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Christmas scenes: CGA animation with music. Two BASIC programs. Deligh.
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Christmas scenes: CGA animation with music. Two BASIC programs. Deligh.
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Contents of the TREE.DOC file


1.IBM-PC or compatible with at least 64k of memory
2.A color graphics monitor
3.PC-DOS (version 1.0 or higher) and the BASICA interpreter

1.Copy both TREE.BAS and TREE3.BAS program files onto a disk(ette)
containing DOS and the BASICA interpreter.

2.Start the program from DOS by typing: BASICA TREE

3.While the program is running:
The F10 key toggles music on/off.
The F9 key exits to DOS.

1.The software is actually 2 BASIC programs. TREE.BAS runs
first and then CHAINS to TREE3.BAS. They Need each other!

2.On an IBM PC/XT/AT, you should have no difficulty with the
programs. However, you should note that the ticking sound
of the grandfather clock is created by turning the cassette
port on and off. XT's and AT's don't have this port and so
no sound is produced.
On some compatibles, the ticking feature has caused problems.
If this is the case with your machine, try changing lines
1401 and 22130 in TREE3.BAS to REMARK statements and run

3.The Hercules monochrome graphics board has been shown to work.

Merry Christmas from Gregory & Cathleen Horne!!!

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