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Fix for Ghostbusters II. Fixes GBII's use with the Soundblaster. It used to lock up when the game attempted speech.
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Fix for Ghostbusters II. Fixes GBII’s use with the Soundblaster. It used to lock up when the game attempted speech.
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Contents of the GB2FIX.DOC file

GB2FIX - Program to patch Activision's GHOSTBUSTERS II to work with the
Creative Labs Sound Blaster music card.

When I purchased Ghostbusters II, I was disappointed to find that
the game did not work unless I unplugged my Sound Blaster. I called
Activision the next morning. They suggested that I call Creative Labs
for a patch. Creative Labs sent me a patch disk (it only took 2 days!!!
and that was over the July 4th holiday!!!) which contained new versions of
GB.EXE and SHELL.EXE. Through some investigation, I determined that a patch
program could be devised to correct the problem.

GB2FIX modifies the rogue byte in both GB.EXE and SHELL.EXE. I
strongly suggest that you DO NOT use this program to modify your original
disks!!! GB2FIX must be run in the directory that contains both GB.EXE and
SHELL.EXE and those files must not have the readonly file attribute set. It
does not hurt to run GB2FIX more than once. Give it a try!!!

Any questions or comments, you can contact:

John Hayes
1094 Berkshire Drive
Macedonia, Ohio 44056-1643
(216) 468-3072
Compuserve 73447,3515

Happy Ghostbusting!!!

P.S.This patch program has not been approved by either Activision or
Creative Labs.

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