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E&W.BAT 556 159 deflated
LB_10_1.WAV 78836 60012 deflated
LB_11_1.WAV 101414 76220 deflated
LB_5_1.WAV 95902 51831 deflated
LB_9_1.WAV 93404 59016 deflated
LB_9_3.WAV 24760 15840 deflated
README.TXT 513 311 deflated

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Contents of the README.TXT file

To Play:

Type 'e&w'

If it does not play:

1) type 'play' for additional params to pass through prayer.bat.
These include DMA and IRQ numbers of your card. You'll have
to edit prayer.bat to reflect your cards settings.

2) play.exe may not support your card. play.exe came w/ the
Pro Audio Spectrum but I see no reason it would not work
on Soundblaster or Thunderboard also.

NOTE: You can substitute play.exe w/ any command line .wav player
that works for you.


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