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Collection of .WAV sound files.
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Collection of .WAV sound files.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
AFFAIR.WAV 25290 20327 deflated
ALIVE.WAV 29396 22564 deflated
AND-NOW.WAV 15938 9992 deflated
APPLAUSE.WAV 37712 27335 deflated
ATTACK.WAV 38560 34658 deflated
AWW.WAV 17202 14728 deflated
BART.WAV 2412 2135 deflated
BEAM.WAV 22998 12275 deflated
BEBACK.WAV 10292 8702 deflated
BLOOP.WAV 2196 1780 deflated
BLOWS.WAV 14404 11274 deflated
BULLWINK.WAV 15152 14147 deflated
BUTTER.WAV 24912 19085 deflated
BUYCHEES.WAV 19500 17807 deflated
WAVPAK.TXT 3338 1688 deflated

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Contents of the WAVPAK.TXT file

Compiled by [x]CheckBox Software

WAVE-PAK is a collection of .WAV format sounds for Microsoft Windows 3.1
or higher.

CheckBox Software makes absolutely no claim of copyright to these
sounds. All were previously available publicly on various pay services
(such as CompuServe and GEnie) and public BBS systems. All we have done
is convert them from their original Macintosh, Atari ST, Sounder, and
Wired for Sound formats to the .WAV format.

Most were sampled at 11khz, though some were sampled at lower or higher

ALIVE.WAV- "She's alive! Alive!" from Bride of Frankenstein
AFFAIR.WAV- Sound effect from "A Current Affair" TV show, good startup
AND-NOW.WAV- Monty Python's "And now for something completely different"
APPLAUSE.WAV- A generous round of applause
ATTACK.WAV- "All hands to battlestations..." etc. from Star Trek
AWW.WAV- Bart Simpson pouts, "Awwww..."
BART.WAV- Homer Simpson yells, "Bart!" - great beep
BEAM.WAV- "Scotty, beam me up" from Star Trek
BEBACK.WAV- Arnold says, "I'll be back." Great exit sound
BLOOP.WAV- Weird cartoon sound effect, good beep
BLOWS.WAV- Letterman: "This place blows!"
BULLWINK.WAV- Bullwinkle: "Hello out there in TV land!"
BUTTER.WAV- Bart: "Nobody'd better lay a finger on my Butterfinger!"
BUYCHEES.WAV- "I want to buy some cheese!" from Monty Python


CheckBox Software is a software developer and distributor concentrating
on the Windows shareware market. Some of our current titles include:

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Both of these programs, and other titles from CheckBox Software, are
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Mail: CheckBox Software, One Leary Drive, North Brunswick, NJ, USA 08902
FoReM-Net E-Mail, Mike Mezaros: Node 593
GEnie via Z*Net Publishing: Z-NET
CompuServe via Z*Net Publishing: 75300,1642
InterNet via Z*Net Publishing: [email protected]
Z*Net Headquarters BBS, Mike Mezaros: (908)-968-8148

[x]CheckBox Software

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