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MIDI Edit is a full featured MIDI sequencer that runs in Windows 3.0.
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MIDI Edit is a full featured MIDI sequencer that runs in Windows 3.0.
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Contents of the README file

MIDI Edit Version 1.10
For Microsoft Windows 3.0
(C) Dan McKee, 1991

MIDI Edit is a full featured MIDI sequencer that runs in Windows 3.0. It uses
standard MIDI files, so the resulting sequences can be used almost anywhere.

Major features include:
- imports Adlib ROL files
- up to 64 tracks
- runs in ALL Windows modes (including enhanced mode)
- will play songs in the background
- very powerful editing commands
- unique piano roll style notation for editing
- full online help
- supports standard MIDI files

MIDI Edit is ShareWare - not AnnoyWare or FreeWare.


The following equipment is required to use MIDI Edit:
- PC running Microsoft Windows 3.0 or above (any mode)
- a mouse (not strictly required, but very handy)
- a Roland MPU-401 MIDI interface (or compatible)
- a MIDI Keyboard
- some MIDI noise boxes

Actually the above list is somewhat misleading. All you really need is a PC
and Windows. However it is difficult to play or record without some MIDI



If you are installing MIDI Edit and WinJammer, please see the next section.
Otherwise, simply create a directory and copy the files into it. You should
have the following files:
MIDIEDIT.EXE - MIDI Edit executable
MIDILIB.DLL - DLL which runs the MIDI hardware
MIDIEDIT.HLP - the online help file
README - this file
SONGS.DOC - explanation and credits on sample songs
MIN-G.MID - Bach's Minuet in G (kind of)
GREENSL.MID - Nice arrangement of Greensleeves
CHINESE.MID - Chinese Dance from the Nutcracker
WHATSNEW.110 - description of recent changes

Add an icon to program manager using the File New command of program manager.
Double click on the icon to start MIDI Edit.

MIDI Edit will display a quick introductory screen which will only appear once!
As it says, use the MIDI Configure command to configure MIDI Edit for your
hardware. Help contains a topic Quick Start which may also be interesting.


Installing MIDI Edit and WinJammer

WinJammer will peacefully co-exist with MIDI Edit in the same directory so
long as the versions of the DLL are compatible. Since this is version 1.10
of WinJammer (and version 1.10 of the DLL), please make sure you are running
at least version 1.10 of MIDI Edit.

For those of you who don't know what MIDI Edit is, read on!



MIDI Edit is not a free program, but is being distributed under the ShareWare
concept. This allows you to evaluate the program to determine whether it is
worth anything, and then buy it if you are going to use it. You must register
the program if you are going to use it.

The version of MIDI Edit you have is fully featured and is in no way crippled.
There are no annoying message boxes that appear reminding you to register
either. Please respect this. If you use MIDI Edit after a reasonable
evaluation period of two weeks, register the program. If you don't think MIDI
Edit is worth the money, let me know this too, and I'll see if I can satisfy
you with the next release.

Please send all correspondence to:
Dan McKee
69 Rancliffe Road
Oakville, Ontario
L6H 1B1


Legal Stuff

MIDI Edit is a copyrighted program. It may not be changed or modified in any
way except by the author. MIDI Edit may be freely distributed so long as all
files are included and no money is charged. A small copying fee not exceeding
$10 US may be charged.

All warranties are disclaimed, including damage to hardware and/or software
from use of this program. In no event will I be liable to you for any damages,
including lost profits, lost savings or other incidental or consequential
damages arising out of your use or inability to use the program, or any other
claim by any other party. In any event, the extent of my liability is limited
to amount of money received by me from you.

Every effort has been made to ensure that MIDI Edit is as clean and free of
bugs as possible. However, no program can ever be guaranteed to be free of all



WinJammer is a MIDI file player for Windows 3.0. It plays standard MIDI
files in the background while you do more important things with your computer.
Registration for WinJammer costs just $15 US.

Major features include:
- supports standard MIDI files
- up to 64 tracks
- runs in ALL Windows modes (including enhanced mode)
- in enhanced mode, will even play while in DOS
- full online help
- builds albums of songs to play (forever if desired)

I am also selling a developer's kit which will allow you to develop your own
Windows MIDI programs. Check out the details in the help file.



I truly hope you enjoy MIDI Edit. Please help me distribute this program as
widely as possible by making sure all your favorite bulletin boards have a
copy. Look for future enhancements of the program coming soon to a BBS near

Dan McKee
November 12, 1991


Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation.
Adlib is a trademark of Adlib Incorporated.

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