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Pro AudioSpectrum Software Development Kit. Part 1 of 2. Includes full ASM and C source code.
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Pro AudioSpectrum Software Development Kit. Part 1 of 2. Includes full ASM and C source code.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
INC 0 0 stored
MASM.INC 4612 1183 deflated
MODEL.INC 1358 607 deflated
PLAY.H 4774 1381 deflated
PLAY.INC 4645 1466 deflated
PAS 0 0 stored
BLOCK.DIA 2392 498 deflated
CDROMAPP 0 0 stored
CDPAUSE.C 1095 475 deflated
CDPLAY.C 3264 1299 deflated
CDRESET.C 1145 500 deflated
CDRESUME.C 1099 475 deflated
CDSTATUS.C 1979 686 deflated
CDSTOP.C 1093 472 deflated
LARGE.BAT 15 15 stored
MAKEFILE 2007 684 deflated
SMALL.BAT 15 15 stored
TINY.BAT 15 15 stored
CONTENTS.LST 10973 2544 deflated
INC 0 0 stored
CDMASTER.H 660 207 deflated
CDROM.H 4069 1032 deflated
MISC 0 0 stored
MVI 72 48 deflated
MVI.C 3241 1059 deflated
MVI.EXE 7413 4954 deflated
PCM 0 0 stored
BLOCKIN 631 272 deflated
BLOCKIN.C 2565 1055 deflated
BLOCKOUT 568 243 deflated
BLOCKOUT.C 2651 1090 deflated
FIXWAVE 541 234 deflated
FIXWAVE.C 9935 2483 deflated
PLAYFILE 608 267 deflated
PLAYFILE.C 21818 5765 deflated
PLAYFILE.H 820 371 deflated
PLAYTEXT.H 4128 1124 deflated
RECFILA.ASM 3609 1157 deflated
RECFILE 699 305 deflated
RECFILE.C 18756 5352 deflated
RECTEXT.H 4876 1330 deflated
READ.ME 9710 3926 deflated
SUBS 0 0 stored
CDROM 0 0 stored
CDMASTER.C 8120 2121 deflated
CDROM.C 13835 2694 deflated
LARGE.BAT 15 15 stored
MAKEFILE 1571 614 deflated
MSCDEX.ASM 9323 1851 deflated
SMALL.BAT 15 15 stored
TINY.BAT 17 17 stored
FM 0 0 stored
3812A.ASM 11216 2936 deflated
LARGE 646 322 deflated
LARGE.BAT 16 16 stored
MKPAN.BAT 64 59 deflated
MKPHASE.BAT 60 56 deflated
PAN2OP.C 3154 863 deflated
PHASE.C 1765 696 deflated
SMALL 646 320 deflated
SMALL.BAT 16 16 stored
TINY 646 322 deflated
TINY.BAT 15 15 stored
MIDI 0 0 stored
LARGE 602 279 deflated
LARGE.BAT 16 16 stored
MIDI 563 254 deflated
MIDI.C 5177 1943 deflated
MIDIA.ASM 40766 10078 deflated
SMALL 602 277 deflated
SMALL.BAT 16 16 stored
TINY 602 278 deflated
TINY.BAT 15 15 stored
MISC 0 0 stored
FMEMCPY.ASM 3384 1020 deflated
GETHW.ASM 16343 5058 deflated
HISTO.ASM 6407 1739 deflated
INITHW.C 5061 1672 deflated
LARGE 1508 513 deflated
LARGE.BAT 16 16 stored
MVINIT 621 289 deflated
MVINIT.C 733 376 deflated
MVOUT.ASM 9662 2992 deflated
MVSTATE.ASM 2105 877 deflated
SELFILT.C 3416 1262 deflated
SMALL 1508 510 deflated
SMALL.BAT 16 16 stored
TINY 1508 512 deflated
TINY.BAT 15 15 stored
MIXERS 0 0 stored
CMIXERS.ASM 16991 2277 deflated
DIALOG.C 76502 15655 deflated
DIALOG.H 5789 1825 deflated
DIALOGA.ASM 6317 1706 deflated
FYI 0 0 stored
MIXBIN.H 13352 1953 deflated
MIXER.DRV 1544 1141 deflated
MIXERS 763 353 deflated
MIXERS.ASM 45867 10774 deflated
ORIGMIXC.C 11163 3326 deflated
LARGE 1533 602 deflated
LARGE.BAT 16 16 stored
MAIN 528 240 deflated
MAIN.C 1218 549 deflated
MIXERC.C 8227 2485 deflated
SMALL 1533 602 deflated
SMALL.BAT 16 16 stored
TINY 1546 611 deflated
TINY.BAT 15 15 stored
MVSOUND 0 0 stored
LARGE 784 332 deflated
LARGE.BAT 16 16 stored
MVSOUND.ASM 51342 11729 deflated
SMALL 784 330 deflated
SMALL.BAT 16 16 stored
TINY 784 331 deflated
TINY.BAT 15 15 stored
PCM 0 0 stored
LARGE 1810 486 deflated
LARGE.BAT 16 16 stored
PCMIOA.ASM 15131 3745 deflated
PCMIOC.C 46736 10790 deflated
SMALL 1810 486 deflated
SMALL.BAT 16 16 stored
TINY 1810 487 deflated
TINY.BAT 15 15 stored
VIDEO 0 0 stored
LARGE 568 276 deflated
LARGE.BAT 16 16 stored
SMALL 568 275 deflated
SMALL.BAT 16 16 stored
TINY 568 276 deflated
TINY.BAT 15 15 stored
VIDEO.ASM 23791 4882 deflated
TECHNOTE.DOC 3970 1644 deflated

Download File PAS-SDK1.ZIP Here

Contents of the READ.ME file

Pro AudioSpectrum Software Development Kit
Copyright (c) 1991,1992. Media Vision, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Final Release 2.00, July 22, 1992
Update Release 2.01, October 2, 1992

This release of source code for the Pro AudioSpectrum has been
developed with Microsoft MASM, 5.1, and Microsoft C, 6.0.

The code on this disk is fully functional. Each routine has been
compiled for tiny, small, and large model.

The contents of this floppy should be copied into the same directory
structure as found on the floppy. When copied on to the hard drive, the
developers kit will build the following directory tree:


To install the contents of the floppy to your hard drive, do the

1) Change directories to the root on both the source and
target drives.

cmd: c:\>CD \
cmd: c:\>CD a:\

2) Use DOS's XCOPY to move the entire contents of the first
diskette to the hard drive.

cmd: C:\>XCOPY a:\*.* /s

3) Again, use DOS's XCOPY to move the entire contents of the
second diskette to the hard drive.

cmd: >XCOPY a:\*.* /s

4) Once XCOPY is done, you're all done.

Remember, to use the MAKE files, set the "INCLUDE" and "LIB"
environment variables before executing MAKE.EXE.

cmd: SET INCLUDE=c:\inc;c:\pas\inc;%include%
SET LIB=c:\pas\inc;%include%

Also, If you intend on rebuilding the libraries in this release,
you may have to modify the include and library paths.

----====< Revision History >====----

Changes as of 10/02/92

1. MVGetHardware name has been changed for consistency,
to mvGetHardware.

2. The MIDI lowlevel code had a fatal bug when used in
large model due to NEAR declaration.

3. PCMIOC.C now has additional routines that provide
simple, arbitrary block size, record/playback. The
code is complete, but needs complete documentation.
Code examples will follow on the next update.

Changes as of 07/22/92

1. CDROM access routines are provided to start/stop
music CDs. Reference documentation is included in
the developers manual.

2. MIDI low level routines have been added. Hardware
specs are provided in the developers manual.

3. Source code to the mixer interface is provided, with
major caveats.

4. All low level routines that touch the hardware, now
reference it indirectly. This allows the code to
run on board that are using alternate I/O addresses.
All Pro Audio Spectrums based on the MV101 ASIC, can
be moved to different I/O locations.

5. Building the libraries can now be accomplished using
NMAKE or MAKE. All the make files are geared to be
executed by both utilities. Batch files are included
to build each model type.

6. 3812.EXE has been replaced by OPL3.EXE. This program
gives the user point-and-click control over the OPL3
FM chip.

7. Borland Tools support is forthcoming. The assembler
code can be compiled using MASM51 and QUIRKS mode. The
'C' routines still have some areas to be worked out.

8. Source code for PLAYFILE/RECFILE have been updated to
perform 16 bit digital audio.

9. High order DMA and IRQ channels are supported. See
MVSOUND.ASM for example code.

10. More sample programs are included, for FM, MIDI, etc.

11. MVSOUND.SYS is required for initializing the hardware
and performing mixer/volume control.

12. A source code control system has been established at
Media Vision to track all modules in the developers
kit. Each source code file contains a log of the

Changes as of 12/02/91

1. MIXERC.C and the static mixer driver have been
changed slightly to allow the static driver to
share the same hardware state table as the linked
library routines. Before, this, two separate
tables were used, causing a potential miscommun-
ication between modules.

2. MIXERC.C has a new function call added that allows
the programmer to load a new hardware state pointer,
or read the existing one, in the static mixer driver.
This is only required if the programmer wants to
use a third table. For most applications, this
function can be ignored. All the linked and static
code now use the same table.

2. MIXERC.C had a bug in checking the version number
of MVSOUND.SYS. This was corrected by adding one

Changes as of 8/26/91

1. StartFileOutput routine has a new parameter. A
"long" variable that holds the number of bytes to
be played from the file. Once the bytes have been
played, the file pointer will point to the next
byte. To play the whole file, just pass in a -1.

2. PCMState has a new parameter defining the audio
compression. At the time, it is 0. Look for coming

3. PCMIO.H has been updated for the two changes
mentioned above.

4. The Block IN/OUT API routines in PCMIOC.C has been
re-written due to problems in starting and stopping
the DMA buffer. There was popping on playback between

Changes as of 8/21/91

1. RECFILE.EXE had a couple more bugs in creating the
.WAV header. Both RECFILE.EXE and FIXWAVE.EXE have
been updated to fix these problems.

2. PCMIOC.C had a bug in ASpecialContinueFileInput which
included discarded blocks in the "ProcessedBlockCount"

Changes as of 8/02/91

1. STATE.H and STATE.INC had some incorrect structure

Changes as of 7/19/91

1. MASM.INC macro "externADDR" used @datasize instead
of @codesize. This affected certain memory modules.

2. PCMIO.H was moved from the "\inc" subdirectory to
"\pas\inc". This was done for the Thunderboard code.

3. RECFILE.EXE now has a feature to pause during recording
by typing the spacebar.

Changes as of 7/17/91

1. PLAYFILE.EXE has been extensively re-written to
handle .VOC files in a more efficient way.

2. RECFILE.EXE now records to .VOC, as well as, .WAV

3. All the make files have been modified to remove
all references to "LIBH". This is not necessary
when using combined Microsoft libraries.

4. Previously omitted routines for PCM polling are
now available in source code. The names are,
"EnablePCMRecord" and "EnablePCMPlay". The code
is located in \PAS\SUBS\MVSOUND\MVSOUND.ASM. These
routines are similar to "PCMPlay" and "PCMRecord",
but only setup the hardware for polling. The DMA
is not involved; therefore, once either routine is
called, the CPU must poll for all data transfers.

5. WAVEIT.EXE had a bug that appended up to 2 extra
samples to the end of the new output file. This
caused popping on playback.

6. MVGetHWVersion now returns a long, instead of an
int. The high word indicates a product type: 0 for
the Pro AudioSpectrum; and later, will return a 1
for the Thunderboard.

Changes as of 7/12/91

1. MVSOUND.SYS is now included in the tools subdirectory.

2. \SAMPLES subdirectory has been added to provide
some sample .WAV files. Other miscellaneous data
files will also be placed here in the future.

3. A list of all files is now included in the "\PAS"
subdirectory. The file name is CONTENTS.LST.

4. A make file for MVI.C has been added to the \PAS\MISC

Changes as of 7/08/91

1. In the function call, "cMVGetMixerFunction" and
"MVGetMixerFunction" the returned integer is made
up of 2 bytes. The low byte is the current mixer
setting (in percentage: 0 - 100), and the high
byte is TRUE/FALSE (0 or FF) to indicate if that
channel is active. This also affects MVSOUND.SYS,
since this routine is incorporated. The new version
number for MVSOUND.SYS is 1.03.

2. NOTE!!! Since the tiny programming model was not
supported in Microsoft C 5.1, some of the ".C" modules
will not link correctly in tiny model; Therefore, until
furthur notice (and furthur re-writing of code...) C 6.0
will be required for tiny model. This only affects those
modules written in "C".

3. DIALOG.C and DIALOGA.ASM both contained bugs when
used in large model. Stuff like using near pointers
instead of far, etc.

4. An early change in the code replaced the "FFAR"
used in some .ASM modules. There is a MASM
"feature" in version 5.10 (but corrected in 5.10b)
that did not allow for equate text replacedment on
the EXTRN statement. The new approach uses a
macro that configures the EXTRN for near/far
depending upon the selected model.

5. The developers code release disk has been reorganized
to allow for future additions for the Thunderboard.
This change places a new directory, "inc" in the
root. This directory will hold common include files
for both the Pro Audio Spectrum and the Thunderboard.

6. A new function has been added to the library. The
name is "InitMVHardware". It resets the hardware to
the same default state as of MVSOUND.SYS.

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