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Play simple music through the keyboard. Good for kids.
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Play simple music through the keyboard. Good for kids.
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Contents of the VIRTUOSO.DOC file


copyright 1988
by Robert Greenhouse
Palo Alto, California

VIRTUOSO is a program which maps out the standard AT/XT keyboard in several
ways to play musical arpeggios with a fair degree of flexibility and
control over the music it plays.


VIRTUOSO was originally created as mindless entertainment and amusement.
While testing the program, however, I noticed that my 3 year old daughter
was fascinated by it. I pointed to the keyboard and said "Go ahead, play",
and she spent the next half hour curiously pecking at the keyboard,
delighted at what she heard. Thus I propose this program either for
mindless entertainment for adults, or as a means to interest small children
in the computer.


Begin by typing VIRTUOSO, and after a short animated introduction the
default keyboard map appears on screen. The bottom row of keys from Z to ?
will play major arpeggios. The next row up, A to :, play minor chord
arpeggios. The second row, Q to P, gives dominant 7th arpeggios, while the
top row, 1 to 0 plays minor 7th chords.

You start playing music by hitting any of the active keys. The shift key
determines the direction of the arpeggio: lower case, down/up or upper
case, up/down. The up/down arrow keys control the tempo (40 to 255 beats
per minute). The left/right arrows remap the keyboars from its original
mapping (see below).

F1/F2 control the octave offset. F1 lowers the octave by 1 or 2 octaves
while F2 raises the octave.

F3/F4 control the number of repetitions executed per keystroke. The default
value is 2, but this may be adjusted from 1 to 10. At the faster tempos,
more repetitions than the default 2 may be effective.


The following files should be included within VIRTUOSO.ARC:

VIRTUOSO.EXE The main executable file
KB.000 Introductory screen file
MAP.001-.004 Various keyboard mapping diagrams
VIRTUOSO.DOC This document


row 1 (1 to 0): minor 7th arpeggios
row 2 (Q to P): dominant 7th arpeggios
row 3 (A to :): minor arpeggios
row 4 (Z to ?): major arpeggios

SHIFT keys: lower case, down/up arpeggio
upper case, up/down arpeggio

F1/F2: octave offset (-24,-12,0,12,24) [0]
F3/F4: # of repeats per keystroke (1-10) [2]
F5/F6: arpeggio inversion # (1-4) [1]
F7/F8: mode of play (staccato, normal, legato) [normal]
F9: reset default values
F10: quit program

ARROW UP/DOWN: tempo (40 to 255 in 10% increments) [160]
ARROW L/R: remap keyboard (fourths:C,F,B-,E-,etc; fifths:C,G,D,A,etc;
chromatic:C,C#,D,D#,etc; diatonic:C,D,E,F,etc) [fourths]

If you wish to register your copy of this program, send $5.00 to me at the
address below and you will automatically receive an upgrade of the program
when it is ready. Several people have already suggested improvements to me,
but I welcome others as well as bug reports.

Robert Greenhouse
3401 Hillview Ave. R6-123
Palo Alto, Ca. 94304
February 26, 1989

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