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Very nicely done sound demo program, source is available.
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Very nicely done sound demo program, source is available.
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Contents of the REPLAY.DOC file

REplay VERSION 1.01

(GEnie mail address R.ZOBELL)


REplay is offered to you as a demo for evaluation. REplay is
offered AS IS and absolutly NO guarantees are given or implied as
to its suitability. The author assumes no responsibility for any
damage to your machine or loss of data incurred while using this


This is the first update to REplay version 1.00. I found a
bug involving the keyboard, if it was hit during a playback it
would cause the computer to go off into 'WONDERLAND', I forgot to
disable the keyboard interrupt (OOPS!!). This has been corrected.
Also I changed the command line entry and added a switch, see the
section titled RUNNING REplay for more info.


Thank - you for showing interest in REplay 1.00. REplay will
play back 8bit digital sampled audio files on the internal
speaker of the PC/XT/AT and compatibles. This program was written
in an attempt to produce better quality audio on the internal
speaker. This particular version is mainly a demo program to test
out the method I came up with, however, since it does appear to
work quite well, I will continue work on it to develop a TSR
version for every day use, as well as a linkable OBJ version to
add better audio to games and other programs.

The original archived file contains the following:

REPLAY.EXE- The executable file
GOODMORN- A sample audio file (type 1)
HAL- Another sample audio file (type 1)
GREETING- Another sample audio file (type 2)
REPLAY.DOC- This text file
ORDERF.ORM- An order form for the source code

Please feel free to distribute this program, on the
conditions that, only the original archive file containing the
above files be distributed, and, the executable file is not
altered in any way, and, no fee is to be charged to the person
or persons receiving it.


To invoke REplay simply enter:

REPLAY [-Fx][-Sy]

- where x is a file type of:

1 - TYPE 1
2 - TYPE 2
- without going into great detail on
each of these two types, suffice it
to say that if it sounds bad on type 1
try type 2. (with these two types you
should be able to play most of the
digital audio files created for the
Atari ST).

- and y is a number from 0 - 6 selecting one of the
following replay rates:

0- 11.5 Khz
1- 12.5 Khz
2- 14.0 Khz
3- 16.0 Khz
4- 18.5 Khz
5- 22.0 Khz
6- 27.0 Khz

(the above frequencies are approximate).

- and is the complete path, filename, and
extension of the digital audio data file.



The particular data files contained in the demo were taken
from an Atari ST, and work quite well. I suspect that any 8bit
digital sampled audio file will work. (some files use a
compression scheme that I have not figured out yet, and these
files will only produce a lot of noise).


I developed REplay on an AT laptop machine, and can tell you
that the audio quality from the small piezo-electric speaker it
has was, to say the least, BAD!!. However, I tested it on a few
full size machines (XT and AT), with real speakers, and it worked
great. I should also mention that REplay temporarily grabs the
timer-tick interrupt, and therefore will throw out your DOS clock
by a few seconds each time it is run. This is not fatal though
becuase the next time you boot your machine the DOS clock will be
re-initialized anyway. (If for some reason you cannot live with
your clock being a few seconds slow, simply use the DOS TIME
command to reset it).


As I stated earlier, I am still working on new versions of
the program, and will make them available to you as they are
ready. I am also currently working on a hardware project and
software package, to allow you to record your own digital audio
using the parallel port.


I am very interested in what you think of REplay and request
that if you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or
criticism, you can reach me on GEnie at mail address R.ZOBELL, or
you can write to me at the address listed at the end of this text


If you are interested in learning more about how REplay
works, for a generous donation of $15.00, I will be happy to send
you a copy of the source code, commented and documented, as well
as a complete technical explanation of how the audio is
recovered. To obtain this, simply print the file ORDERF.ORM to
your printer, fill it in, include a cheque or money order (do not
send cash by mail!) for $15.00 and send it to:

T2C 3V5

Thank - you.

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