Dec 132017
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Category Music and Digitized Voice
Another great MOD and NST player. This one has better sound quality than WOWII. Also has a unique screen which shows you exactly what’s being played. It supports many sound cards (even the new 16bit Sound Blaster).
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
CABINET.DMP 8043 2054 deflated
CIN-0002.DOC 5979 1647 deflated
DMP.DOC 10038 3805 deflated
DMP.EXE 65569 63538 deflated
DMP.FAQ 2048 1033 deflated
DMP.INI 4172 1657 deflated
DMP.REV 37033 9959 deflated
FILE_ID.DIZ 199 161 deflated
LICENSE.DSM 2220 934 deflated
M2AMF.EXE 21450 20770 deflated
ORDER.DSM 4998 1622 deflated
README 5374 1693 deflated
SUPPORT.DMP 17323 4240 deflated

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