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Wave Files Galore! by Steve Burch.

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Wave Files Galore! by Steve Burch.
A collection of 18 assorted
synthesized sound effects in
Windows WAV format. SHAREWARE: $11

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Wave Files Galore! by Steve Burch.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
3TIMB.WAV 28844 19753 deflated
ACTIVE.WAV 26668 25335 deflated
BANGIT.WAV 45324 21745 deflated
BASSPLUS.WAV 41516 24757 deflated
CANNON.WAV 80748 15736 deflated
CLOCKOUT.WAV 54828 43481 deflated
DESENDS.WAV 44028 27923 deflated
DOCWHO.WAV 38956 29493 deflated
DS.WAV 52108 33675 deflated
ESTRINGS.WAV 46252 24607 deflated
FILE_ID.DIZ 131 118 deflated
GASEIOUS.WAV 50220 24379 deflated
GROWL.WAV 41548 14680 deflated
INFO.TXT 1097 620 deflated
INSERT.WAV 52108 33675 deflated
INTOVOID.WAV 54732 23392 deflated
MSEP1.WAV 41420 19026 deflated
MSEP7.WAV 54220 28819 deflated
SPACBIRD.WAV 49452 29973 deflated
VICE1.WAV 29292 26229 deflated

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Contents of the INFO.TXT file

-+-------- WAVE FILES GALORE !!!!! -------------------+-

These WAV files are just a few of the many samples from our 10MB
library of sound files. These samples are from a collection of
synthesizers and were captured as we "toyed around".

You will need a speaker driver for your PC to use any sound file.
The simplest one to use is Microsoft's SPEAKER.DRV which is on
most bulletin boards.

Copy these WAV files to your Windows directory. If you have one of
the high end sound boards you may be able to manipulate these files
such that they "loop" indefinitely. The sound quality of your PC's
playback is dependent upon what speaker(s) you have and your sound

We have MANY more sounds digitized from: Real brass instruments;
sounds from cartoons; digital and analog keyboards and synthesizers;
a real Melotron (remember King Crimson?); percussives; bizarre
sound effects, etc.

For a disk full of sounds from our sound libraries, send $11 to:

Steve Burch

2223 Lake Villa Ct.
Martinez, CA 94553

Thank you!

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