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ADLIB ROL file of BACH song.
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ADLIB ROL file of BACH song.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
CFUGE1.TXT 2082 906 deflated
CFUGE1H.ROL 5125 1131 deflated
CFUGE1O.ROL 5147 1180 deflated
HARPSI4.INS 80 32 deflated
HVYMETL2.INS 80 36 deflated
PIANO1.INS 80 36 deflated
SNAKEFL.INS 80 33 deflated
TRUMPET4.INS 80 36 deflated

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Contents of the CFUGE1.TXT file

A small fugue in C major by J. S. Bach
transcribed by Larry Soprano, New Castle, PA

This small Fugue was written by Bach for his oldest
son Wilhelm. While not as widely played as some of
the other works Bach wrote for him at about the same
time it is quite nice.
About the form:
Fugue means to fly in latin and this refers to the
way the theme(s) flys all over the place. This one,
written for a young boy, only uses a few of the tricks
that are sometimes used. It starts out as most do with
the 'exposition'. In this the theme is presented in
the home key [C major here]. Then the alto voice enters
with the theme in G major while the soprano is singing
the rest of the theme. Then the bass enters with the
theme in C major again. Then the soprano takes up the
theme but this time in G major.
From here on you can do whatever you want to or can.
In this case there is a lot of passage work based on
the end of the main theme, while the theme itself comes
back in a couple of minor keys, and towards the end
Bach plays with a partial inversion of the theme
[ instead of falling, the theme rises ] played against
the theme in it's original form.

There are two versions of this fugue in the package:
Cfuge1h.rol is a harpsichord like version. I've
included a copy of HARPSI4.INS incase your .BNK file
lacks this instrument. It sounds most like a harpsichord
with an 8 foot and a 4 foot stop [the strings are pitched
an octave apart and played with the same key.
Cfuge1o.rol is a sort of orchestrated version where
the individual voices (3 with a 4th that only comes in
on the last note) are give to a snakeflute, a trumpte
and a hevay metal guitar. I have included these
instrument files as well.


Larry Soprano

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