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Samples from the Simpsons using Remac.
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Samples from the Simpsons using Remac.
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PLAY.BAT 339 211 deflated
REMAC.DOC 1824 999 deflated
REMAC.EXE 1279 1231 deflated
SIMPSON1.S3 2372 2221 deflated
SIMPSON2.S4 35969 19907 deflated
SIMPSON3.S3 14145 10897 deflated
SIMPSON4.S4 11393 8465 deflated
SIMPSON5.S4 22658 13032 deflated
SIMPSON6.S3 36993 29958 deflated
SIMPSON7.S4 24385 17110 deflated
SIMPSON8.S3 10817 7274 deflated
SIMPSON9.S4 20802 11412 deflated
SIMPSONA.S3 11650 7740 deflated
SIMPSONB.S4 35970 17687 deflated
SIMPSONS.BAT 481 148 deflated

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Contents of the REMAC.DOC file

REmac version 1.00


This program is supplied as a demonstration of audio
repoduction on XT/AT/386 type machines, It has not been tested on
every possilble machine and therefore the author will not assume
any responsibility for any damage done to data or machine while
using this program. The user should take approprite action to
protect against any such occurance.


Thank-you for your interest in REmac. REmac is a special
version of another program I wrote called REplay. REmac will
allow the user to play back digital audio files from a MacIntosh,
at four different rates:

1 - 5500 samples per second
2 - 7333 samples per second
3 - 11000 samples per second
4 - 22000 samples per second

Although REplay could also play back the Mac files, any
playback rate below 22000 samples per second would be noisy.
REmac will playback all four rates with no degradation in audio

It should be noted at this point that at least an 8 Mhz XT
is required to run this program, a 4.77 Mhz machine will NOT


To obtain instructions for executing REmac, just type REmac
with no parameters, and a help screen will come up.


If you are interested in learning more about how REmac and
REplay work, for a generous donation of $ 15.00 (cheque or money
order made payable to Richard E. Zobell), I will be glad to send
you the Assembly language source code on your choice of 360K 5
1/4" floppy or 720K 3 1/2" floppy. Send your request for source
code and/or your comments and questions to:

T2C 3V5

I can also be reached on GEnie at mail address R.ZOBELL, I
generally check my mail every couple of days or so.

Thanks again and enjoy!


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