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IBM files for the March 1989 Byte Magazine.
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IBM files for the March 1989 Byte Magazine.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BRIEF.LST 798 314 deflated
EMACS.LST 993 367 deflated
EPSILON.LST 620 288 deflated
ME.LST 678 292 deflated
README.DOC 1802 970 deflated
ZBYTEBIB.C 22591 5273 deflated
ZINPUT.DAT 5074 2468 deflated
ZINPUT.FRM 1153 592 deflated
ZMAKEBIB.C 20140 4894 deflated
ZMAKEF.C 6627 2104 deflated
ZSAM.ASM 38424 10600 deflated
ZTEMPL.C 15262 3231 deflated

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Contents of the README.DOC file

*** ZSAM ***

In this archive, you should find the following files:

ZSAM.ASMThis is the 8088 assembly language source for ZSAM, the
B-Tree file management system described in "Some Assembly
Required", BYTE Magazine. The code is compatible with
Borland's TASM assembler, and with a little work you
should be able to feed it to MASM.

ZTEMPL.CA "template" file containing all the C interface source
code. Use this when you're building a ZSAM application.

ZMAKEF.CThis program lets you build ZSAM key and data files.
Its prompts should be pretty explanatory. There are
also comments in the source to help you.

ZMAKEBIB.CThis program builds the key and data files used in the
bibliography database described in part III of
"Trees 'N Keys".

ZINPUT.DATRaw data that you can feed to ZMAKEBIB.C.

ZINPUT.FRMA description of the format of the data in ZINPUT.DAT.

ZSAM is more-or-less in the public domain. You may use it, pass it
along to others, and do whatever you want. If you end up modifying it
and using it in a commercial application, please give conspicuous
mention of its source (namely, me....Rick Grehan). I'll try and
keep updates coming as I have time to make them.

Though I won't classify ZSAM as shareware, I have spent a great deal of
time putting it together. Above-and-beyond the call of duty, you might
say. Any kind of donation you'd care to submit would be appreciated...
particularly if you end up making something worthwhile for yourself out
of ZSAM. I'm not going to make any hard-and-fast rules about this, 'cause
I know you've already laid out some cash just to get the article and
download the source.

Rick Grehan
Senior Testing Editor
BYTE Magazine
One Phoenix Mill Lane
Peterborough, NH 03458

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