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The WAVE program generates Sound Blaster .VOC voice files that, when listened to with stereo headphones, will synchronize your brainwave patterns into any desired state.
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The WAVE program generates Sound Blaster .VOC voice files that, when listened to with stereo headphones, will synchronize your brainwave patterns into any desired state.
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Contents of the WAVE.DOC file

- ---=-==============================================================-=--- -
--=--======== WAVE - Brainwave Synchronization Voice File maker ========--=--
- ---=-==============================================================-=--- -
OVERVIEW The WAVE program generates Sound Blaster .VOC voice files that,
________ when listened to with stereo headphones, will synchronize your
brainwave patterns into any desired state. This program is probably unlike
any others in your repetoire, but is well worth having if only to help you
get a good nights sleep! Scientists have long known that different brainwave
frequencies are associated with different states of mind. With this program,
you can create files to generate states ranging from deep sleep and medita-
tion, to wide awake and alert.
REQUIREMENTS * Lots of hard drive space. Files are always stereo at 22K,
____________ which take approximately 2.64 megabytes per minute.
* Patience. Depending on the machine, files could take anywhere
from the file's play time to 5 times the playing time. Without
a coprocessor, calculations could take 6 times longer still.
But once the file is generated, it can be archived, or even
recorded on tape for future use.
* Open mind. Yes, it works better on people who take this
seriously and give the sounds a chance to "work". It really
DOES work! Within minutes, I can achieve the desired state.
* Sound Blaster capable of playing 22K stereo .VOC files
* Stereo headphones, it only works with headphones.
THE AUTHOR That's me, David Johnston. I have been working with programs
__________ like this, and other so called meditation tapes and machines, for
a number of months now, and have found that the sounds this program creates
are very powerful. I work at a very well known software company, and have a
Sound Blaster at home. By the way, this program is absolutely FREE, so please
give it to anyone you like. The important thing is that more people be able
to experience what these sounds can do for them. And yes, there are many
uses, which will be explained in more detail later. But hey, if you WANT to
reward the author in some way, let me know how the program has worked for you,
and any enhancements you'd like to see? I'll leave my address and an email
route at the end of this document. Have fun!
WHAT AM I GETTING MYSELF INTO? This program works like many meditation tapes
______________________________ and light/sound devices on the market, which
range in price from $200 to $500. There's even a board available with plug
in glasses (which have blinking lights) for your PC for $495. I think the
files this creates are even more powerful, and are definitely more pleasing
to the ears. Most other devices and tapes have a "humming" sound or some
other tones to induce the write brainwave frequencies. This program has the
option of tones (which I never use), but also has a waterfall noise, and
allows you to use your own recordings, and turn them into brainwave syncro-
nization recordings.
Here's a list of the four major brainwave patterns:

Beta: > 13 hz Normal state of alertness, stress and anxiety.
Alpha: 8-12 hz State of light relaxation, state of "superlearning",
positive thinking
Theta: 4-7 hz Deep relaxation, meditation, increased memory and focus
Delta: 1-3 hz Deep sleep, lucid dreaming, increased immune functions

USING WAVE.EXE There are two programs provided, WAVE.EXE for those who do not
______________ have a math coprocessor or 486, or 586, etc., and WAVE87.EXE
for those fortunate enough to own a math coprocessor, or 486, or 586, etc.

Usage: WAVE
is name of the .VOC brainwave file you want to create
is the .WV script file used to describe how to
generate the .VOC file.

There are many sample .WV files you can look at, or you can create your own
custom file as outlined below.


{Comments can go inside curley braces} ;Or after a semicolon on the same line
source=noise of 10 ;Nice waterfall noise
source=inverse ;Sum of left+right channels is 0 (silence)
source=wave of 0.0833hz from -10 to 10 ;Pan source left and right once every
;12 seconds. Nice effect!

{ Start from beta and glide down to upper theta
The separation is how pronounced the brainwave effect is
So start with no effect and end up with an effect of 8 }
wave from 20hz separation 0 to 7.5hz sep 8 in 40 seconds

{ Now cycle between low theta and high theta about once every 30 seconds }
wave from 7.5hz sep 8
to 4.5hz sep 12 for 5 minutes 10.5 cycles

{ We ended at 4.5hz (because of the .5 cycles), stay there for a while }
wave of 4.5hz for 3 minutes

{ Now go back up to beta to wake up! }
wave to 20hz sep 0 in 30 seconds

FORMAT OF .WV FILE These are just ordinary text files with instructions for
__________________ the wave program. The file is checked for correct syntax
before the .VOC file is generated. Here are the main sections, which may
be repeated in any order. The only restriction is that an input must be
specified before doing the brainwave pattern creation (WAVE...) on it.

COMMENTS Comments should be inside curley braces, or after semicolons.

INPUTS Choose one of the following:

source=noise of
is from 3 to about 30 (I usually use 10). This produces
a nice waterfall/rushing river sound which is greate for relaxation

source=tone of hz
is the frequency in Hertz of the tone to use. Tones of 90
to about 300 should work best, although I prefer the noise sounds

is the 22K stereo file to use as the source input.
If you have MONO 22K files, you can use the PHASE utility to convert
it to stereo (PHASE monofile.VOC stereofile.VOC N). The file will
be looped if it is smaller than the destination.

PREP Choose one of the following:

The left and right channels are the input's (L+R)/2. This just
sounds like standard mono.

The left channel gets (L+R)/2, the right channel gets -(L+R)/2.
Sounds seem as if they are coming from the center of your head.

This leaves the left and right channels untouched.

SPATIAL Chose one of the following, or leave out entirely:

source=wave of 0 at
is the spot where your brain will think the sound is
coming from. Negative locations are on the left, while positive
locations are on the right. Locations less than -20, or greater
than 20 have no more effect than just using -20 or 20.

source=wave of hz from to
Cycle the perceived source of the sound from to
and back again every 1/ seconds. This gives
nice special effects for relaxation by moving the source around,
which enhances the effects of the brainwave pattern being used.

source=wave ... theta
End a source=wave line with a starting point. If is
on the left (negative) and is on the right, a
of 180 will start at the right, a of 90 will start in the
middle, etc.

WAVES These are the actual brainwave patterns, and duration of each.

wave of hz for seconds
wave of hz for minutes
Generate a brainwave frequency of hz (frequencies to
use are described throughout this document, and should be between
1 and about 20 hz. This is a Real number, so decimal amounts like
7.554 are OK). The duration iw for seconds, or in
minutes if you prefer minutes. The may
also be a decimal value.

wave from hz to hz in

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