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Sound blaster digest #15.
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Sound blaster digest #15.
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Contents of the SBDBBS.TXT file


Due to the great size increase of this column, it is necessary to make it
into a separate file! So here's this months list of BBS's that have registered
with the SBD:

=========== ============ =================== ============

Acme Music BBS (519)822-0896 Guelph, Ontario Ken Green
Actor BBS +49406566967 Germany B. Kathev
Another Paradise BBS +358-73-892790 Lehmo, Finland Jani Makinen
Arkon BBS (416)593-7460 Toronto, Ontario Jacky Lee
Assignment: Earth (919)434-8664 Trinity, NC Alan Rothberg
Beltway Bandits (703)764-9297 Alexandria, VA W. Maden
Bits, Bytes and Stuff (918)542-3469Miami, OK Rick Kelly
Black Horizon (616)866-3717Rockford, MI A. Tiensivu
CC-BBS (603)497-3689 Goffstown, NH Travis Roy
Commar BBS Support +39-6-5192836 Roma, Italy M. Miccinilli
Comm. Potential (714)688-2658 Riverside, CA Dale Jonasson
Computer Connection (08)326-2388 Christies Bch, Austr. Vicki Crawford
DAFU's BBS(+46)9011 9681Umea, Sweden Jan Samuelason
Data Dimention (404)921-1186 Atlanta Georgia Ricky Lacy
Default Account +34-5-4644682 Sevilla, Spain Juan Acosta
Digitized Reality (613)747-7682 Gloucester, Ontario James Chow
Electronic Age (703)620-0851 Fairfax, VA M. Benson
Friends & Family (214)250-7697 Dallas, Texas Jim Neargarder
Geniaal BBS 2 +31-2294-3154 Avenhorn, Netherlands Atilla Meijs
Gollum's Corner (404)992-1309 Marietta, GA Sean Neese
House of Ichthys (305)360-2991 Deerfield Beach, FL Leonzo Miller
IBM XT Clone (301)921-4906 Gaithersburg, MD Robert Utley
INMS Port I (206)337-0540Everett, WA Jeff davis
Jim's Dream (202)581-1422 Washington, DC Jim Walls
JumpStart BBS (407)337-2559 Port St. Lucie, FL Sandy Dykes
Koala Country (02)671-5538 Sydney, Australia W. Leadbeatter
Lagans DatorServices +46(0)372-70014 Lagan, Sweden T. Goransson
Lynzie's Motherboard (808)989-3875 California -- Unknown --
Max BBS (0905) 754151 Worcester, England Jon Brooks
Message Center BBS (805)489-1966 Arroyo Grande, CA Jim Tinlin
Micaco BBS 34-3-384-6169 Badalona, Spain David Casas
Micron Firefly (816)324-3148 Savannah, MO B. Taliaferro
Moonlight Shadow SB +358-0-387817Helsinki, Finland J. Perttila
Multi Sync (214)222-0331 Mesauite, TX R. Scritchfield
MusicBox BBS +31-5490-70319 Almelo, Netherlands Edwig Knol
My Apartment BBS (214)350-2139 Dallas, TX Chris Lebeck
Nat. PC and MIDI... (708)593-8703 Chicago, IL Duane Antor
New Frontier Info. (708)566-6183 Mundelein, IL Scott Yaskin
Open Access BBS +47 61 97304 Reinsvoll, Norway Erik Leirdal
Point of Know Return (602)867-0488 Phoenix Arizona Dan Sarber
<< Prism BBS (914)344-0350 Middletown, NY Janis Kracht
Punkin Duster BBS (714)522-3980 Buena Park, CA Dave Ludwig
Radio Station BBS (519)471-3245 London, Ontario Tim Ingram
REMJEM On-Line BBS (703)503-9410 Fairfax, VA Bob Mason
Runnin' with the Wind +39-363-302798 Treviglio, Italy R. Sonzogni
Running Board (301)229-5342 Bethesda, MD Bonnie Anthony
Salem Station BBS (603)894-5169 Salem, NH M. Albee
Satellite TV BBS (713)623-4899 Bellaire, TX Jim Dolan
Sector Z (313)885-2592 Grosse Point Farms, MI Jason Scannell
SinCity BBS (602)946-1464Scottsdale, AZ Lynn Mage
Smart BBS +34-3-3111047 Barcelona, Spain Vavier Sanchez
Snarf's Music Studio (708)290-9993 Arlington Hgts., IL C. Crisanti
Sound and Sight (204)633-2364 Winnipeg, Manitoba S. Itscovish
SBD Support (416)840-2485 Brampton, Ontario T. Clayton
Stages Remote Access (416)468-2046 Niagara, Ontario Mathew Gordon
Star-Link Network BBS (718)972-6099 Brooklyn, NY Michael Keylin
Super SONIC BBS (416)225-8942 Willowdale, Ontario Brian Bourne
Sword Quest (309)383-4048 Metamora, IL Mike Fandel
The Doghouse BBS (713)422-3146 Baytown, TX Ray Cramer
The Double AAce (214)606-0703 Grand Praire, Texas Mike Hutchkins
The Gooey (GUI) BBS (212)876-5885 New York, NY David Shapiro
The Helping Hand (606)387-4002 Albany, KY Duane Bristow
The HUB (703)685-0019 Alexandria, VA I. Towers
The Ninth Bit (918)434-5101 Salina, OK Scott Wilkins
The Oasis (815)498-3077 Sandwich, IL Chris Dodd
The Picture Express (512)666-4842 San Antonio, TX David Steward
The Polish Pickle (403)259-5439 Calgary, Alberta Neil Bamford
The Studio BBS (65)353-1438 Singapore Raymond Loh
The Toolbox BBS (407)380-0849 Orlando, FL E. Chieuw
Trolls & Tribulations (703)263-0827 Herndon, VA Robert Derbek
Ultra Force BBS +31-70-3585109 The Hague, Netherlands Remco de Berk
United States Connect (708)679-1279 Skokie, IL James Lopez
Vanishing Point BBS (717)359-7724 Littlestown, PA Noah Bast
VCR-BBS (513)253-0543 Dayton, OH Calvin Yu
VGER Control (714)371-4789 Corona, CA B. Altenburger
VidGame BBS (415)742-6441San Bruno, CA George Hassmer
Wellcomm BBS +396 3700492 Rome, Italy P. Zerbini
Why Not RBBS (213)436-1311 Long Beach, CA David Scott
Wolverine BBS (517)695-9952 Midland, MI Rick Rosinski

We here at the SBD provide this list only as a reference. We do not check
any of the BBS's that register with us, and thus we cannot guarantee the
existence of any of the listed systems. Some systems may impose charges for
calling and using their services. If you have any questions about any of the
listed systems, leave a message to the name under the SYSOP'S NAME column on the
respective BBS's listing, or call the office of THE SOUND BLASTER DIGEST at
(416) 846-5599. We can only provide basic information as provided by the sysops
of the listed systems.

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