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Variety of songs for the Adlib Music Synthisiser Card.
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Variety of songs for the Adlib Music Synthisiser Card.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ARIA.ROL 4167 1211 deflated
BANKMNG.EXE 12229 8010 deflated
BANKMNG.TXT 3262 1421 deflated
BLUESY_W.ROL 5479 1449 deflated
CLASSY.ROL 7231 655 deflated
CLOCK.ROL 8431 1568 deflated
CORPORAT.ROL 7883 1580 deflated
CRYSTAL.ROL 7509 1086 deflated
ELECROCK.ROL 13331 2062 deflated
HIGHWAYS.ROL 10543 1107 deflated
HOEDOWN.ROL 10403 1369 deflated
JUKE1.EXE 104577 54002 deflated
JUKE1.RSR 45925 10078 deflated
JUKEBOX.BAT 133 104 deflated
JUKEBOX.DAT 172 149 deflated
L_YOURS.ROL 13617 2852 deflated
PARADE.ROL 11559 1395 deflated
PICKLED2.ROL 8091 1265 deflated
RAILROAD.ROL 10419 1276 deflated
RAIN.ROL 3139 544 deflated
README.TXT 3500 1568 deflated
REGGAE.ROL 11801 2129 deflated
RUSH.ROL 7153 1381 deflated
SAINTS.ROL 5687 1236 deflated
SOFTBLUE.ROL 5059 1411 deflated
SOUND.COM 13280 6204 deflated
SPRING.ROL 7341 1199 deflated
SPY’SEYE.ROL 11293 1744 deflated
STANDARD.BNK 6748 2459 deflated
TEST.BAT 14 14 stored
TEST1.COM 7056 1636 deflated
VERYBUSY.ROL 12573 1600 deflated
WAITING.ROL 11639 1202 deflated
WRAP_IT.ROL 7623 1375 deflated
ZAP_RAP.ROL 7735 1629 deflated
ZARDOZ.ROL 9669 1776 deflated

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Contents of the README.TXT file

Ad Lib, May 1989
Version 1.5 update

This bonus diskette contains version 1.5 of Juke Box. If you have other
Ad Lib software which is previous to version 1.5, please read BANKMNG.TXT
for information on compatibility considerations and update information.

Juke Box V1.5 offers three new features over earlier versions:
1 - Support of additional wave forms
2 - Multiple selections
3 - Bank file for instrument sounds

The wave form is a parameter used in the specification of an Ad Lib
instrument sound. The use of the additional wave forms means that a greater
variety of sounds can be used. Juke Box V1.5 supports the extra wave forms
and can play songs that use instruments that contain these wave forms.

You may now select several songs at a time and they will be played
back in the order in which you choose them. As you choose the songs, the
square containing the number 1-8 will be highlighted. The song which is
currently playing will have both its number and title highlighted. Note
that you cannot use the keyboard while Juke Box is reading from the disk.

The instrument bank file stores many intrument sounds together in one
file. The many .INS files are now bundled together in one .BNK file.
This results in a significant saving of disk space and makes backing up
much easier. If you wish to convert between the old format files and the
new format, we have provided a conversion program which is explained in
the file BANKMNG.TXT.

By default, Juke Box V1.5 uses the default bank file STANDARD.BNK. You
may change the default bank name by using the "/B" option. For example:
jukebox /Bmybank
This will cause Juke Box to use MYBANK.BNK instead of STANDARD.BNK.

You may also specify the bank file name to be used by placing the bank
name in the JUKEBOX.DAT file. This is done by putting a comma after the
.ROL file name and then placing the bank file name after the comma. (If
you are unfamiliar with the JUKEBOX.DATfile, refer to pp. 21-22 of the
Juke Box User Guide.)
The format is then:
rol_file_name, bank_file_name song_title
- If the comma is not present, then the bank file name will be interpreted
as being part of the song title.
- You may specify the path for the bank if you wish.
- The bank file name applies only to the song on the same line. (The /B
option applies to all songs.)
- The bank file name is optional. If it is not present then Juke Box will
use the default bank name.
- If Juke Box cannot open the specified bank file during run-time, it will
display a message and try to open the default bank file.

Ad Lib July 1987 (Errata)

If your computer has more than 256K of RAM, it would be
preferable to increase the size of the sound driver memory
buffer to 12K. To do so, change the following line in the
SOUND b1000 to SOUND b3000
The number following the "b" is in hexadecimal notation and its
maximum value is C800 (50K). If you specify a buffer size which
is too large, the sound driver will print an error message.

Ad Lib Septembre 1987

Because of compatibility problems between Compaq's Deskpro 86
and Hercules graphics card, our software cannot make use of a
mouse unless you upgrade Compaq's BIOS to a newer version.

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