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New Adlib sound drivers for F19 and F15 Strike Eagle II.
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New Adlib sound drivers for F19 and F15 Strike Eagle II.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
JSOUND.F15 9392 4275 deflated
JSOUND.F19 10072 4236 deflated
JSOUND.TXT 885 514 deflated

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From: Jim McConkey, Sr. Sound Engineer, MPS Labs, MicroProse Software

The files JSOUND.F19 and JSOUND.F15 are updated and improved AdLib drivers
for F19 Stealth Fighter and F15 Strike Eagle II. Due to popular demand, the
jet engine noise was made louder in both versions. Both also now detect and
compensate for 70 Hz VGA graphics which had previously caused the opening
music to be hyperactively fast. Our latest AdLib speech technology was also
retrofitted to the F15 driver, providing cleaner speech.

To use these files, you have two options. First, you can copy JSOUND.F1? to
ASOUND.EXE in your game directory, replacing the previously supplied driver.
You should probably rename your old driver first. The second option is to
copy JSOUND.F1? to JSOUND.EXE in your game directory and run the game with
the command line option: F15 /aJ or F19 /aJ.

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