that can be played with the TrackBlaster playback system.
CYCLED.ZIP76373Feb 14 1991Cycledelic : MOD file.
CYLON2.ZIP9175Feb 18 1991A .VOC file of a cylon from BattleStar Gallactica.
C_C.ZIP145000Sep 5 1993CCFACTRY.MOD was a pretty good one, except for the fact that somebody had put a bunch of annoying pauses within the song. Thus, I went through and removed all of the delays within the song. Included are two versions of the original .MOD file: CCFCTRY2.MOD - Normal song without the delays CCFCTRY3.MOD - Normal song without the delays, but after lady sings, there is an echo of her voice
D10CTL.ZIP80360Jul 2 1990Roland D10/110 Librarian/Controller.
DAEXE10.ZIP100663Oct 29 1994Digital Audio Executable 1.0 - Makes a sound file self-playing. Resulting executable supports Sound Blaster Pro, Sound Blaster, AdLib, Sound Source, and PC Speaker. Converts .VOC, .WAV, .SND, .DAS, .AU, and .IFF files. TA
DAFORT20.ZIP103416Jul 19 1994Digital Audio Fortune 2.0 - A fortune cookie program with a twist. Instead of a silly quote you hear a randomly selected digital audio file from your list. Supports Sound Blaster, AdLib, Sound Source, and PC Speaker.
DALLAS.ZIP2187Jul 7 1989Adlib music file of the song from Dallas TV show.
DAN_DIE.ZIP367000Sep 5 1993rem Dance and Die rem Stealampled by Taylor Balbach, 2/93
DAPLAY20.ZIP103271Jul 19 1994Digital Audio Player 2.0 - A Digital Audio sound file player. Supports Sound Blaster and 100% compatibles. Plays .VOC, .WAV, and .SND files. TAG SOFTWARE - Reg $5.
DASCMP10.ZIP112389Nov 6 1994Digital Audio Sound Compressor 1.0 - Get the same sound, just in less space. Lossless and adjustable lossy compression of .WAV and raw sound files. Resulting files (.DAS) can be played on-the-fly with DAPLAY 2.0, DAFORT2
DATIME10.ZIP116156Jul 19 1994Digital Audio Time 1.0 - A Digital Audio time speaker. Speaks the time on your Sound Blaster, AdLib, Sound Source, or PC Speaker. TAG SOFTWARE - Reg $5.
DAWNMIST.ZIP5176Oct 2 1989Superb Adlib .ROL composition.
DB3A.ZIP199425Aug 17 1992Drum Blaster 3.0 - Library of drum sounds.
DBLAST30.ZIP330655May 19 1992Drum Blaster 3.0 : Drum machine for Sound Blaster.
DDRAGON.ZIP63904Feb 1 1990Dragon 2 MOD file.
DEAD.ZIP144742Feb 16 1991"A Group is Dead" Music (MOD) file for Sound Blaster Only.
DEADJIM.ZIP10399Dec 15 1991.WAV file of Bones from Startrek.
DEADPARO.ZIP141984Sep 5 1992Monty Python's John Cleese "DEAD PARROT" sketch in .WAV format.
DEATHCRY.ZIP11979Aug 29 1991Sound Blaster .VOC file of someone dying.
DELTA1.ZIP48526Jan 1 1990Delta Remix No.1 : MOD file.
DELTA2.ZIP43362Oct 2 1990Delta2: Good .MOD file for SoundBlaster.
DER1.ZIP47598Jan 1 1990Demon's Revenge 1 : MOD file.
DESERT.ZIP55404Jan 1 1990Desert : MOD file.
DFTR_ROL.ZIP1393Dec 26 1989ADLIB - "Don't Fear The Reaper".
DIABLO.ZIP45929Feb 18 1991Diablo - .MOD file for SoundBlaster.
DIE.ZIP328845Jan 24 1991Die Again MOD file.
DIEAGAIN.ZIP328700Dec 7 1991MOD. Die Again for Sound Blaster.
DIGPAK.ZIP143940Apr 19 1991A Demo of a Sound Blaster/Adlib/Sound Source/Pc Speaker Library.
DING.ZIP5465Mar 20 1992Windows 3.1 .WAV sound file.
DINO.ZIP107467May 29 1993A VOC file where Barney the Purple Dinosaur meets the soldier from Wolfenstein. Very similar to Bambi meets Godzilla. Probably shouldn't have your kids hear it if they "love" Barney.
DIRT.ZIP66118Oct 16 1990"Dirt" - mod file for Soundblaster.
DISNYVOC.ZIP18447Dec 15 1991Disney Sound Source Voc player.
DIXIE.ZIP3764Jan 29 1992.MID file in Win31/General MIDI format.
DMFX101C.ZIP17305Jun 28 1992IBM - DrumFix v1.01c Reads in StdMIDI files and remaps drums for a different note setup. Maps for GenlMIDI, Proteus/1 and Yamaha SY-22, or roll your own.
DMP281.ZIP115365Jan 24 1994Another great MOD and NST player. This one has better sound quality than WOWII. Also has a unique screen which shows you exactly what's being played. It supports many sound cards (even the new 16bit Sound Blaster).
DMTHEME.ZIP1589Mar 27 1991Adlib ROL music file. Theme for Double Miracle Software.
DNS.ZIP65056Feb 11 1989Trak Blaster Music File (MOD). Excellent.
DOC.ZIP39591Sep 17 1992Bugs Bunny VOC File.
DOE.ZIP5638Nov 2 1994A .wav of Homer Simpson "Doe!!!!!".
DOH!.ZIP126472Apr 3 1993A funny .VOC file of Homer saying DOH! 32 times.
DOROTHY1.ZIP59266Sep 13 1992Vocs from Dorothy in Wizard of Oz.
DOS-JOKE.ZIP136872Feb 13 1992DOS-JOKE is a new comedy program with real human speech and digital sound effects.
DRAGNET.ZIP109403May 31 1991Theme for TV show Dragnet. Use Sounder or Remac to play.
DREAM1.ZIP106361Dec 7 1991I have a dream MOD file.
DREAMON.ZIP2068Dec 3 1989AdLib music file. The song "Dream On".
DROPWAV.ZIP3558Oct 2 1992Drag mouse to icon to play .WAV files in Windows.
DRTHAREX.ZIP451585Dec 1 1992Sound File of Dirty Harry saying it all.
DRUUGE.ZIP25151Sep 29 1993Druuge song from Starcon II.
DSOUND2.ZIP183437Feb 25 1991DSOUND 2.0. Windows 3.0 program that plays sounds on a PC. Will read Macintosh sound files. Provided in DLL form so that it can be linked into other programs.
DSP10.ZIP123238Jul 19 1994Digital Sound Player 1.0 - A Digital Audio sound file player. Menu driven, keyboard and mouse input. Supports Sound Blaster, AdLib, Sound Source, and PC Speaker. Plays .VOC, .WAV, .SND, .DAS, and .AU files. TAG SOFTWAR
DUCKTA.ZIP2857Dec 7 1990Ducktales ROL music file for Adlib.
DUKES.ZIP1088Jul 10 1989Adlib music file of the song from Dukes of Hazard.
DUNEINTR.ZIP97452Mar 9 1993.MOD file - Clip music from Dune game.
DUNEWAV1.ZIP863130Oct 25 1992One sound clip .Wav from 'Dune'.
DUNEWAV2.ZIP521844Oct 25 1992Another sound clip .WAV from 'Dune'.
DUNEWAV3.ZIP660253Oct 25 19927 sound clips .WAV from 'Dune'.
DUSTWIND.ZIP6553Jan 8 1989Dust in the Wind by Kansas in Cakewalk format.
EAGLES.ZIP38402Dec 27 1990MOD file for Sound Blaster.
ECHOING.ZIP30780Jan 17 1993MOD music file. "World of Wonders".
ECSTACY.ZIP113376Sep 16 1990POP Music (MOD) file Sound Blaster Only.
EDM.ZIP97691Jul 23 1992Erasure Dance Mix .MOD file (for use with TrakBlaster).
EFFECTS.ZIP138468Jul 22 1991.VOC sound effects file.
EGYPT.ZIP3556Nov 24 1988Adlib song file. ROL format.
ELEANOR.ZIP47810Mar 18 1990Eleanor Rigby by The Beatles. VOI sound file.
ELEPHANT.ZIP26990Aug 7 1990Sound of an ELEPHANT. Sound Blaster VOC file.
ELMER.ZIP85822Jun 28 1991Sound Blaster .VOC file of Elmer Fudd saying "Ah, west and welaxation at wast".
ELMERFUD.ZIP31896Sep 17 1992Elmer Fudd Voc File.
ELMERWAV.ZIP32187Jul 1 1992.wav file of Elmer Fudd.
ELTON.ZIP130671May 17 1994Collection of songs by Elton John in MID format.
ELVIRA.ZIP2781Aug 27 1989Adlib ROL music file of "Elvira".
EMBERS55.ZIP2989Jul 31 1992StdMIDI -" Embers", Chip Davis (Fresh Aire) arranged for SC-55/General MIDI.
EMBOLD.ZIP51140Jul 14 1990The Emboldment : MOD file.
EMOTIONS.ZIP226491Oct 31 1991"Emotions" by Mariah Carey. Sound Blaster VOC file.
EMPSPACE.ZIP477901Jul 4 1992Empty Spaces, by Pink Floyd. 11khz Recording. .WAV.
ENDOFDAY.ZIP14798Sep 30 1989Listen to "At the End of the Day" from "Les Miserables".
ENJOYSIL.ZIP130476Oct 30 1992Depeche Mode Enjoy the Silence mod.
ENOLAMIX.ZIP33763May 24 1991Remix of Enola Gay - .MOD music file.
ENTRWARP.ZIP18988May 22 1990A .VOC file of the Enterprise going into warp speed.
ENTTORPS.ZIP3099May 22 1990A .VOC file of the Enterprises's Torpedoes.
EPIC.ZIP748Mar 17 1991"Epic" piano solo. AdLib ROL music file.
EQUINOXE.ZIP57904Jan 31 1991A .STM music file from STYX.
ERASURE.ZIP56901Jan 1 1991Good (MOD) Song File "HCS-Erasre-Mix" Sound Blaster Only.
EVRY1OFF.ZIP11852Jun 6 1992A .voc of "everyone off the computer".
EXCELNT.ZIP10260Dec 14 1991Windows 3.1 .WAV sound file.
EXCUSE.ZIP63318Dec 14 1991Windows 3.1 .WAV sound file.
EXORCIST.ZIP22690Jun 4 1990Mod file of the theme to the Exorcist.
EXTRASP.ZIP34606Nov 9 1987Saturday Night Live's church lady "Isn't that extra special". Use sputter or sounder to play the digitized sound.
EZSPEAK.ZIP181444Jan 1 2000Digitized speech system demo. Lots of speech that can also be used stand alone in batch files.
EZ_B17.ZIP76228Nov 8 1993An excellent MOD one of the best I've heard. A must DL.
E_W.ZIP265000Sep 5 1993Music Files
FACTJACK.ZIP60817Mar 9 1990That's the fact Jack - VOC file.
FAILCOMM.ZIP49923Aug 13 1992.Wav file, "What we have here is a failure to communicate".
FAILURE.ZIP50068Dec 14 1991Windows 3.1 .WAV sound file.
FAIRLI.ZIP34620Sep 17 1990Fairlight : MOD file.
FAKEIT.ZIP383134Aug 5 1990Sound Blaster .VOC file of female having orgasm.
FALLEN.ZIP38681Apr 15 1992"I've fallen and I can't get up!" - .VOC file.
FARM.ZIP297208Jul 16 1993Farm sounds in wav format.
FARMWAV.ZIP322612Dec 27 1992Farm Animal Noises in WAV format. VG 22Khz.
FBULLER1.ZIP286834Jan 20 1993A few of the better one-liners from "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" (*.voc).
FBULLR2.ZIP258119Jan 20 1993Second in a series of High Quality VOC's from Ferris Bueller's Day Off.
FERRY.ZIP2186Oct 5 1992StdMIDI - Ferry across the Mersey.
FIGARO.ZIP1728Dec 19 1989Adlib ROL music file. "Figaro".
FIL2SND.ZIP18779Dec 17 1991Plays all binary sound files (SND) as .WAV files without conversion.
FINETIME.ZIP158638Feb 29 1992MOD music file. (New Order).
FIREWKS.ZIP90431Feb 1 1990Firework : MOD file.
FIRSTKBD.ZIP4492Aug 11 1992Things to know about buying your 1st music keyboard.
FIRSTSHO.ZIP63243Oct 28 1990"First Shot" mod file for Soundblaster.
FISHTRO.ZIP239885May 15 1992Sound Blaster Demo from Finland.
FLAME32.ZIP9567Aug 12 1992Stdmidi - "The Flame", Cheap Trick for MT-32.
FLASHDNC.ZIP2470Oct 25 1989Flash Dance music for Adlib. ROL music file.
FLETCH.ZIP41795Jan 30 1991Movie theme from Fletch in .STM format (for use with Scream Tracker).
FLIPHOUS.ZIP195565Jun 7 1991Fliphous - MOD for Soundblaster.
FLUTEPAN.ZIP160769Feb 7 1992.MOD music file.
FM-REF.ZIP5717Nov 16 1991Programming the AdLib/Sound Blaster (FM Music Chips), a Quick Reference Guide.
FM19.ZIP107746Apr 4 1991Windows FM music player (plays ROL files).
FMSOUN.ZIP66701Jan 21 1991INSTEDIT : An Instrument Bank File editor for Windows 3.0.
FOLKSONG.ZIP1638Nov 26 1987Adlib ROL music file. Folk song.
FOOLONHL.ZIP11930Mar 31 1988Beatles' Fool on the Hill sequence for CakeWalk MIDI.
FORYLOVE.ZIP5362Oct 5 1992StdMIDI - For Your Love (Yardbirds).
FOTOGRAF.ZIP33705Oct 27 1982"Photographic" (MOD) music file Sound Blaster Only.
FREUDIAN.ZIP268476Jul 2 1934DrFreudian MOD song file.
FROGS.ZIP10741Nov 23 1989Voc file for the SB. Sound of a bunch of frogs.
FUGUE.ZIP41901Nov 30 -0001"Fugue" - mod file for Soundblasters.
FUNK.ZIP183224Sep 4 1991Funky tune to test out your sound card.
FUNK1.ZIP8220Jan 29 1992.MID file in Win31/General MIDI format.
FUNKYCOL.ZIP160544Dec 6 1990Funky Cold Medina - MOD for Soundblaster.
FURELISE.ZIP1421Mar 30 1991Adlib ROL music file of "Fur Elise" from Beethoven.
FUSED32.ZIP14325Aug 12 1992StdMIDI - "Fused" Jazz/Rock fusion for MT-32.
FUTURE.ZIP43627Dec 7 1991Future : MOD file.
FYC.ZIP58931Oct 30 1982Fine Young Cannibal's "She Drives Me Crazy" .MOD, needs TrakBlaster.
FYC2.ZIP2224Jun 8 1991Updated Version Of "Good Thing" By FYC. ROL music file.
G-WAVE.ZIP31474Dec 15 1991Robin Williams' .WAV of "Good Morning, Vietnam!".
GADDA.ZIP122596Apr 3 1993MOD Sound file of "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vidda".
GAIL3214.ZIP92243Feb 7 199432-bit AIL Driver for the GUS sound card.
GAME.ZIP17990Aug 5 1993A Wav of The Wopper from War Games Movie.
GAUNTLET.ZIP87680Jul 14 1990MOD music file for use with Track Blaster.
GAVOTTE.ZIP2576Oct 6 1989Great baroque Adlib .ROL for your collection.
GB2F.ZIP8093Jul 6 1990Fix for Ghostbusters II. Fixes GBII's use with the Soundblaster. It used to lock up when the game attempted speech.
GB_ROL.ZIP1165Feb 16 1990ADLIB - "Glamour Boys".
GETOUT.ZIP18275Jan 29 1991Digitized VOC file that says, "Get Out!".
GHOST1.ZIP53338Oct 19 1990Ghost : MOD file.
GHOST2.ZIP30040Aug 3 1990Bill Murray in Ghost Busters. Sound Blaster VOC file.
GHOSTMOD.ZIP53336Oct 19 1990Ghost [.MOD] Music file -- nice samples.
GHOSTVOC.ZIP23172Feb 8 1992.VOC file from Ghost Busters 2.
GIGA.ZIP32035Jul 23 1990Gigabyte 01 : MOD file.
GINSON2.ZIP6650Aug 12 1992StdMIDI - "Presto Mysterioso" from Sonata Para Piano, Alberto Ginastera. Jazz/Latin/dodecaphonic/bitonal piece.
GIRLIPEN.ZIP1573Sep 4 1989Girl From Ipenema in ROL format.
GIRLTALK.ZIP116998Oct 30 1991A replacement for the talking parrot for Sound Blaster.
GLASSBRK.ZIP12904Jun 18 1990Glass breaking sound effect. VOC format.
GLDWAV20.ZIP266115Jan 6 1994GoldWave for Windows - .WAV file editor.
GLORIA.ZIP2830Dec 26 1989Gloria MIDI file.
GLORY.ZIP3179Oct 7 1989Adlib music in ROL format.
GMOD211.ZIP44170Mar 13 1993GUSMOD version 2.11, Best Mod player for the Gravis Ultrasound.
GODZILLA.ZIP39998Jan 4 1991Mod music file.
GOLDPLAY.ZIP146430Aug 1 1992Allows MOD files to be played from within an ASM or TP program.
GOODBYE.ZIP4961Aug 26 1992Wav file that says "GoodBye!".
GOODMORN.ZIP48972Jan 16 1990Sound Blaster VOC file of Robin Williams saying Good Morning Vietnam.
GOTTA-S.ZIP50311Jul 2 1990Gotta Swing : MOD file.
GR8TWAVS.ZIP658528Dec 19 1994Cool compilation of .wav files. T.V. themes and the "K-Man".
GRANDMA.ZIP2718Nov 30 1992Cakewalk file, "Grandma got run over by a reindeer".
GRANMA.ZIP1925Nov 23 1989Adlib song file in ROL format.
GREMLIN.ZIP313628Jul 30 1991.VOC file from Gremlins 2.
GREYPOUP.ZIP21518Aug 29 1992'Excuse Me, Do You have any Grey Poupon?', from Wayne's World (.wav).
GRNSLVS.ZIP98055May 10 1991Mod file for use with Trak Blaster.
GROUP2.ZIP22835Aug 11 1992StdMIDI - Contemporary piece for GenMIDI.
GS-BETA2.ZIP70271Aug 16 1992Roland G/S Sound Canvas editor for Windows. Beta version.
GSC10.ZIP25457Jul 23 1990GSC Theme 10 : MOD file.
GSHOT.ZIP7289Jan 12 1990Sound Blaster VOC file of a gun shot.
GSLINGER.ZIP281683Aug 20 1993One of the best .MOD files ever. (Top 10 on the internet mod list).
GUNENG.ZIP25726Jan 1 1998A soundblaster Voc file.
GUS-INFO.ZIP28710Feb 11 1993Gravis Ultrasound Info - This contains info on the new GUS sound card. It is a must read for anyone considering purchasing a new sound card.
GUS0036.ZIP257698Dec 22 1993Latest SoundBlaster emulator program for the Gravis Ultrasound card.
GUSAIL10.ZIP104871Jun 25 1993GREAT MIDI programming/patches for the Gravis Ultrasound card (from the Internet).
GUSDK201.ZIP904120May 21 1993Gravis Ultrasound Public Domain SDK, include 3d sound routines for a excellent sound card.
GUSFAQ.ZIP45931Nov 30 1992This is the most freqiently asked questions about the Spectacular Gravis Ultrasound Card.
GUSGENRL.ZIP102342Jan 25 1994A bunch of general Gravis Ultrasound (GUS) info off the Internet.
GUSORG.ZIP130429May 5 1993Program which allows you, from DOS, to audition MIDI sequences. You can create configuration files for up to 16 patches for each configuration file. This program obviously-- requires the GUS. Nicely done for its purpose
HAIRCLUB.ZIP58631Jan 25 1992.VOC file of the Hairclub For Men commercial ending.
HAL.ZIP89530Jul 20 1990Hallucinations - .MOD file for use with TrakBlaster.
HALT.ZIP63894Dec 16 1992MST3K wav file.
HALUC.ZIP89512Jul 20 1990Halluncinations : MOD file.
HAPPY-J.ZIP12919Mar 9 1993MIDI Cakewalk file - best jazz ever done.
HAPYDAYS.ZIP1352Jul 9 1989Adlib song file in ROL music file format.
HAUNT2.ZIP293190Oct 17 1991Haunted House sounds for the CMS Sound Blaster.
HAUNT20.ZIP291349Oct 17 1991Halloween sounds generator for Sound Blaster.
HEADOVER.ZIP26205Apr 30 1988Headover Heals in Cakewalk format.
HEATISON.ZIP8730Nov 30 1992Cakewalk file, "The Heat Is On".
HEAVEN.ZIP1947Mar 23 1990Adlib song file in ROL music format.
HEAVYBAL.ZIP102407Dec 8 1990Heavy Ballad - MOD File for Soundblaster.
HELIUM.ZIP58163Dec 19 1992MST3K wav file.
HELLOMYB.ZIP4393Jan 29 1992.MID file in Win31/General MIDI format.
HEYROCKY.ZIP73574Jun 11 1992WAV file for Windows 3.1 of Rocky/Bullwinkle.
HI-FISYS.ZIP41210Sep 7 1991Hi-Fi Sound System, For MOD files. Great Features. For Sound Blaster only.
HIBROW23.ZIP18412Jun 24 1989Menu-run, 23 classical songs (in BASIC), compiled by Steve Hoglund.
HIGHLAND.ZIP145182Oct 19 19922 sound clips .WAV from 'Highlander'.
HILLST.ZIP1516Oct 19 1989Adlib ROL music file, theme from "Hill Street Blues".
HIPANSW.ZIP23017Jan 5 1994The punchline to the hippy .wav file.
HIPPY.ZIP18654Jan 5 1994A .wav file of a joke about a hippy.
HITSQUAD.ZIP42881Oct 30 1990Hit Squad : MOD file.
HJOURNEY.ZIP134138May 8 1989House Journey - MOD File for Soundblaster.
HNOISE.ZIP44177Mar 17 1990Noise 1989-5 : MOD file.
HOEDOWN.ZIP1865May 4 1987Adlib song file in ROL music format.
HOGANSH.ZIP390004Feb 15 1993Hogan's heros theme song in wav format.
HOLIDAY.ZIP19523Mar 18 1991A group of Christmas MIDI format song files for MT-32.
HOLISONG.ZIP113995Nov 26 1988A collection of holiday classics in Cakewalk format.
HOLODECK.ZIP52884Apr 28 1992.WAV for Win 3.1 of Star Trek Holodeck entry.
HOMER.ZIP35083Apr 29 1993WAV file of Homer Simpson.
HOMEYDNT.ZIP5453Jun 2 1991"Homey Don't Play That" VOC file.
HOMYXMAS.ZIP122568Jun 2 1991Homey The Clown Xmas VOC Files.
HOOKED.ZIP26112Jan 10 1993Cakewalk .WRK files of several classical works.
HOPSCOTC.ZIP1314Nov 11 1989Adlib song file in ROL format.
HOTELCAL.ZIP12619Nov 20 1985Hotel California MIDI file.
HOTHITS.ZIP180612Jan 17 1993Hot Hits is a collection of excellent MOD songs.
HOUSEHIL.ZIP24154Oct 17 1994MIDI - Audience's "House on the Hill" by BB.
HOWSND.ZIP225272Jul 21 1992Collection of .WAV files from the Howard Stern show.
HUMFIX.ZIP8453Jun 17 1993Fixes the hum heard on some computers, when using the GUS.
HURT.ZIP11524Jul 22 1991AL Bundy VOC File " I'm really hurt bad! ".
HYMN.ZIP40848Jul 23 1990Hymn to Yezz : MOD file.
HYSTBABY.ZIP126816Oct 27 1982Hysterical Baby - MOD File for Soundblaster.
I.ZIP46900Jul 23 1990I : MOD file.
IDEA.ZIP74674Jul 23 1990Idea : MOD file.
IDOIT4U.ZIP3853Aug 18 1991Soundblaster CMF music file.
IDOL_VOC.ZIP222729Aug 28 1990Billy Idol talks about his guitar - .VOC file.
IMAGE1.ZIP7941Jan 29 1992.MID file in Win31/General MIDI format.
IMAGINE.ZIP1563Oct 22 1990John Lennon's "Imagine" in ROL format.
IMGWOMAN.ZIP107698Oct 16 1990MOD file. Immaginary Woman for Sound Blaster only.
IMPDREAM.ZIP2702Oct 31 1989For Adlib Music Cards Only. Impossible Dream.
INSTS-1.ZIP77728Jun 16 1992MOD instrument files. (SMP format).
INTUNE20.ZIP60909May 1 1991Version 2 of an excellent ROL file menu and player. Much improved.
INVENT8.ZIP5871Jan 29 1992.MID file in Win31/General MIDI format.
JACKDANC.ZIP25787Dec 26 1991Jack Dance II - Song in MOD format.
JACOBS.ZIP376806Mar 2 1994Jacob's Ladder sample by Rush. 22Khz samlping rate stereo sound.
JAGTITLE.ZIP38243May 1 1993[MOD] - 4-trak module, neat jazzy title, with good instruments.
JAM.ZIP113188Apr 9 1991Jam - MOD File for Soundblaster.
JAMES.ZIP143718Mar 27 1992James bond .MOD music file.
JAMESBRW.ZIP70028Dec 14 1991Windows 3.1 .WAV sound file.
JAMP12.ZIP30439Mar 8 1992Just Another Mod Player v1.2 - decent MOD player with shell to DOS feature.
JAWSWAV.ZIP114442Aug 16 1993WAV sound file of the Jaws theme.
JAZPOP01.ZIP27783May 3 1992Band in the Box Song file.
JAZZ.ZIP828Jun 9 1987Music file in Adlib ROL format.
JAZZ3.ZIP5779Mar 13 1991A jazz song in the .MID (MIDI) format.
JBSON1.ZIP28624Jul 28 1992StdMIDI - Trio Sonata No. 1 in EbMaj. JSBach.
JERRYLEE.ZIP1728Jan 8 1991Adlib song file in ROL format.
JESU.ZIP3450May 8 1987Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring. Adlib ROL music file.
JESUSMD1.ZIP106441Nov 14 1992MOD file for SoundBlaster.
JESUSMD2.ZIP130972Nov 14 1992MOD for SoundBlaster.
JETCITY.ZIP100171Aug 10 1991Jet City VOC file by Queensryche.
JIMI.ZIP260529Jul 17 1990Jimi Hendrix playing the Star Spangled Banner through your PC's speaker. Runs for @5 minutes, with HGC/CGA graphic. Outstanding.
JMPLAY11.ZIP219231Jun 7 1991JMPLAYER, the Noise Tracker player for the Sound Blaster.
JMPROTR.ZIP21789Mar 24 1993JM Protracker player, player for MOD and OCKTAMOD for SB, SBPro, SB16, PAS, GUS.
JOEWALSH.ZIP70658Jun 1 1991Screaming Joe Walsh VOC File.
JOHN1.ZIP45362Jul 23 1990John 1 : MOD file.
JOSHUA.ZIP5543Jan 29 1992.MID file in Win31/General MIDI format.
JOYWORLD.ZIP1334Dec 12 1989Adlib ROL music file. Song "Joy to the World".
JPL.ZIP17209Jul 5 1990JPL interpreter for Windows 3.0.
JSOUND.ZIP10146Nov 27 1990New Adlib sound drivers for F19 and F15 Strike Eagle II.
JURASSIC.ZIP22852Jul 24 1993Theme to JURASSIC park, .MID format.
JURAS_WA.ZIP249769Nov 26 1993Jurrassic Park theme music in .WAV format.
JUSTASEC.ZIP80884Jul 27 1992Good MOD file.
JUSTICE.ZIP73871Aug 7 1993Justice for All .MOD file.
JWX1.ZIP79620Jul 23 1990Jwx 1 : MOD file.
KABOOM.ZIP20560Mar 3 2003Funny little program using sound effects and digitized speech to scare you.
KINGMOD1.ZIP137445Mar 20 1993King Mod. Graphical based .MOD creator.
KLISJE.ZIP121607Jan 9 1991(.MOD file, music module) Klisje foreign (german?) Guitar/Piano song with varying tempo.
KNIGHT.ZIP159565Mar 14 1992MOD music file.
KNOWITAL.ZIP30914Apr 9 1991Rocky announcing "Mr. Knowitall". Sound Blaster VOC file.
KODACHRO.ZIP14508Sep 21 1992Kodachrome Cakewalk file.
KOKOMO.ZIP9742Aug 4 1992Beach Boys Kokomo MIDI file.
LADYMAD.ZIP7587Oct 8 1987Beatles' Lady Madonna sequence for CakeWalk MIDI.
LASERG.ZIP2017Aug 29 1991Sound Blaster VOC file of a laser gun.
LEAVE_TH.ZIP44845Nov 25 1990"Is this how you normally behave, or did you leave your brain at home" song with digitized voice for TrakBlaster (.MOD).
LETHATE.ZIP247350Feb 23 1993WAV quote from Return of the Jedi from the Emperor.
LETITBE.ZIP1713Jun 13 1990Song by the Beatles in ROL format.
LETPARTY.ZIP59409Feb 22 1991Lets Party MOD file.
LETSWING.ZIP59787Oct 16 1990Let's Swing It : MOD file.
LH_ROL.ZIP882Jan 25 1990ADLIB - "Love Hurts".
LIGHTMYF.ZIP7673May 11 1990"Light My Fire" MIDI file.
LIKE-IT.ZIP12475Mar 4 1994AU sound file of Chevy Chase saying "I Like it!!!".
LION.ZIP25893Aug 7 1990Roar of a lion. Sound Blaster VOC file.
LIQPL100.ZIP157982Nov 1 1993The Liquid Player v1.0 Fast Player supports up to 64 digitized instruments.
LIS90.ZIP448290Aug 31 1993WAV files from the hilarious Howard Stern Bit "Lost in Space 1990" FIles include WAV files of Doctor Smith, The Robot, etc. Good clean fun.
LISTEN.ZIP97110Dec 7 1991Listen : MOD file.
LIT.ZIP17568Sep 22 1990Little China - MOD File for Soundblaster.
LIVE2TEL.ZIP85668Feb 8 1993MOD Sound file.
LOCOMOTN.ZIP48389Nov 15 1990LOCO Motion : MOD file.
LOCUTUS.ZIP104591Sep 6 1992One sound clip .WAV of Locutus from STNG.
LONGWA.ZIP8954Jun 21 1992StdMIDI - "The Long Way Home" -Phil Collins.
LOONEY.ZIP71703Apr 9 1991"Looney Toons" theme in Sound Blaster VOC format.
LOWALTIT.ZIP54890Jul 4 1991Low Altitude : MOD file.
LUMBERJ.ZIP936620Sep 5 1992Monty Python's " I'm a lumberjack " song in .WAV format.
MACOPI.ZIP12471Aug 5 1993WAV File of Making Copies guy from SNL.
MADABOUT.ZIP14014Jan 8 1990"Mad About You" MIDI file.
MAGNET.ZIP33981Sep 18 1990Magnetic Fields IV : MOD file.
MANDY.ZIP1638Mar 21 1990Adlib song in ROL format.
MARG.ZIP15046Nov 30 1992Cakewalk file, "Margaritaville".
MARTIAN.ZIP102923Sep 13 1992Martin and two other toon type .WAV files.
MBATCH.ZIP25911Aug 27 1991Midi Batch file utility. ver 2.2.
MBOX.ZIP69790Dec 22 1992Dos audio CD player for CD-Rom drives. Downloaded from Pro Audio BBS.
MDEATH.ZIP11957Aug 29 1991VOC sound file of a man screaming.
MDEVOWHI.ZIP2747Dec 29 1990Devo's Whip It in MIDI Format.
MED125.ZIP112496Feb 18 1992MOD music file creator/editor, GUI - Very nice.
MELNORME.ZIP47230Sep 29 1993Melnorme song from Star Control II.
MELODIC.ZIP278031Oct 7 1993A very good MOD using acoustic guitars.
MELODY21.ZIP226268Jul 26 1992MELODY MASTER version 2.1 - Graphical music editor. Create, play, and edit music using PC speaker. Transfer music into C, Basic, or Turbo Pascal.
MEMORIES.ZIP3204Oct 9 1989Nice little adlib song in ROL format.
MESSAG.ZIP2718Nov 24 1989A great Adlib ROL file by Raditronics.
MESSIAH.ZIP1129Nov 14 1990Allelujah chorus from Handel's Messiah. ROL file for Adlib and Sound Blaster boards.
METAL018.ZIP24039Oct 17 1993Metal- Gravis Ultrasound MOD player, 4/8/track and 669 player for the GUS.
MF2ROL.ZIP71858Apr 6 1991MIDI file to Adlib ROL format converter.
MF2T.ZIP89625Aug 25 1992Convert a MIDI File to ASCII Text. T2MF will convert the text file back to MIDI format.
MFED152.ZIP78336Sep 25 1992MOD music file player.
MID2CM.ZIP57742Mar 26 1991Convert MIDI standard files to CMF files formats.
MID2CMF.ZIP54610Mar 26 1991Converts standard MIDI files to Sound Blaster CMF files.
MIDI-A.ZIP110404Oct 8 1993Miscellaneous midi files beginning with letter a.
MIDI-B.ZIP168550Oct 8 1993Miscellaneous midi files beginning with letter b.
MIDI-C.ZIP96274Oct 8 1993Midi files beginning with c.
MIDI-GHI.ZIP101150Jan 17 1993Midi files beginning with letters g, h, i.
MIDI-JKL.ZIP166421Jul 27 1993Midi files beginning with letters j, k, l.
MIDI-M.ZIP133868Oct 8 1993Midi files beginning with m.
MIDI-NOP.ZIP100223Jul 27 1993Midi files beginning with letters n, o, p.
MIDI-RS.ZIP234066Oct 8 1993Midi files beginning with letters r, s.
MIDI-T-Y.ZIP175050Oct 8 1993Midi files beginning with letters t-y.
MIDI11.ZIP119157Nov 12 1991MIDI Edit is a full featured MIDI sequencer that runs in Windows 3.0.
MIDICAK1.ZIP27644Mar 7 19884 Cakewalk classical music selections.
MIDICAK2.ZIP53086Mar 7 19883 Cakewalk folksong selections.
MIDICAK3.ZIP46135Mar 7 19883 Cakewalk jazz selections.
MIDICAK4.ZIP38573Mar 7 19883 Cakewalk rock selections.
MIDIEX18.ZIP23572Dec 7 1989MIDIEX is a simple utility to transmit and receive raw System Exclusive data between your computer and your synthesizer.
MIDIMOD1.ZIP64104Apr 13 1993Midi file to mod file converter. Includes C source code.
MIDIPRIM.ZIP11550Nov 5 1995MIDI primer, text file, from USENET by Bob McQueer. Explains MIDI 1.0 Spec with commentary.
MIDIRIP.ZIP9288Oct 14 1994Utility to "rip" MIDI sequences from programs.
MIDISMF.ZIP39780Jul 15 1992Converts between standard MIDI file Type 0 and Type 1, lists events in MIDI files.
MIDISNGS.ZIP12800Mar 13 1991Collection of Midi Songs.
MIDISONG.ZIP122837Jul 30 199319 MIDI format songs. Requires sound board with MIDI driver.
MIDMTS.ZIP15351Dec 31 1992A collection of MIDI and MTS music files.
MIDPAK.ZIP359350Feb 5 1992Demo of program used in commercial games to play any digitized files and to play music on the sound blaster,adlib, even emulate a Roland. Player plays .XMI files.
MIG29.ZIP94006May 24 1991MIG sound file in MOD Track Blaster format.
MIGHTYM.ZIP241420Feb 15 1993Mighty mouse theme song in wav format.
MINDSNC2.ZIP152065Jun 10 1992The WAVE program generates Sound Blaster .VOC voice files that, when listened to with stereo headphones, will synchronize your brainwave patterns into any desired state.
MINISTRY.ZIP107975Dec 31 1993Ministry MOD (Good MUSIC file).
MINMOD.ZIP107971Jul 5 1992Best music MOD I have ever heard.
MINUET.ZIP1730Nov 26 1990A sound blaster midi file.
MISSIONI.ZIP26370Jul 7 1991Mission Impossible MOD file.
MISTAKS.ZIP11662Oct 30 1990Sound Blaster VOC voice file.
MISTY.ZIP2544Jan 27 1990Adlib song file in ROL music file format.
MJTHRILR.ZIP66736Sep 20 1992CWALK & StdMIDI - "Thriller", Michael Jackson.
MKWV12.ZIP27508Apr 14 1993MAKIN' WAVES v1.2; a sound file converter/Wav file player for Windows 3.1. Convert any .VOC, .SOU, or .SND file to .WAV format.
MM11.ZIP43095Dec 5 1990MuchMusic .ROL and .CMF player for Adlib and/or SBlaster.
MODED301.ZIP354907Nov 10 1992TrakBlaster .MOD file editing program. Finally a way to edit those files. Full playback capability as well.
MODFORMT.ZIP10314May 31 1993Mod sound file technical info, format for programmers.
MODINFO.ZIP11181Jan 30 1993Gives Information about .MOD files.
MODOBJ-1.ZIP27928Jun 18 1992C and PAS tools to play MOD's.
MONKEYD.ZIP31249Dec 7 1991Monkey Dance : MOD file.
MONTY.ZIP221558Aug 22 1993.WAV files from MONTY PYTHON.
MONTY3.ZIP186273May 23 1991A set of .VOC files of Monty Python and the Holy Grail of the encounter with the black knight.
MOON.ZIP1585Oct 9 1989Adlib song file in ROL format.
MOONLI.ZIP1947Feb 7 1990ROL music file of Beethoven's Moonlight Piano Sonota.
MOREOVER.ZIP16770Apr 17 1990Moreover - MOD File for Soundblaster.
MOREVOCS.ZIP124653Aug 10 1991Collection of VOC files.
MORE_WAV.ZIP814176Jan 4 1992Collection of WAVE files.
MORTAL.ZIP1278600Apr 24 1994Mortal techno-music, club music, NYC style, awesome.
MORTX81Z.ZIP13933Aug 6 1989More patch banks for the Yamaha TX81Z/DX11 synthesizer. Also see TX81ZBNK.ZIP for additional patches and the midi exclusive dump utility.
MOVIESND.ZIP1395308May 31 1992These are a collections of phrases from movies and other sources in the Windows .Wav file format.
MOVVOC1.ZIP275558Jan 1 1992Collection of movie Voc files.
MOVWAVS.ZIP524529Feb 27 1994Some good sound bites from Blade Runner and The Shining. WAV format.
MP219B.ZIP101183Feb 26 1992Mod Play v2.19b Great MOD player.
MPP3-2_A.ZIP502798May 25 1990MusicPrinter Plus V3.2 Demo. Disk 1 of 2. Top-rated MIDI composing, notation, printing, and sequencing program. Requires MPU-401 MIDI I/F. Features include real-time MIDI record and on-screen staff entry.
MPSADL.ZIP9420Jan 4 1991Adlib sound drivers for F-19 and F-15 Strike Eagle II.
MPUSONGS.ZIP127178Nov 18 1989A collection of blues/jazz type songs for Cakewalk.
MREDSND.ZIP96958Apr 20 1990Digitized voice file of Mr Ed.
MRSAND.ZIP3743Apr 7 1992Mr Sandman in midi format.
MSHELL10.ZIP111657Mar 14 1992Mod Shell 1.0 : Plays Mods from a menu shell.
MTS.ZIP90677Jan 6 1991A great program for learning, playing, or singing music. Write your own songs or use the songs provided. Supports a variety of boards, including Sound Blaster and MIDI devices. Can even use PC speaker. Songs are NOT CM
MUGGIF.ZIP156948Aug 17 1992MusicalGIF 1.00, ROL Player & GIF Viewer MusicalGIF is an easy to use ROL player and GIF viewer with menus, dialogs and mouse support.
MULTP201.ZIP707834Nov 1 1993Multi-Player - Play all sorts of music files, great interface, menu driver, very simple to use.
MUSIC17.ZIP238461Oct 4 1994Music Sculptor 1.7 for Windows. Very easy to use MIDI sequencer with music keyboard window. Record, edit, and play music. Works with any Windows-compatible sound card or MIDI interface. Attractive and fully functional. Fro
MUSIC387.ZIP171611Mar 19 1989Very good music program. Plays a library of songs, plus permits you to generate your own music. Includes a graphic display of notes as they are played.
MUSICBOX.ZIP1112Jul 18 1989Adlib song file ROL music format.
MUSICCD.ZIP150690Jun 2 1994Another Music CD Player for Windows.
MUSICIAN.ZIP215021Dec 13 1990Complete music package for Soundblaster.
MUSICMKR.ZIP219715Jun 11 1991Excellent music writting program that uses the Sound Blaster board. Knowledge of staff paper and notation is helpful but not require.
MUSTRANS.ZIP77647May 10 1990Music Transcription System II music editor.
MUS_TBOX.ZIP58668Feb 5 1991The Musician's Toolbox. Many useful features.
MUZAKMOD.ZIP29820Jun 12 1991Muzak : MOD file.
MVP-KEYS.ZIP25458Apr 19 1989MVP-KEYS is an on-screen keyboard that allows you to play with your MIDI toys from the screen. For use with MS Windows.
MVPSHARE.ZIP58381Feb 14 1991Music, Voice & Pictures - A Slideshow program that works with AdLib.
MVSDRV.ZIP7035May 8 1992Latest MediaVision sound driver for ProAudio Spectrum Plus and 16.
MVSND324.ZIP34443Jan 27 1994ProAudio Spectrum 16 latest MVSOUND.SYS and PAS.EXE files from the MediaVision BBS.
MVS_324.ZIP34443Jan 27 1994Media Visions latest MVSOUND.SYS v3.24 and PAS.EXE for the Pro Audio 16.
MYHOUSE.ZIP36133Jul 24 1992A .voc of Eddie Murphy.
MYWORLD.ZIP92068Sep 26 1991Guns N Roses Tune (From Use Your Illusion II). VOC file.
MYWY2HLL.ZIP232047Apr 12 1990"My Way To Hell" Good Effects (MOD) file Sound Blaster Only.
NAKEDGUN.ZIP16576Apr 12 1992MIDI song: Theme to the Naked Gun movies (.MID format).
NBC.ZIP44455Apr 15 1991"This has been a color production of the NBC Television Network." From 1960. SoundBlaster .VOC file.
NECRON.ZIP30956Jul 4 1991Necronomicon : MOD file.
NEWCAKE4.ZIP4015Dec 2 1990MIDI sequencer Cakewalk V4.0 release information.
NEWGEN.ZIP284254May 18 1991A .VOC file of the Next Generation crew (Star Trek).
NEWTOOLS.ZIP293222Apr 8 1994Tools for the PAS-16.
NEW_YEAR.ZIP16215Mar 22 1991Good ST sound file for use by Trakblaster.
NF-K614.ZIP5338Mar 23 1990Mozart's String Quintet in E-flat Major. Adlib ROL file.
NIGHTFLL.ZIP74266May 19 1991Nightfall : MOD file.
NITRO.ZIP106217Jun 13 1992MOD music file. (Techno).
NIXON2.ZIP334466Aug 4 1994Famous Nixon speech, with changes in VOC format.
NJCHIME.ZIP13430Jul 23 1988Selection of clock chimes from around the world that will play on the speaker of your machine. Very nice arrangement.
NOBROCC.ZIP30911Jul 17 1992"I'm the President of the United States, and I'm not going to eat anymore broccoli!" .VOC file for soundblaster.
NOISMSTR.ZIP73457Apr 1 1993NoiseMaster - another .WAV sound editor and player.
NOTHRU.ZIP5477May 26 1991NOTHRU disables the MIDI IN to MIDI OUT echoing function on MusicQuest MIDI cards. This function often needs to be disable because it "confuses" synths.
NOT_TRIP.ZIP88944Jan 18 1992Not Just Any Trip - Great MOD file.
NOW_HERE.ZIP21182Apr 9 1991"Now here's something you'll REALLY like." Sound Blaster VOC file.
NO_LIMIT.ZIP168866Mar 27 1993A MOD music file from 2UNLIMITED.
NURD.ZIP49134Nov 2 1991Nurd : MOD file.
NUSND102.ZIP200286Sep 17 1992NuSound will play .WAV files on your PC speaker. Comes with samples.
NUTCRACK.ZIP3748Jan 29 1992.MID file in Win31/General MIDI format.
NWOMOD.ZIP242712Nov 26 1993New World Order by Ministry MOD.
NYOUNG1.ZIP1323Oct 16 1989Neil Young song in Adlib ROL format.
OBSERUV.ZIP10849Jul 5 1993Ren & Stimpy .WAV file : "Ob-ser-uv!" (from Stimpy's Invention).
ODD.ZIP1620Oct 3 1989Adlib music file of the song from the Odd Couple.
OHJOY.ZIP18183Apr 4 1992"Oh joy!" - VOC sound file.
OH_YEAH.ZIP74005Jul 22 1991Oh Yeah : MOD file.
ONE-F.ZIP90317Jun 11 1993A mod from Metallica's "one" final version.
ONRLONLY.ZIP1461Jul 26 1989Owner of A Lonely Heart for adlib music card.
OPENDOOR.ZIP145091Apr 1 1994A 16 bit 22 HZ wave file of a door creaking open.
OPENPOD.ZIP21368Dec 14 1991Windows 3.1 .WAV sound file.
ORACON.ZIP7762Jan 3 1994WAV file of orac computer from Blakes 7 coming on line.
OZZY.ZIP29533Oct 17 1992Ozzy Osbourne screaming, "ALL ABOARD!!! HA, HA, HA, HA!!!" - VOC File.
PANAMA.ZIP63156Mar 23 1990Van Hallen - Panama. VOI sound file.
PARADISE.ZIP1206Sep 23 1990"Another Day in Paradise" by Phil Collins for Adlib Jukebox.
PAS-SDK1.ZIP203990Oct 2 1992Pro AudioSpectrum Software Development Kit. Part 1 of 2. Includes full ASM and C source code.
PAS-SDK2.ZIP280693Oct 16 1992Pro AudioSpectrum Software Development Kit. Part 2 of 2. Includes full ASM and C source code.
PAS16.ZIP53283Sep 15 1992Sept. 92 playfile.exe, recfile.exe, pas.exe & mvsound.sys for Media Vision's PAS 16 card.
PAS16FAQ.ZIP20724Aug 1 1992Pro Audio Spectrum 16 sound card Frequently Asked Questions from Internet.
PASSCSI.ZIP57970Nov 12 1991Pro Audio Spectrum SCSI drivers from Media Vision BBS. These are for the original PAS cards.
PASSCSI2.ZIP24625Mar 19 1993Pro-Audio Spectrum CD-Rom drivers from Trantor, for double speed drives.
PC-MUSAK.ZIP44569Nov 11 1986PC MUSICIAN - A Musical Composition Program.
PCBEAT.ZIP25136Feb 16 1989Drum machine records & plays back various drum beat variations.
PCDRUM21.ZIP182546Oct 16 1994If you have a Sound Blaster, you have a drum machine. Over 60 built-in rhythms and fills. Easy to use, sounds really great.
PCMF.ZIP5911Dec 12 1991Play CMF files sequentially on Sound Blaster.
PCSPEAK.ZIP35968Dec 14 1989A good IBM internal speaker voice speaking program. Can read text files and has many options.
PC_BEAT.ZIP25072Jan 31 1990Cheap Drum Machine Simulator. Uses the standard PC speaker.
PC_TALK.ZIP192130Jul 3 1991A voice library with real human speech. Over 100 words and phrases that can be added to your batch files or menu. Works thru your PC speaker, also includes a PCX picture viewer.
PETERGUN.ZIP76959May 28 1991Peter Gunn Theme music in a .mod format.
PETE_WLF.ZIP8000Sep 5 1993Music File
PFSECRET.ZIP95675Mar 13 1993.VOC file of a backwards message on Pink Floyd's The Wall.
PHONSTUF.ZIP105913Sep 27 1990A collection of .VOC sound files from Ma Bell.
PIANO.ZIP30860Oct 30 1990Piano Plinker: Great MOD, short but nice.
PIANOMAN.ZIP88348Jul 22 1986Play your keyboard like a piano. Also program and edit your own songs.
PIGGES.ZIP1786Apr 7 1992Little Piggies by the Beatles in midi format.
PINHEAD.ZIP27060Jun 4 1991Sound of a Pinhead (from HELLRAISER), for Sound Blaster.
PINKPAN1.ZIP1473Dec 19 1989Adlib ROL music file. Theme from the Pink Panther.
PISPEAK.ZIP18090Sep 30 1994Windows sound driver for the built-in PC Speaker. Now you can use sounds from Plug-In, the Talking Clock, and other software WITHOUT a sound board. Quality is not as good as a sound board, but it DOES work with the Talki
PK-FLYD.ZIP242406Dec 24 1991Sounder file. Pink Floyd: "Welcome my son, welcome to the machine...".
PLANEFX.ZIP68800May 21 1991Bunch of Airplane fighting sounds for the Sound Blaster.
PLAY400.ZIP141563Feb 10 1991PLAY allows you to play and edit sound samples from a variety of file formats.
PLAYMAC2.ZIP18597Nov 2 1990Plays sound files from Macintosh computers on internal IBM-PC speaker.
PLAYMENU.ZIP6245Apr 16 1990PLAYMENU is a menuing utility to be used in conjuction with PLAYROL by Tracy Harton.
PLAYS.ZIP9581Jun 13 19892 programs to PLAY music from DOS, plus information on using the PLAY statement in BASIC files.
PMARY.ZIP9770Jul 23 1990Cakewalk MIDI sequence of Proud Mary.
PMASON.ZIP263299Jan 9 1995Perry Mason theme song mono 11KHz 8bit.
PMMUZ.ZIP27472May 7 1988Various music files for use with the Pianoman composing program.
PMUSIC.ZIP70932Dec 8 1989The Polyphonic Music programs are an innovative system for allowing TRUE three voice music to be played on the PC. These routines can be used in your own programs.
PMUSIC12.ZIP71054Dec 8 1989Three-voice music maker, no extra hardware needed.
POLICE4.ZIP1746Jul 23 1988Adlib music song file in ROL format.
POLKATIM.ZIP6116Jan 15 1993A general MIDI file - polka style.
POLYMUS.ZIP28100Jul 23 1986Multi-voice music--very good!.
PONDROSA.ZIP100109Aug 28 1992Theme from Bonanza in .WAV format.
POPMOD.ZIP48778May 28 1990Music file for playback with the Trakblaster system.
POPTUNE2.ZIP32972Apr 6 1990A memory resident Adlib ROL music file player.
PPPLEASE.ZIP9797Mar 17 1990Sound Blaster VOC file Roger Rabbit saying please.
PRAYER.ZIP1322Nov 30 -0001Living On a Prayer by Bon Jovi for adlib music card.
PRAYER1.ZIP302903Feb 19 1993"No Prayer", a techno-industrial song, player included.
PRELUDE.ZIP8475Sep 18 1990.MOD music file.
PRETEND.ZIP17417Dec 16 1990Music file for use with the Trakblaster playback system.
PRETTYWM.ZIP10085Mar 9 1993MIDI Cakewalk file, "Pretty Woman".
PRINCE.ZIP174959Mar 15 1992VOC files of sound effect clips taken from Prince of Persia.
PRO16.ZIP3267May 10 1992Stats and information about the Pro AudioSpectrum 16 sound card from MediaVision.
PRO16MM3.ZIP662414Jul 11 1994Latest drivers for proaudio 16 family.
PROAS.ZIP12136Mar 10 1993Utility to reprogram the PAS series of audio cards.
PROCOL.ZIP12473Sep 21 1992Cakewalk file/Procol Harem's "Whiter Shade Of Pale".
PROMOD11.ZIP14039Dec 27 1991ProMod is a Mod-Player (Amiga 4 channel music) for SoundBlaster PRO featuring true stereo sound.
PTMID3.ZIP150330Jul 19 1994Program that converts MIDI files to MOD files. This converter is very nicely done.
PUKE.ZIP24715Dec 30 1991WAVE file of gastronimical eruption.
PUMPJAM.ZIP119430Oct 30 1990MOD music file for Trak Blaster.
PUMPVOLM.ZIP262905Oct 19 1991Pump up the Volume for the soundblaster/trakblaster.
PUPGOOD.ZIP44844Jun 30 1993"This better be good" -from Wild Palms [WAV].
PYTHON2.ZIP41110Jan 17 1992Python Sound System - Play Amiga *.MOD music files on a SoundBlaster.
QUIETREE.ZIP2746Jul 28 1989Adlib music file in ROL format.
R-LAFEST.ZIP48592Jun 28 1992CWALK -LaFiesta (good drums).
RAA.ZIP56727Jun 2 1992Raa MOD file for Sound Blaster.
RADIOEX2.ZIP112222Mar 12 1993MOD Sound file.
RAGTIME.ZIP709May 25 1987Music file in Adlib ROL format.
RAIDERS.ZIP1822Jul 12 1989For Adlib Music Cards Only. Raiders of the Lost Arc.
RAIN.ZIP880Nov 26 1987Singing In The Rain in ROL format.
RAINBOWS.ZIP2023Nov 6 1989Adlib music file in ROL format.
RAINY_NT.ZIP144811Sep 2 1990MOD file. "Rainy Night" Great FX. For Sound Blaster Only.
RAPBAK.ZIP8524Mar 27 1994Gold Sound type 1 midi.
RB115.ZIP55502May 3 1993Rock Box is a Windows 3.1 'JukeBox' intended to play huge wave sound files in sequence.
RBGDEMO2.ZIP91947Jul 18 1992VGA and Sound Blaster demo.
RBISCUIT.ZIP89755Apr 6 1991Sound file (SND) taken from Saturday Night Live.
RDANCE1.ZIP9682Jun 10 1992StdMIDI - Romanian Dance #1 - Bela bartok.
REB17.ZIP480316Jul 15 1994Bug fix file for Rebel Assault (actual date: 28-Apr-94). From Creative Labs BBS, the SoundBlaster people, on June 17, 1994.
REEDPIPM.ZIP6884Nov 28 1993Nutcracker: Dance of the Reed Pipes, MIDI file.
REGGAE.ZIP3514Mar 13 1991A sound Blaster midi file.
REGGAE2.ZIP6676Jan 29 1992.MID file in Win31/General MIDI format.
REMAC.ZIP161848May 24 1990A digitized voice play-back program, new version of "REPLAY".
RENSTI.ZIP223037May 11 1992WAVs from the Ren and Stimpy show.
RENSTIMP.ZIP220857Jul 23 1992VOC file quotes from Ren & Stimpy cartoon. Great samples.
REPLAY.ZIP272820Dec 24 1934Very nicely done sound demo program, source is available.
REVERB.ZIP32240Jan 20 1991This file contains complete source code for implementing reverb on a PC system equipped with a stereo DSP32c board. The PC source is in C and the DSP card source is in DSP32c assembler which is very similar to C.
RIDIM.ZIP75377Dec 21 1992Rhythm is a Dancer .MOD music file.
RIFFORMT.ZIP6091May 31 1993RIFF (.wav) sound file format, documentation.
RIPPER.ZIP33027May 23 1993A WAV file of a scream from an old JP song.
RND6OPS.ZIP23537May 9 1988RND6OPS is a random patch generator for the PC (with MPU or comp.) and the Yamaha DX7 or TX7. This RPG generates random nubers seeded by the system clock.
ROAMGR.ZIP44047Jun 30 1993"you are free to roam the grounds" [WAV].
ROBIN.ZIP77204Feb 13 1992Robin Williams Punch line - SB VOC FILE.
ROBO3.ZIP108323Jan 1 1980Music/speech from Robocop, for SB.
ROBOWAV.ZIP86906Jul 16 19923 sound clips .WAV from "RoboCop".
ROCK.ZIP9958Mar 20 1990Simple voice engine that will play back .VOI sound files.
ROCKIT.ZIP102623Apr 29 1991Good .MOD music sound file.
ROL2MIDI.ZIP24482Aug 24 1992ROL to MIDI music file conversion.
ROLL2CMF.ZIP80386Aug 4 1990Converts Adlib .rol to Soundblaster .cmf files.
ROMANCE.ZIP1491Nov 26 1987Beautiful Adlib .ROL song.
RONDEU.ZIP14968Jan 29 1992.MID file in Win31/General MIDI format.
ROOTBEER.ZIP15331Oct 9 1992Self-Playing file, Billy Joel's Root Beer Rag.
ROUTALL.ZIP47071Feb 1 1993Picard on STNG saying "computer route all funtions to this location".
ROWROW.ZIP109575Nov 30 1991Row-row monster remix .stm (for Scream Tracker) Music that'll blow you away.
RUKC10.ZIP444713Mar 12 1993Library to record/play wav/voc/mod/midi on many supported sound cards. Includes conversion programs and example apps.
RUMP.ZIP40349Dec 17 1992A Mod music file of Rumpshaker.
RUSHEIB.ZIP18589May 28 1993"This is the EIB Network" from Rush Limbaugh's radio show in WAV format.
R_S-FX3.ZIP498000Sep 5 1993Music Files
R_S1.ZIP48000Sep 5 1993Music Files
R_S2.ZIP48000Sep 5 1993Music Files
R_S3.ZIP48000Sep 5 1993Music Files
R_S4.ZIP48000Sep 5 1993Music Files
R_S5.ZIP48000Sep 5 1993Music Files
R_S6.ZIP48000Sep 5 1993Music Files
R_S7.ZIP48000Sep 5 1993Music Files
R_STHEME.ZIP56000Sep 5 1993Music Files
R_SWAV1.ZIP56000Sep 5 1993Music Files
S-BALLS2.ZIP129096Feb 22 1992Speech from SpaceBalls, for Sound Blaster. VOC file.
SADNESS.ZIP1195Nov 26 1987Another great .ROL song for Adlib.
SALLY.ZIP349060Apr 5 1993Meg Ryan's fake orgasm from "When Harry Met Sally".
SALSA.ZIP8102Sep 18 1990MIDI format song file.
SANDMAN.ZIP52907Oct 20 1991Enter Sandman - .MOD file for TrakBlaster.
SAX.ZIP128665Sep 5 1991Sound WAV of a saxaphone.
SB.ZIP7131Nov 26 1992Programming instructions for the Sound Blaster Card.
SB15DU.ZIP9318Nov 2 1993Sound Blaster 1.5 DOS upgrade.
SB15WU.ZIP39005Mar 25 1994Sound Blaster 1.5 windows upgrade.
SB16-694.ZIP2134902Jul 15 1994SoundBlaster 16 family Driver Updates, with and without the ASP chip. Dated June 1994 (ASP is dated May 1994). From Creative Labs BBS, with notes about other files there.
SB16UP.ZIP907796Oct 18 1994Self-extracting archive of Sound Blaster patches from Creative's BBS. Dated 10-18-94. For the SB16.
SB16UPD.ZIP425085Feb 25 1994Soundblaster disk update.
SB20DU.ZIP9318Nov 2 1993Sound Blaster 2.0 DOS upgrade.
SB20WU.ZIP39005Mar 25 1994Sound Blaster 2.0 windows upgrade.
SB20WU2.ZIP46554Mar 25 1994Sound Blaster 2.0 upgrade for windows.
SB2UP.ZIP606650Jan 13 1995Sound Blaster upgrade 2.0 to 2.0a.
[email protected]19978Nov 15 1991Beta version of virtual Sound Blaster/MPU401 emulator for Pro Audio Spectrum users running Windows.
SBCDXAR.ZIP5812Dec 18 1992Driver for Sound Blaster Pro or Sound Blaster 16 with CD-Rom drive. Makes CD-ROM Kodak Photo ready.
SBD.ZIP349310Nov 27 1989Routines and library functions for the Sound Blaster Card.
SBD0001.ZIP10436Nov 28 1990Sound Blaster Digest. Volume 1.
SBD0002.ZIP25661Dec 22 1990Sound Blaster Digest. Volume 2.
SBD0003.ZIP11159Jan 30 1991Sound Blaster Digest. Volume 3.
SBD0004.ZIP10312Mar 3 1991Sound Blaster Digest. Volume 4.
SBD0005.ZIP20511Mar 25 1991Sound Blaster Digest. Volume 5.
SBD0006.ZIP13769May 1 1991Sound Blaster Digest. Volume 6.
SBD0007.ZIP17096Jun 3 1991Sound Blaster Digest. Volume 7.
SBD0008.ZIP14169Jul 1 1991Sound Blaster Digest. Volume 8.
SBD0009.ZIP31927Aug 3 1991Sound Blaster Digest. Volume 9.
SBD0010.ZIP22299Sep 2 1991Sound Blaster Digest. Volume 10.
SBD0011.ZIP20863Oct 5 1991Sound Blaster Digest. Volume 11.
SBD0012.ZIP66092Nov 9 1991Sound Blaster Digest. Volume 12.
SBD0014.ZIP25393Jan 9 1992Sound Blaster Digest. Volume 14.
SBD0015.ZIP24729Feb 16 1992Sound blaster digest #15.
SBD0016.ZIP24246Mar 14 1992Sound Blaster Digest. Volume 16.
SBD0017.ZIP27616Apr 29 1992Sound Blaster Digest. Volume 17.
SBDAC2.ZIP33501Feb 9 1992C source code showing how to program the Soundblaster's DAC in both DMA and direct mode.
SBEEP.ZIP1406Dec 3 1991Send output from PC speaker and direct to Soundblaster.
SBF3.ZIP87931Jan 25 1994Soundblaster Freedom project release 3. Source code for sound blaster programming.
SBFACTS1.ZIP208348Jun 13 1991Collection of facts for the Sound Blaster. VOC files. Volume I.
SBFACTS2.ZIP253732Jun 13 1991Collection of facts for the Sound Blaster. VOC files. Volume II.
SBFACTS3.ZIP96882Jun 13 1991Collection of facts for the Sound Blaster. VOC files. Volume III.
SBFACTS4.ZIP102133Jun 13 1991Collection of facts for the Sound Blaster. VOC files. Volume IV.
SBK105.ZIP24817Aug 11 1991Adlib/Soundblaster instrument file converter.
SBMIDI.ZIP2713Mar 19 1991Text file about the Sound Blaster card and the MIDI interface.
SBPSET.ZIP7876Aug 20 1992Sound Blaster Pro SBP-SET.EXE updated file.
SBSTUDIO.ZIP112565Feb 27 1993Sound Blaster VGA .MOD composition program. This one includes a sample editor, a realistic keyboard mapping of a piano keyboard, and other neat capabilities. Best .MOD composer I've seen. Supports Gravis, too.
SBTIMBRE.ZIP89597Apr 24 1992SBTimbre is a Timbre editor -- it lets you create and modify instrument sounds for the Sound Blaster and Adlib FM Cards.
SBVOC1.ZIP370112Jun 7 1991Sound Blaster Collection I. Includes 98ROCK Logo, Yell, etc.
SBVOC2.ZIP362145Apr 9 1991Sound Blaster Colection II. Includes Looney Toons Promo, etc.
SBW31.ZIP41372Aug 13 1992Sound Blaster 1.0, 1.5, 2.0 Windows drivers.
SB_PRO.ZIP6821Feb 24 1992Information on programming the AdLib/Sound Blaster FM Music Chips.
SB_VOC2.ZIP160442May 6 1990VOC sound files of WARNER BROS. cartoon characters.
SCOPTRAX.ZIP246959Feb 2 1992An 8-bit sound file player. Supports Sound Blaster, internal speaker, etc.
SCPTRX10.ZIP234210Feb 2 1992Scopt Trax v1.0 - A sound file editor. Similiar to Blaster Master. Edit and record digitized sounds up to limits of your machine. Supports internal PC speaker and Sound Blaster.
SCREAM.ZIP132137Dec 12 1990Scream Tracker. Track programming of four voices for Soundblaster and MIDI devices. Generates music using VOX samples. Very nice!
SCREAM1.ZIP7177Jan 14 1990Sound Blaster VOC file of a woman screaming.
SCREAMER.ZIP120239Dec 31 1990An AMIGA Sound Tracker file player for IBM and clone systems.
SDMC_ROL.ZIP1436Feb 6 1990ADLIB - "She Drives Me Crazy".
SDTK.ZIP389137Sep 11 1993Ad Lib Gold 1000/2000 software development toolkit. Source code and documentation in Word for Windows format.
SEDIT04.ZIP105984Dec 8 1992A super sound editor for SoundBlaster users. This program allows you to load a sample and do many effects with it, but features no save functions in this release. However, this program has many good effects.
SEFX.ZIP36936May 21 1989Sound effects development program.
SEPRET32.ZIP3977Jul 18 1992StdMIDI - Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)-Journey.
SFV1-1.ZIP35705Jul 11 1991Sound Blaster VOC of sound effects from Compact Disk.
SFV1-11.ZIP13917Jul 11 1991Sound Blaster VOC of a horse noise. From CD of sound effects.
SFV1-13.ZIP26641Jul 11 1991Sound Blaster VOC of a kitten crying. From CD of sound effects.
SFV1-3.ZIP8164Jul 11 1991Sound Blaster VOC file of a door opening. CD special effects.
SFV1-4.ZIP141926Jul 11 1991Sound Blaster VOC sound effect. Recorded from CD.
SFV1-9.ZIP238790Jul 11 1991Sound Blaster VOC of rain falling with thunder in background.
SFX-1.ZIP327434Aug 14 1992ATI Stereo F/X utility software & sounds ver 1.2 - disk 1 of 4.
SFX-2.ZIP330767Aug 14 1992ATI Stereo f/x utility software & sounds vers 1.2 - Disk 2 of 4.
SFX-3.ZIP358993Aug 14 1992ATI Stereo f/x utility software & sounds vers 1.2 - Disk 3 of 4.
SFX-4.ZIP65994Aug 14 1992ATI Stereo f/x utility software & sounds vers 1.2 - Disk 4 of 4.
SFX6.ZIP108160Jun 8 1992Sound effects for your PC speaker. Include libraries for C programmers.
SG.ZIP19351Mar 9 1990'Sounds Good' speaker editor. Listen to sounds as you make them.
SHADBST2.ZIP51990Mar 12 1991"Shadow Beast II" mod file for Soundblaster.
SHAKETHE.ZIP57688Jan 10 1991(.MOD file, music module) Shake the Disease by Depeche Mode.
SHIELDS.ZIP56809Feb 15 1991Sound Blaster VOC. Worf saying that the shields are down.
SHINE-ON.ZIP3465Jan 13 1991A .MID file of Pink Floyd's Shine-On.
SHOWWAY.ZIP1968Jun 8 1991ROL file of "Show me the Way".
SIARC.ZIP21214Oct 13 1980SINVALID ("Say Invalid"), says the words "Attention! Invalid input. Please Redo." through the PC Speaker. Useful for programmers.
SIMPSAMP.ZIP170102Jan 2 1993Samples from the Simpsons using Remac.
SIMPSONS.ZIP166835Jun 7 1990Voices from the Simpsons. Requires ReMAC.
SIMPWAV.ZIP142549Jun 17 1992The Simpsons sounds in windows .wav format.
SIXTY.ZIP15917Feb 24 1989Elton John song for Cakewalk.
SMASHER.ZIP4170Apr 12 1994Sound Smasher v.30 is a utility used to listen to the instruments contained in .SBI and .CMF files.
SMF2CMF.ZIP15165Apr 10 1990Converts MIDI SMF file formats to CMF format.
SMILWAV.ZIP94458Jan 12 1993Steve Miller in .wav format - 4 wav's.
SMOKE!!.ZIP56103Nov 15 1990Trak Blaster Music File (MOD).
SMOKEWAT.ZIP782Nov 11 1989An ADLIB song that plays "Smoke on the water".
SMOKEWTR.ZIP56096Nov 2 1991Trak Blaster MOD file.
SND2WAV.ZIP18276May 5 1992Converts Mac .Snd Files to Windows .Wav Files.
SNDBLAST.ZIP455508Dec 27 1990Lots of instruments for creating music with Soundblaster compatible card.
SNDBYTES.ZIP859105Sep 17 1992Collection of WAV files - Star Trek TNG, Terminator II, Batman, Bart Simpson, Yosemite Sam, HAL - all quality stuff. Great startup/shutdown sounds. 23 in all.
SNDCON.ZIP14204May 4 1992Sound Convertor. Convert from/to .WAV, .MOD, etc. Includes C source.
SNDCVT.ZIP61213Jun 21 1994This program is used to convert many soundfile formats.
SNDEX.ZIP16604Jul 26 1988Record and then play back through PC speaker.
SNDS1.ZIP354774Mar 3 1991Various sounds for the Windows 3.0 sound player, Sounder2.
SNDS2.ZIP234220Mar 4 1991Various sounds for the Windows 3.0 sound player, Sounder2.
SNPCLP10.ZIP959923Nov 13 1992SnipClip 1.0-- snippets from assorted songs in .WAV format.
SOLODRUM.ZIP30011Mar 17 1990Trak Blaster MOD file.
SOMEWHER.ZIP17028Jul 17 1990Trak Blaster MOD file.
SONATA3.ZIP5734Jan 29 1992.MID file in Win31/General MIDI format.
SORCERY.ZIP8599Sep 18 1991.MID file for use with Windows 3.1's MPLAY.
SOUND.ZIP6757Apr 26 1989Sound Driver for the Adlib card.
SOUND11.ZIP14600Feb 6 1993The Sound Site Newsletter issue #11 Dec. 1992.
SOUND19.ZIP42327Mar 5 1994The Sound Site Newsletter issue #19.
SOUND3.ZIP227995Feb 2 1993A collection of sound files for Windows.
SOUNDR20.ZIP5827May 15 1991Sounder version 2.0 produces either random or selected tunes - for use in batch files.
SOX7DOS.ZIP167254Feb 17 1993Sound Exchange version 7.0 - unoffical DOS version - converts almost any type sound file to almost any other type. Freeware.
SPACETRA.ZIP80409Mar 17 1990Trak Blaster MOD file.
SPANK.ZIP43855Jun 13 1991VOC file for the SB. Number for the Spank line by Van Halen on 98ROCK.
SPEECH98.ZIP41170Jun 4 1991Allows you to program speech using the PC internal speaker.
SPFAIRY.ZIP5404Jan 29 1992.MID file in Win31/General MIDI format.
SPODDITY.ZIP7173Oct 5 1992StdMIDI - "Space Oddity", David Bowie.
SPP13.ZIP22742Mar 24 1992Super Pro Play v1.3, yet anonther MOD player.
SPREAD.ZIP22817Nov 30 -0001Good Mod.
SPRING.ZIP1627Apr 5 1988Very good .ROL song for Adlib.
SPUT115A.ZIP184166Mar 3 1991Sputter version 1.15, a full featured sound system that allows you to manage and play back pre-recorded digital sound through the internal speaker of the PC, or any other Digital to Analog device. Part 1 of 3.
SPUT115B.ZIP99586Jul 13 1990Sputter version 1.15. Part 2 of 3.
SPUT115C.ZIP82858Nov 3 1990Sputter version 1.15. Part 3 of 3.
SREC22.ZIP169072Dec 19 1991Record with your SoundBlaster in Windows 3.0.
SS.ZIP39915Sep 7 1991A simple graphical MOD player for use with soundblaster and such. Clumsy interface, but a clever implementation of a graphical concept.
SSG105.ZIP39168Jan 29 1992ROL file music player for Adlib or Sound Blaster.
STAIRWAY.ZIP2572Mar 4 1990Stairway To Heaven for adlib music card.
STARC-01.ZIP96222Sep 29 1993Star Control II mods, part 1/15.
STARC-03.ZIP97754Sep 29 1993Starcon II MODS [3/15].
STARC-04.ZIP96701Sep 29 1993StarControl II MODs [4/15].
STARSCRL.ZIP91846Jul 25 1990Trak Blaster MOD file.
STARWARS.ZIP50053Apr 24 1991Theme from Star Wars in MOD format.
STDS1.ZIP30000Nov 5 1989Adlib - a collection of standards.
STDS2.ZIP40702Sep 29 1989Adlib - Another collection of standards.
STH_ROL.ZIP2569Jun 9 1990ADLIB - "Stairway To Heaven".
STIMPY.ZIP1025251Apr 16 1992Collection of sounds from the show Stimpy.
STING.ZIP127536Sep 26 1993Collection of songs by Sting in MID format. GUS ready.
STM2MOD.ZIP6803Nov 12 1991A program to convert Screamtracker STM to MOD's, really works.
STNGBLST.ZIP371832Oct 3 1990.VOC files of Piicard talking about the Borg and the majority of the Next Generation theme song. Good.
STNGWAV1.ZIP529351Oct 24 1992Several short sound clips .WAV from STNG. 1 of 9.
STNGWAV2.ZIP694519Oct 18 1992Several short sound clips .WAV from STNG. 2 of 9.
STNGWAV3.ZIP569719Oct 18 1992Several short sound clips .WAV from STNG. 3 of 9.
STNGWAV4.ZIP499092Oct 18 1992Several short sound clips .WAV from STNG. 4 of 9.
STNGWAV5.ZIP512465Oct 18 1992Several short sound clips .WAV from STNG. 5 of 9.
STNGWAV6.ZIP503408Oct 18 1992Several sound clips .WAVs from STNG. 6 of 9.
STNGWAV7.ZIP670856Oct 18 1992Several sound clips .wAVs from STNG. 7 of 9.
STNGWAV8.ZIP706581Oct 18 1992Several short sound clips .WAV from STNG. 8 of 9.
STNGWAV9.ZIP616751Oct 18 1992Several short sound clips .WAV from STNG. 9 of 9.
STOOGSND.ZIP66955Apr 20 1991Three Stooges SoundBlaster VOC file.
STOR0992.ZIP4846Sep 14 1992Nationwide directory of music stores as of 09/01/92.
STREKWAV.ZIP321990Aug 14 1992Multitude of Star Trek .WAV files for Windows 3.1.
STREOWAV.ZIP252491Oct 8 1991WAV file collection.
STRESS.ZIP59754Aug 29 1990Trak Blaster MOD file.
STRWARS.ZIP50053Apr 24 1991Music from Star Wars. MOD file.
STTOS.ZIP116055Apr 25 1992Star Trek WAV files for Windows.
STUDIO10.ZIP50237May 23 1991Play digitized voice/sound on PC speaker. Plays Amiga and Macintosh sound files. One voice file included for trial.
SUICIDE.ZIP48118Apr 4 1992Another good .MOD music file.
SUN.ZIP30738Apr 14 1990Trak Blaster MOD file.
SUNMOD.ZIP30579Sep 17 1992MOD music file for Trakblaster.
SUPR8INS.ZIP20389Sep 13 1991Instrument bank for Adlib music programs.
SW-TALK.ZIP182643Sep 3 1991A voice library with real human speech. Over 100 words and phrases that can be added to your batch files or menu. Works thru your PC speaker, also includes a PCX picture viewer.
SWARWAV.ZIP709581Jan 29 1994Some homemade star wars .wav files for Windows 3.1.
SYNDISCO.ZIP59348Oct 2 1990Trak Blaster MOD file.
T-STRUCK.ZIP179998Apr 17 1992MOD song. AC/DC Thunder Struck.
T2.ZIP70489Feb 1 1992Two .VOC files from Terminator 2. "I'll be back..." and "Hasta la vista...".
T2WAVS.ZIP560176Aug 28 1992.WAV files from the Terminator II movie.
TADA.ZIP21124Nov 23 1992Tada sound for Wave Sound Driver.
TALK.ZIP84206Apr 21 1987TALK is a program that makes your PC speak through internal speaker.
TALK1776.ZIP15044Jun 30 1987Computer gives a speech.
TALKUTIL.ZIP46986May 5 1992Talking utilities version 1.0. Add sound to DIR, Delete, Copy.
TANIC2.ZIP6002Nov 2 1991Trak Blaster MOD file.
TARZAN.ZIP128290Sep 2 1990Tarzan at his best. Sound Blaster VOC file.
TD110.ZIP48434May 29 1991The*Drums: Drum Sequencing Software for the PC, Demo (unregistered).
TDEMO.ZIP28474Jun 7 1992Another good MOD with some neat samples.
TECHNO4.ZIP3465Jan 29 1992.MID file in Win31/General MIDI format.
TEEN.ZIP50675Apr 7 1992Nirvana MOD music file.
TERMINTR.ZIP10890Feb 21 1992Voice of the terminator, "I'll Be Back".
TESTSBP.ZIP35945May 13 1992Sound Blaster PRO test driver for 486/50 CPUs ONLY.
TF.ZIP104702Jun 20 1992TuningFork uses your computer speaker to generate a very exact tone, suitable for tuning any instrument.
THELOOK.ZIP60297Feb 18 1993"You've Got the Look" - Roxette.
THEYHERE.ZIP26142Mar 6 1990.VOC: From Poltergeist movie: "They're here........".
THINGZCH.ZIP26811Jun 17 1991Trak Blaster MOD file.
THRTNHR.ZIP20289Jul 14 1992StdMIDI + CWALK - The Thirteenth Hour. Set up for General MIDI. Original Composition.
THUNDER.ZIP109736Aug 12 1992An actual clap of thunder recorded in a soundblaster VOC file. There is some static in the big boom, so don't turn your soundblaster up too high when sampling this voice (although, its a nice sample).
THUNDER2.ZIP6045Jul 11 1993.ROL file for Adlib sound board.
THUNDERB.ZIP225865Dec 10 1991Latest DOS ThunderBoard Drivers (Dec 91).
THUNDWIN.ZIP19695May 14 1992Latest Windows 3.1 ThunderBoard Drivers (May 92).
TIEFITE1.ZIP168331Jan 2 1995Star Wars Tie Fighter games sound clips.
TIK2RIDE.ZIP33428Mar 9 1993MIDI Cakewalk file, Beatles "Ticket to Ride".
TINYTOON.ZIP1842Oct 16 1991A MIDI file of Tinytoon song.
TOCATTA.ZIP56305Apr 29 1991This is one a Bach's best musical's ever, Mod file.
TOCCATA.ZIP59520Jul 28 1992Soundblaster MOD file.
TOILET.ZIP97595Oct 2 1990VOC file of toilet.
TOMSDINE.ZIP65809Nov 18 1990"Tom's Diner" - Susan Vega.
TPMUSIC.ZIP12487Jun 19 1989This is a simple program that turns the computer keyboard into a musical keyboard. It has 33 notes spanning nearly five octaves.
TRAIN.ZIP11098Mar 22 1992Duke Ellington's "Take the A Train" in standard MIDI format.
TRAINB.ZIP65206Sep 15 1990Trak Blaster MOD file.
TRAK20.ZIP443939Sep 22 1991Trakblaster 2.0 Plays Amiga *.MOD Files on the Sound Blaster.
TRAN03.ZIP114595Nov 14 1989Will send a text file out the speaker. Voice translater.
TRANPORT.ZIP83637Oct 3 1992Voice file containing the full STNNG transport sound effects.
TRANS.ZIP54527Apr 15 1992Transporter VOC file from STNG.
TRANZ.ZIP148725Nov 29 1991Another good MOD for your SoundBL with a touch of new age music.
TREK10.ZIP326031Aug 4 1991A Star Trek Demonstration for SoundBlaster. Resembles Parrot (how you can push buttons to make different sounds). Interesting.
TREKMOD.ZIP206569Jul 6 1991A .MOD sound file of the Startrek Symphony.
TREKSB.ZIP326031Aug 4 1991Star Trek sounds for the CMS Sound Blaster.
TREKTHEM.ZIP131163May 3 1990Star Trek Theme music file in VOC format.
TREKVOC.ZIP240120May 4 1991A collection of .VOC files from Star Trek.
TREKWAV1.ZIP55680Dec 17 1992Star Trek Sound effects in Wav format for Windows 3.1.
TRIP.ZIP30419Mar 17 1990The Who - Won't Get Fooled Again. VOI sound file.
TRON.ZIP402351Apr 28 199218 WAV files from the movie 'TRON".
TRYAGAN.ZIP14521Jun 30 1993"Try again Mr. Weicopf" [WAV].
TRYTHINK.ZIP24622Feb 4 1991S4 digitized voice file.
TTDOC142.ZIP89597Dec 18 19922 of 2. Documentation for TinyTalk - TTEXE142.ZIP.
TTEXE142.ZIP297194Dec 18 19921 of 2. TinyTalk - Text/Screen Reader SPEECH with accent. S.B. compatable.
TTWAV.ZIP285238Aug 4 1992Misc California WAV files.
TUB.ZIP24322Sep 11 1990Trak Blaster MOD file.
TUESAFT.ZIP9161Oct 16 1994MIDI - Moody Blues' "Tuesday Afternoon" by BB.
TULL_ROL.ZIP4885Dec 14 1989ADLIB - "2 Jethro Tull songs".
TUNE2.ZIP40129May 25 1991Trak Blaster MOD file.
TUNE3.ZIP15237May 25 1991Trak Blaster MOD file.
TUPLAY10.ZIP255632Dec 25 1991Mod player. Soundblaster support. DOS, with a GUI interface.
TWEETY.ZIP114304Feb 18 1990Tweety Bird digitized voice file.
TWILIGHT.ZIP117727Aug 26 1991A sounder/mac sound file of the theme for Twilight Zone.
TX81ZBNK.ZIP44551Sep 23 1988Patch banks for the Yamaha TX81Z/DX11 synthesizer. Includes a small midi exclusive dump utility. Also see: MORTX81Z.ZIP.
TZONE.ZIP2138Sep 29 1991Twilight Zone theme in MIDI file format.
TZTECHNO.ZIP230120Jul 29 1992Twilight Zone's Techno demo for VGA/SB.
ULTRA150.ZIP282250Dec 29 1993Music file creator and player for the GUS.
UNDERSEA.ZIP2010Apr 14 1990This is from the movie Little Mermaid. ROL music file.
UNREAL.ZIP1442578Nov 13 1992Huge video graphic and sound demo. Pretty impressive.
UNVEILED.ZIP81526Jul 21 1990MOD file for trakblaster.
UPFRONT3.ZIP43462Jun 10 1991Trak Blaster MOD file.
USAIDIT.ZIP13417Apr 9 1991"You said it, Buster!" Boris Badenov. Sound Blaster VOC file.
USTR.ZIP6275Mar 3 1992Program to play .MOD files on a SPARC station, C source.
V48.ZIP36620May 19 1991Trak Blaster MOD file.
V48MOD.ZIP36475Sep 17 1992MOD music file for trak blaster.
VARWAVES.ZIP529823May 7 1993Various .WAV file sound bites.
VBATMAN.ZIP62123Jul 28 1991A Sound Blaster .VOC file of Batman.
VECDEMO.ZIP196182Jun 16 1992Interactive audio-visual demo. Crisp.
VICKY.ZIP243825Sep 10 1991A neat Sound Blaster Demo by Spacepigs.
VIDVOICE.ZIP6800Aug 18 1987PC speaks what you type.
VIRTUOSO.ZIP44064Feb 26 1989Play simple music through the keyboard. Good for kids.
VM1088.ZIP14560Apr 15 1989Excellent multi-voice music (10-88)version.
VOC2SND.ZIP1674Feb 1 1991A Sound Blaster .VOC to Mac .SND file-transform program.
VOCBOOT.ZIP54455Jul 5 1992Boot up your computer with a .VOC file.
VOCSHO.ZIP45351Jan 7 1991Voc_Show - play digitized VOC sound files on PC's internal speaker.
VOCSHOW.ZIP45175Apr 7 1992Play .VOC files through your PC speaker.
VOCTOSAM.ZIP3471Jul 10 1992Converts VOC files to a MOD instrument (SAM format) but can be renamed to ANY extension for use with any MOD making program.
VP.ZIP41967Oct 26 1992Another great MOD player to give PROMOD and WOWII some competition. This one will play in Stereo and let you shell to DOS to run other APPs.
VP20.ZIP7295Feb 29 1992Voc Play version 2.0 plays .VOC files on the Sound Blaster.
VPLAYW.ZIP73658Mar 22 1992Voice Blaster Jr. for Windows. Plays MIDI and VOC sound file.
VUMETER.ZIP64875Apr 1 1991Volume meter for Sound Blaster. Requires EGA/VGA.
W-AFFAIR.ZIP23172Dec 15 1991Windows 3.1 .WAV Current Affair Theme.
W-ARNOLD.ZIP10668Apr 11 1992Windows 3.1 .WAV - Arnold says "Ill Be Back".
W-CAPNLG.ZIP36856Dec 15 1991Windows 3.1 .WAV - Star Trek - Captains Log.
WALKMAN.ZIP56806Sep 18 1990Trak Blaster MOD file.
WALKMAN3.ZIP56830Sep 18 1990Rock song for use with TrakBlaster (MOD file).
WANEWRLD.ZIP433275Jul 5 1993A bunch of wav files from the movie Waynes World.
WASTLAND.ZIP81122Jul 10 1991MOD file. Waste Land. For Sound Blaster Only.
WAV-PKG.ZIP453029Dec 15 1991Wave files.
WAV1.ZIP145468May 26 1992More .WAV sounds for Win 3.1. Use SPEAK.EXE or SPEAKER.ZIP to play throught the PC speaker. Also compatible with sound boards.
WAV15.ZIP118939Feb 22 1992Collection .WAV sound files downloaded from Compuserve.
WAV2VOC.ZIP42766Nov 12 1991Convert between .wav and .voc files.
WAVAWA.ZIP44887Mar 9 1993Wave after Wave 2.0 for Windows is a program to play wave and MIDI files one after another.
WAVCOLL1.ZIP745849Dec 15 1991More WAV files [1/2].
WAVCOLL2.ZIP497509Dec 15 1991Collection of WAV files [2/2].
WAVE-AE.ZIP223092Dec 17 1991Collection of Wave (WAV) files for Windows. Titles from A-E.
WAVE-FO.ZIP311796Dec 15 1991Collection of Wave (WAV) files for Windows. Titles from F-O.
WAVE-PS.ZIP275275Jan 8 1992Collection of Wave (WAV) files for Windows. Titles from P-S.
WAVE-ST.ZIP290531Dec 15 1991Collection of Wave (WAV) files for Windows. Titles from S-T.
WAVE-WZ.ZIP123598Dec 15 1991Collection of Wave (WAV) files for Windows. Titles from W-Z.
WAVE21.ZIP238672Apr 3 1993WavSorter 2.1. Play sound files, sort into folders. 3-D intuitive interface, drag/drop, customizable, sound effects, complete help, and more.
WAVEFILS.ZIP224731Jun 26 1992A collection of WAV files for Windows 3.1.
WAVEFLTR.ZIP115821Mar 29 1993Windows WAV Filter Program.
WAVEINFO.ZIP65942Aug 19 1993Program to display information about WAV files.
WAVEIT.ZIP11194Aug 14 1991Convert most sound files to .WAV format for Windows 3.1.
WAVEPOOL.ZIP61759Apr 8 1992WAVEPOOL is a programming language, similar to "C", designed for creating sound files. By using built-in WAVEPOOL functions, you can easily synthesize new sounds effects. For use with Sound Blaster.
WAVER.ZIP30273Jul 7 1992An excellent .WAV file player for Windows. It can play many files with a single mouse click.
WAVES1.ZIP298182Feb 22 1992Collection of .WAV files.
WAVES2.ZIP326551Mar 2 1992Collection of .WAV files.
WAVES3.ZIP321764Mar 19 1992Collection of .WAV files.
WAVES4.ZIP350330May 11 1992Collection of .WAV files.
WAVES5.ZIP323615Mar 19 1992Collection of .WAV files.
WAVES6.ZIP351225Mar 21 1992Collection of .WAV files.
WAVES7.ZIP170769Mar 19 1992Collection of .WAV files.
WAVFILES.ZIP117270Feb 3 1992A collection of Windows 3.1 WAV files.
WAVPAK01.ZIP247355May 24 1992Collection of .WAV sound files.
WAVPK1.ZIP555140Apr 20 1992Lots of WAV files for Windows 3.1.
WAVPK2.ZIP431326Apr 20 1992Wavs for Windows Pack #2.
WAVPK3.ZIP512154Apr 20 1992WAVs for Windows.
WAVPK4.ZIP357366Apr 20 1992Wavs for Windows.
WAVPK5.ZIP176829Apr 20 1992WAVs for Windows.
WAVS.ZIP161583Mar 21 1992.WAV files for Win 3.1 -- contains good-sounding files like Clint and Bart. Attach to PC speaker by using SPEAKER.EXE or play through soundboard.
WAVSHELL.ZIP62640Dec 3 1992Plays WAV sound files for Windows.
WAVUTL.ZIP79662Jan 27 1993The Wave Utilities 1.1 consist of Looper and Player, two Windows sound applications. Play two music files at the same time when using a ProAudio Spectrum 16.
WAV_CLIP.ZIP139902Apr 22 1992A collection of .WAV files from movies for Windows 3.1.
WEASEL.ZIP2747Jan 29 1992.MID file in Win31/General MIDI format.
WEEP.ZIP4932Jun 21 1992StdMIDI - "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" Beatle.
WELLCUM.ZIP15568Oct 10 1992WAV file for Windows 3.1 "Welcome to Windows...".
WEWISH.ZIP2013Nov 19 1987Adlib .ROL music file.
WFG.ZIP483173Sep 23 1993Wave Files Galore! by Steve Burch.
WHACK101.ZIP62573Apr 22 1992Whacker Tracker v1.01 - very nice VGA MOD player from the code blasters. Has Sound Blaster and Sound Blaster Pro support.
WHAL.ZIP48510Apr 17 1992The voice of Hal from 2001 in .WAV format for use with Windows 3.1.
WHAM131.ZIP139440Aug 24 1993An excellent .AU (or other) sound file player/editor for Windows. Works well with Mosaic (Internet).
WHIPIDOL.ZIP103159Dec 30 1993.WAV file from Raiders of the Lost Ark. "Throw me the whip, I throw you the idol" exchange.
WILDTHIN.ZIP133602Nov 30 -0001Wild Th'ang (MOD) file Sound Blaster Only.
WILLIAMT.ZIP3066Oct 2 1989William Tell Overture by Rossini. ROL music file for AdLib/SoundBlaster.
WINGS.ZIP30684Sep 17 1992MOD music file for Sound Blaster / Trak Blaster.
WINMOD.ZIP14598Jul 12 1992A MOD player for Windows 3.1. Works Great. It's in German but easy to figure out.
WINMODPR.ZIP111802Sep 20 1992Windows 3.1 MOD player.
WINNING.ZIP4031Jun 27 1989Adlib .ROL music file.
WINWAV1.ZIP206388Apr 15 1992Collection of wave files for Win 3.1.
WJMR22A.ZIP263948Jan 7 1993Latest Win Jammer MIDI Editor/Composer and Win Jammer Player by Dan McKee configured for Multimedia, AdLib, SoundBlaster,Roland MPU-401, MT-32, LAPC & SSC-1. Very Good.
WLDBLUSK.ZIP30586Jun 30 1993"Wild Blue Sky" -from Wild Palms [WAV].
WLYRA121.ZIP199621Apr 8 2000Windows music composition program. Put musical notes on the screen, play them, and print sheet music. Nice program.
WMTELL.ZIP1481Dec 16 1989Adlib .ROL music file.
WORLD.ZIP46954Sep 14 1993This is a good General MIDI sequence, different songs from different parts of the world, compiled into one sequence. Nicely done.
WOWII131.ZIP65523Sep 22 1992Wow II version 1.31. SB/SB Pro mod player. One of the best.
WOWY14.ZIP198054Oct 7 1992Wowy-Ka-Zowy v1.4. Menu Shell for the WOWII MOD file player. VGA and Mouse Required.
WPFX1.ZIP13667Jun 30 1993Sound effect of a door opening [WAV].
WVGLASS.ZIP9794Jan 6 1992.WAV file of glass breaking.
WVTREK1.ZIP105574Jan 23 1993More .WAV Star Trek clips.
XENOFOBE.ZIP39455Jun 12 1991MOD music file.
XMAS.ZIP59667Jul 6 1989Collection of Christmas songs. File format is MFF (MIDI File Format) 1 (multitrack).
XMASCARD.ZIP205186Oct 5 1988Xmascard from Sierra Online.
XMASDEMO.ZIP97466Nov 25 1986A NICE christmas graphics/music pgm.
XMASLIB.ZIP33027Nov 19 1987Some Chrismas Carols for the Adlib Music Card.
XMASSONG.ZIP36441Mar 2 1989More Christmas music-nicer than Carols.
XMASWO.ZIP10200Dec 4 1990Christmas Woodwind music (.MID) from MIDI area on CI$.
XMEN.ZIP11414Oct 4 1989Three X-Men Songs for the Adlib, in ROL format.
XMSTR10.ZIP42872Mar 16 1992X-Master v1.0 - Makes playing MOD, ROL, FLI files from zips easier.
YABBA.ZIP24797Jun 23 1992Fred Flintstone WAV file.
YAK101.ZIP164563Jul 20 1992Configurable talking clock with alarm features for Windows.
YANKEES.ZIP1103Jan 24 1980Adlib ROL music file.
YANKYANK.ZIP22043Mar 10 1993Trak Blaster Mod music file.
YEAHSMRT.ZIP3726Feb 3 1993"Yeah Me Smart" .MOD file.
YELL.ZIP13978Mar 17 1990Sound Blaster VOC file of a yell.
YESTRDAY.ZIP13098Jul 23 1990Cakewalk MIDI sequence of Beatles' Yesterday.
YIPPIE.ZIP8987Apr 3 1990.voc file of Bruce Willis in Die Hard.
YODA.ZIP21809Dec 14 1991VOC voice file of Yoda from Star Wars, for Sound Blaster.
ZONE.ZIP142112Nov 29 1991Theme from Twilight Zone. *.voc file.
ZSONGS1.ZIP15644Jan 21 1991Set of .ROL songs JAZZ/ROCK.
_MYMODS.ZIP1132803Sep 5 1993A collection of .MOD files from an amature musician.