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CD player for Windows and DOS.
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CD player for Windows and DOS.
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Contents of the CDPLAYER.TXT file

Thank you for taking a look at CD Player!

CD Player is a Microsoft Windows V3.0 shareware application to
play audio CDs on a CDROM drive attached to your PC. Your CDROM
drive must of course be audio capable. I like to think of myself
as a good programmer but I can't work miracles. This application
runs in standard and enhanced mode. I don't have enough available
DOS memory to start Windows in real mode. I have written the
application so that it should handle real mode as well, but I
am unable to test it (but does anyone actually run in real mode
unless they need to create a swap file).

To run CD Player, simple add CDPLAYER.EXE into one of your Windows
Program Manager Groups and double click on it. You will notice
that it looks very much like the display and buttons on a standard
CD player. It has a previous track, play, next track, pause, stop,
and eject button. To start playing the CD, simply press the play
button. The pause button's function depends on the state of the CD.
If the CD is playing, the CD will be paused. If the CD is paused,
it will resume playing. Once you start playing a CD, you can exit
CD Player and the CD will still continue to play.

One word of caution... not all functions are guaranteed to work on
all CD drives. For example, some drives do not support the eject
command in software.

For those of you with more than one drive... CD Player supports
multiple CD drives. By default, CD Player uses the first CD drive
found on your system. If you need to select an alternate drive,
use the "Drive" option off the menu bar to select the appropriate
drive letter.

CD Player requires the Microsoft CD-ROM Extensions (MSCDEX) to be
loaded before entering MS Windows. I have tested CD Player using
MSCDEX version 2.20. Should you fail to load MSCDEX correctly,
CD Player will still start up; but, pressing buttons will have
no effect on the CD drive. You can determine whether CD Player
knows about your CD drive by choosing "Drive" off the menu bar.
If the word "none" shows up instead of a DOS drive letter, you
need to go back and make sure that MSCDEX starts up successfully
and locates your drive.

You'll notice a program in the distribution called CDA.EXE. Its a
no frills DOS-based CD player. To get help for CDA, simply type
CDA at the DOS prompt. I thought about making a TSR popup style
program out of it; but now that I have an integrated Windows
development environment, I tend to see DOS a lot less. If there's
a demand for it, I'll reconsider doing it.

Futures... I plan to add a CD database capability. This will allow
you to enter the album name and song titles for each track when
you play an album for the first time (unfortunately, none of this
data is recorded on the CD). Then CD Player will identify the album
each time you insert it in the drive. In addition, you will be able
to play tracks simply by using a pulldown menu and choosing the
track by song title.

CD Player is shareware, which means that you are allowed to run CD
Player for a period of 2 weeks at no charge (think of it as a free
test drive). After the trial period, if you continue to use CD
Player you are required to register it for the modest fee of $10.
You may freely distribute CD Player but only in its complete and
unmodified form which includes CDPLAYER.EXE, CDA.EXE and
CDPLAYER.TXT. A nominal fee may be charged for distribution of CD
Player (under $5 recommended, after all, I'm only asking $10). CD
Player has not been crippled in anyway. CD Player does not barrage
you with annoying registration reminders either. I rely solely on
your honesty to do the right thing.

Standard disclaimer... This software is provided on an "AS IS" basis.
I assume no responsibility for CD Player's correctness or completeness.
In no event will I be liable for any damages including, without
limitation, damages from loss of business profits, loss of business
information, business interruptions, or other pecuniary loss arising

from the use of this software even if you have notified me of the
possibility of damage.

To register CD Player send $10 (in U.S. funds) to the address below.
Please feel free to make suggestions and/or comments.

Joe Prevo
2118 Needle Palm Drive
Edgewater, FL 32141

I hope you enjoy CD Player!

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