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Latest Windows 3.1 ThunderBoard Drivers (May 92).
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Latest Windows 3.1 ThunderBoard Drivers (May 92).
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Download File THUNDWIN.ZIP Here

Contents of the README.DOC file

To install the new Thunder Board drivers:
Run Windows 3.1
Select the group MAIN
Double click on CONTROL PANEL
Double click on DRIVERS
Click on the ADD button
Select the "Add unlisted driver or updated driver" then OK
Specify the drive you put the driver disk in:
Click on OK
Add both drivers.. the Adlib and the Thunder Board.
Restart Windows..

You should now be able to hear the start up sound as you enter windows
To check the FM:
Select the Accessories Group
Double click on the MEDIA PLAYER
Select the option DEVICE
Choose the MIDI Sequencer
Select a MIDI file CANYON.MID
Now click on the arrow button
you will now hear the FM sounds.

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