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Nutcracker: Dance of the Reed Pipes, MIDI file.
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Nutcracker: Dance of the Reed Pipes, MIDI file.
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Nutcracker: Dance of the Reed Pipes

This MIDI file is configured for a General MIDI compatible playback device. It also includes a system exclusive message that changes the partial reserve settings on a Roland Sound Canvas instrument.

This file was created using Musicator GS for Windows, an integrated sequencer and notation package. It was entered using a combination of step-time and mouse entry. Musicator allows you to enter and edit music both as standard music notation and as piano roll notation. You can then print professional-quality sheet music. Unlike other programs which are mainly sequencers or mainly notation programs, Musicator was designed from the very beginning as an integrated package, so both aspects of the program are very powerful.

If you would like information about Musicator or would like to order a $5 demo disk, please call (916)756-9807.

If you have questions about Musicator, you can also E-Mail Steve Nicholson, director of Musicator Technical Support at X SSteve X on America Online or at 76366,1522 on Compuserve.

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