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StdMIDI - "Space Oddity", David Bowie.
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StdMIDI – “Space Oddity”, David Bowie.
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Contents of the SPODDITY.TXT file

**************** IMPORTANT ******************

I upload a fair amount of my MIDI compositions
but generally try to avoid attaching text
messages. Most of the stuff I put up is self-
explanatory - if not, I'm not doing it right.

The enclosed song - Space Oddity -
contains some special effects. Specfically,
track 11 contains some cymbals and then
the sound of a space ship launching (or some
approximation thereof). The cymbals are meant
to replace the spoken countdown in David
Bowie's original song. These events play over
channel 10.

If you have an LAPC or MT-32, you're fine. If
not, find and replace the following notes
in track 11 with the best equivalent that you

Note 93 - Jet
95 - Starship
99 - Explosion

If you eliminate these altogether, you may want
to just merge tracks 11 and 10 together since
the only other sound on 11 is the cymbal.

Enjoy the song.

Michael MacDonald

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