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Simple voice engine that will play back .VOI sound files.
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Simple voice engine that will play back .VOI sound files.
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Contents of the INFO.DOC file

Hello All,
These songs are digitized by a one bit(FM) digitizer. The songs
are only 30 sec. long because the RECORD.EXE prg doesn't allow
it. Why? you may ask. Well that is why I have included the ASM
source code for anybody out there who wants to write me a program
so I can record more than 30 sec of music.
If you find this interesting and would like to have your very
own digitizer for your PC. Well give KEEPASM a call. KEEPASM is a
BBS in southern MD and the # is (301)884-8549. The File is called
The Circuit is a very simple one and cost me about $15.00 at my
local 'SHACK' store(radio shack for those of you who are slow at
these kinda of things). The Chips are LF356, and LM393. These I
had to special order from some mail order parts place, they ran
me 1.20 a piece for the LF356's and 51 cents for the LM393's.
Anyway I'll keep putting up some 30sec clips of songs if some
one out there would write a prg to allow me more than 30 for a
song(ya know the whole darn thing). The songs will be mostly
Classic Rock stuff.


DIGITIZED by: Jeff Spicuzza a.k.a William Oxly

CIRCUIT DESIGN by: Alan D. Jones

PLAYER CODE by: Alan D. Jones

TECHNICAL WORK by: Jeff Spicuzza & Ron Spicuzza

To get in touch with me about what I have stated about call me
at (301)862-3130 or leave me a message at any Southern MD BBS(I
call just about all of em)

Jeff Spicuzza



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