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Gravis Ultrasound Public Domain SDK, include 3d sound routines for a excellent sound card.
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Gravis Ultrasound Public Domain SDK, include 3d sound routines for a excellent sound card.
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Contents of the README file

A d v a n c e d

Advanced Gravis Computer Technology Ltd.

Fax (604) 431-5155 BBS (604) 431-5927 V32bis
Compuserve: GO PCVENB (71333,350) InterNET EMail: [email protected]
FidoNET: 1:153/978 SBCNET: 13:900/3

UltraSound SDK V2.01 (GUSDK201.ZIP)

1.0 Installation Notes
2.0 Support
3.0 FP3D - Creating 3D Sound Files

1.0.0 Installation
Simply type INSTALL to install the SDK. It will default to C:\GUSSDK
and will require 1.6Mb of hard disk space. After the install you will
find all the SDK documentation in C:\GUSSDK\ULTRADOC. Assuming you
installed everything into C:\GUSSDK.

2.0.0 Support
Due to the low cost of the UltraSound developers toolkit (free) we do
not offer much in the way of technical support. All the documentation,
source code and libraries are supplied 'as is'. We do provide a Gravis
programming message and file area on our BBS and on all the Gravis
nodes. An Internet programming daily digest is in the works and should
be setup by the time you read this. Both Gravis and Forte are over
worked so it may take us a little while to respond to your mail.
For the most part mail is replyed to within a few days, at most a week.
Please refer to GRAVNODE.TXT for more information on how to reach us
via electronic mail.

A form is included, called FEEDBACK.TXT, which you may fill out and send
back to us with your comments. For example, future features, likes
and dislikes, problems with the libraries, etc... This is our first
public SDK, enjoy it.

3.0.0 What is Included with this SDK
This SDK includes:

Low Level Libraries for Borland C and MicroSoft C in Large, Medium,
Small and Tiny memory models. Also Watcom C for 32bit flat mode.
Over 130 pages of documentation on disk
Register port information
3D Libraries
Library source code
New version of the Patch Editor
Sample programs using both the regular C and 3D libraries
Sample 3D sound file (F3D)

The only program not included but you may require is FP3D.EXE.
FP3D, Focal Point 3D, sound processor is required to make your own
3D sound files. Due to special licensing agreements WE CAN NOT
FREELY DISTRIBUTE THIS PROGRAM. Anyone caught doing so may expect
legal ramifications!

Everything is included to program and use 3D sound files with the
Ultrasound except for FP3D. A sample 3D sound file is even included
so that you can test your program without ever requiring FP3D.

You will find an order form called SDKORDER.FRM. In there you have
four different packages you can order, package number 3 is for
FP3D. We are offering FP3D for the low cost of $10US. To speed
up ordering we will be making this file available on the Gravis
BBS. Simply give the BBS a call and supply us with your Visa or
Mastercard number and you may download the file right away!


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