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A Star Trek Demonstration for SoundBlaster. Resembles Parrot (how you can push buttons to make different sounds). Interesting.
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A Star Trek Demonstration for SoundBlaster. Resembles Parrot (how you can push buttons to make different sounds). Interesting.
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Contents of the TREK.DOC file

Star Trek Sounds V.1.0
for the CMS Sound Blaster

What you'll need to get started:

1) IBM compatible PC with a Sound Blaster card installed
2) EGA (minimum) graphics card/monitor
3) 330K free RAM


Just copy files to an appropriate sub directory on you hard disk (if you
have one) or simply copy the files to diskette.

Type TREK. Press enter.

After the program loads the following keys can be depressed to produce
a sound effect:

q w e r t y u i o p a s d f g h j k l z x c v b n m , . / space

Go ahead, try it!

Star Trek Sounds makes every attempt to locate the address of your Sound Blaster.
If for some strange reason you get no sound from the Sound Blaster try typing

DB XXX Y where XXX is the Port IO Address and Y is the interrupt number.

To exit Drum Blaster press ESC.



I consider Star Trek Sounds "Nerdware". It has no real purpose other than to
entertain those who use it. It may not be sold. It may be freely distributed.

If you would like drop me a note my address is:

Larry Tipton
107 Stratford Drive
Colonial Heights, VA 23834


Legal Stuff

Star Trek Sounds may not be changed/modified in any way except by the author.
Star Trek Sounds may be freely distributed as long as it remains in its
complete form.

All warranties are disclaimed, including damage to hardware and/or software
from use of this program. In no event will I be liable to you for any damages, including lost profits,
lost savings or other incidental or consequential damages arising out of your
use or inability to use the program, or any other claim by any other party.


Suggestions/comments are welcome. I can be reached on any of these fine BBS:

Another Dimension (703) 667 - 3530
Blue Ridge Express (804) 790 - 1675
Exec PC (414) 789 - 4337
Info Link (415) 778 - 5929
Rusty and Edie's (216) 726 - 3589
Unique and Nifty (317) 364 - 9600


One last thing...

I wrote this program, as well as "Drum Blaster" and the "Cheap Multi-Media
Machine", using Sound Blaster tools that I have developed. For $15.00, I'll
send you the "VBLAST! C Programmers Tool Kit". This toolkit is intended
for use with Turbo C/C++ (large model only). Included with this tool kit
you'll find sample Turbo C programs which use the features of VBLAST!.
Write your own Sound Blaster applications. Develop your own VOC player.
Develop a cool game with nifty sound effects.

Sound Blaster is a registered trademark of Creative Labs, Inc
Turbo C/C++ is a registered trademark of Borland Int'l.

Cheap Multi-Media Machine (C) 1991 by Larry Tipton, all rights reserved
Drum Blaster (C) 1991 by Larry Tipton, all rights reserved.

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