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NoiseMaster - another .WAV sound editor and player.
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NoiseMaster – another .WAV sound editor and player.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

NoiseMaster 1.0 from New Noise - Evaluation version

NoiseMaster is a shareware sample-editor for Windows. It supports the
MS-Windows Wave (.WAV) and the Creative Labs Voice (.VOC) sample formats.
NoiseMaster can handle 16 bit samples, although only in WAV-format.
Because NoiseMaster uses the Windows 3.1 MultiMedia functions it will work on
all soundcards, that is, if you have installed the windows drivers for your
card. If you have installed the speaker-driver it will even play samples
through your PC-speaker. This evaluation version provides the standard cut,
copy and paste functions for editing your samples as well as the possibility
to reverse, mute or fade a selected sample part. Conversion between stereo /
mono samples and 8 / 16 bits samples is also possible. The sample-rate
scrollbar lets you play your samples at different speeds. Using NoiseMaster
is quick and easy because the most important functions can be executed by
pressing buttons, instead of using the pull-down menus.


NoiseMaster is shareware. You may freely copy and distribute this evaluation
version, but if you decide to keep using it, you are required to register.
Registration costs 30 dutch guilders (for Holland) or 20 US dollars
(for outside Holland). Send this amount in checks or cash (no coins!) +
your name and address to :

New Noise
P.O. Box 6092
2702 AB Zoetermeer

Registered users will receive the latest version of NoiseMaster, which will
not display the registration reminder at startup. But what's more important :
future versions will feature many interesting functions not included in this
version. For example :
echo, reverse echo,
high-pass, low-pass and band-pass filters,
a help function,
possibility to record to disk, for long samples.
And possibly : functions YOU suggested. Just include your suggestions with
your registration letter ! All reasonable suggestions will be considered.
We encourage you to send us your remarks, recommendations, or even ...
bug-reports 🙂


This is a short manual to get you started with NoiseMaster. The registered
version will include a standard Windows Help file.

All functions described below can be accessed via the menu or via the buttons.

Open : Open a sample file using a standard Windows 3.1 file-open dialog
box. Use the file-type selection to show .WAV, .VOC or all files.
ReOpen : Reload the current sample.
Save : Save the current sample.
Save As : Save the current sample using a standard Windows 3.1 file-open
dialog box. Use the file-type selection list to choose the
destination format. This way samples can be converted between the
two supported formats .WAV and .VOC.
Exit : Exit NoiseMaster.

Loop : Check this to play the sample in a loop.
Play : Play the entire sample.
Play Block : Play only the currently selected part of the sample.
Stop : Stop playing.
Pause : Pause playback. Press Pause again to resume playing.
Record : Brings up a dialog box to specify recording parameters. Pressing
OK will start recording. If the combination of recording
parameters is beyond your soundcards capabilities the OK-button
will be disabled. This also happens if you specify a recording
length longer than the maximum length possible.

Cut : Cut the selected part from the sample and put it on the clipboard.
Copy : Put the selected part from the sample on the clipboard.
Paste : Past the clipboard contents into the sample at the marker position.
The marker position must be set before pasting. Setting the marker
position is done by clicking the right mouse button on the sample at
the desired position. How the clipboard contents is combined with the
sample depends on the Paste Mode, which is set in the Options menu :
Insert : Insert clipboard contents at the marker position.
Overwrite : Overwrite sample with clipboard contents starting at the
marker position. This operation may increase the sample
Mix : Mix the clipboard contents with the sample starting at
the marker position. This operation may also increase
the sample size.
Trim : Trim (crop) the sample. After trimming only the selected part of the
sample will remain.

Sample rate scrollbar : This scrollbar show the current sample rate and
allows you to change it. Moving the scrollbar thumb will directly
play the sample at the new sample rate. After playing around you can
press the reset button to reset the sample rate to its original value.

Reverse : Reverse the selected part of the sample.
Mute : Mute the selected part of the sample.
Fade In : Fade the selection from silence to the original volume.
Fade Out : Fade the selection from the original volume to silence.

Swap Channels : Swaps the left and right channel of stereo samples.
Mono to Stereo /
Stereo to Mono : Converts mono to stereo samples (not very useful, yet)

and stereo sample to mono samples.
8 bits to 16 bits /
16 bits to 8 bits : Converts 8 bits samples to 16 bits sample (not very
useful either) and 16 bits samples to 8 bits samples.
Halve SampleRate : Halves the sample rate (halves sample size too).

Making selections and setting markers :
Selecting a part of a sample is done by simply dragging with the left mouse
button over the sample window : press the left mouse button at the start of
the selection, hold down the mouse button, drag it to the end of the
desired selection and then release the mouse button. The Begin and End fields
show the begin and end samples of the selection. A marker which specifies
the paste position is set by pressing the right mouse button at the desired
position. The position field shows the exact position.

Options :
Drawing Mode : Specifies the method of drawing the sample :
Connected lines : This the default mode. Lines are drawn between the
sample values.
Vertical lines : Lines are drawn from the zero line to the sample
Mirrored vertical lines : Same as the previous mode, only draws the
lines both up and down.
Dots : Draws dots at the sample values.
Paste Mode : Specifies the method of pasting.
Insert : Insert clipboard contents at the marker position.
Overwrite : Overwrite sample with clipboard contents starting at the
marker position. This operation may increase the sample
Mix : Mix the clipboard contents with the sample starting at
the marker position. This operation may also increase
the sample size.

Zooming in and out :
Initially the entire sample is shown in the sample window. To zoom in on a
part of a sample, select that part of the sample and then press the Zoom In
button. After zooming in, the scrollbar under the sample window can be used
to move the sample to the left or to the right. You can keep zooming in on
the sample until the zoom factor (displayed between the zoom buttons) is 1:1.
This zoom factor shows the number of samples that are represented by each
horizontal pixel on screen. Pressing the Zoom Out button always brings you
back to the initial view, which shows the entire sample.


Also available from New Noise :

NoiseMixer for the Soundblaster Pro : This is a replacement for the
SoundBlaster Pro Mixer Control from Creative Labs, which is packed with the
SoundBlaster Pro. NoiseMixer looks much better and uses another way of
setting the mixer volumes. Instead of two sliders for the left and right
channel, NoiseMaster has a volume and balance slider, which is more intuitive
to work with. Other features are : filter settings, input selection, saving
default settings, All Max and All Off buttons etc...

Available from SoniX Productions :

Promixer : A replacement for the SBP-MIX utility packed with the SoundBlaster
Pro. Promixer has a graphical interface and is not a TSR like SBP-MIX. This
makes it easier to quickly change the volume and filter settings on the
mixerchip of the soundblaster pro. Promixer is a DOS-tool and it is public
domain, so no money is charged for it.

Sedit-Pro : Sedit-Pro is a VOC, WAV, IFF and MOD sample editor for DOS, with
a windows-like user interface. Sedit-Pro features a lot of interesting effects
and edit functions like : Flanger, High and low pass filters, a design
option for designing your own sounds, a popup synthesizer to play tunes
with the sample loaded - and more.


Thanks to
Jeroen Koomen and Marcel v/d Lem
Anuj Dev for beta testing the 16 bits support
Ad de Vries for beta testing and useful comments

Greetings to :
SoniX Productions
Ultraforce Development

This is all for now, bye,

Alwin Hoogerdijk for New Noise
(E-mail : [email protected])

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