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Bart's Law - Sound Blaster demo.
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Bart’s Law – Sound Blaster demo.
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Contents of the BARTSLAW.DOC file

- Bart's Law preview (C) 1991 by UF Development -

To use this playable demo you need -: VGA Graphics
Mouse + driver
Soundblaster (optional)

Files included in the .ARJ file -: Bartslaw.exe demo file
-: Bartslaw.doc this file

Startup -: BARTSLAW <
This demo tries to be smart and will detect a SBcard if you have one.
No SB no music!!

This is only a preview, which means that the real version could have some
differences. (Yes a lot).
For instance i don't like te graphics, the samples and the code.
So the real playable Bart's Law will Have: Better Graphics
Better Sounds
Multiple frame animation
Scrolling Backdrops
More Soundcards support
Noisetracker music
Ega support (?????)

If you like the lookes of this demo preview please leave a
message on our BBS or write to our PO-BOXES, A postcard will do nicely
Yep, this is postware (so the PTT gets its share of our programming)
How more cards/messages we get, the sooner the REAL BART'S LAW will
be released. So start writing!!!

Don't start writing us telling that -] It lookes like POW
or where are the Simpsons
etc etc etc

We know all those things, but keep in mind that this is the product of
one, someone with Low Programming, Sampling and Drawing capabilities

Programming : Remco de Berk
Graphics : Remco de Berk
Sampling : Remco de Berk

But it was not all from me -) BartsLaw Logo - Walter Pedro (Amiga)
Bartje - Eric Oostendorp

thanks to Eric Oostendorp & Josha Munnik for Programming help

Members of Ultra Force are: Arjan Brusee - Megademo/UltraWOW
Remco de Berk - VEGA/Spacefun/Rebelfun
Bram Graveland - Sphinxdemo
Eric Oostendorp - Mach3/Coldcut
Josha Munnik - Birthday/JMplayer
Eric Soonius - PR/Sysop UF BBS
Widi Riesebos - Graphics
Michel Hooymans - Graphics

How to contact us

Write to: Ultra Force or Ultra Force
Po box 63048 Po box 84373
3002 JA Rotterdam 2508 AJ Den Haag

Call our BBS int 31-70-3585109 at 1200 / 38400bps

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