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Metal- Gravis Ultrasound MOD player, 4/8/track and 669 player for the GUS.

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METAL v0.1pl8

Multi-Channel Multi-Format Trakker
Only for the Gravis UltraSound

Copyright (C) 1993 Synapse & WildCat

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Metal- Gravis Ultrasound MOD player, 4/8/track and 669 player for the GUS.
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METAL Tracker (C) 1993 Synapse & WildCat


1. Quickie Introduction
2. System Requirements
3. Credits

[1] Quickie Introduction

Greetings all,

METAL is our newest Gravis UltraSound multi-channel multi-format
tracker. It has been written from scratch and contains no code from any
other tracker, other than the usual note tables and such-like. METAL
uses a different method for playback (from the usual MOD trackers), and
is also thoroughly optimized for optimal GUS playback quality (we hope).

This beta release is just that, a beta release. A lot of things that we
wanted to include in the official release were left out (although hooks
have already been implemented). We felt since we didn't have too much
time to work on it right now, we might as well let others enjoy the
program first, till we enhance it later.

As of this beta, METAL supports the following formats:

1. 4-channel MOD
2. 6-channel MOD
3. 8-channel MOD
4. 8-channel OctaComposer
5. 8-channel 669

Note that some effects may not have been implemented yet. Hope you can
bear with it for the time being. ๐Ÿ™‚

Once our time is freed up, we plan on adding all effects plus support
for OKT, MED, STM, S3M, FAR, ULT, and others.


WildCat, Coder/PR/Sysop, MultiMedia GS Singapore (6:600/408)
Internet: [email protected]

Synapse, Coder/Muzik and everything else.

[2] System Requirements

METAL will run on the following:

IBM compatible 286/386/486 (Pentiums have not been tested ๐Ÿ™‚
At least 200KB free
OS/2 Dos Box, Windows' Dos, and DesqView. METAL will release time
slices in order to stay friendly.

We will strive to make METAL as friendly as possible to the widest
variety of machines. If you have a request to make, do inform me!

You might ask, why no graphical shell? Why no nice volume bars and
scrollers or whatever? Our aim at this stage is to produce the best
quality output and hence, no shells or fancy displays will be considered
at this point till we get top notch music (which is what players are for
isn't it? ).

[3] Credits

Credits go out to the following people (in no particular order) :

1. Eu Eng Booi
2. Phat H Tran

Giga Thanks go the above for taking their time to blast their ears,
testing the METAL beta code, as well as acting as guinea pigs for this
program ๐Ÿ™‚

Finally, greets to all local (Singapore) aspiring demo coders ( you
there Mode 19? ). Don't rip off other people's music code. Write your

This program is freeware and is dedicated to all GUS users worldwide. Enjoy
this awesome card.

Happy GUShing!

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