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Media Visions latest MVSOUND.SYS v3.24 and PAS.EXE for the Pro Audio 16.
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Media Visions latest MVSOUND.SYS v3.24 and PAS.EXE for the Pro Audio 16.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

11-28-93 --JB
This sub-directory contains MVSOUND.SYS, version 3.24. MVSOUND.SYS is your Media
Vision Pro Audio Spectrum low-level device driver. It is used to activate your
Pro Audio Spectrum sound card in DOS. The MVSOUND.SYS in this directory is to be
used only as an update to older MVSOUND.SYS dated older than 9/17/93. To use it,
do the following:

1. Rename the old MVSOUND.SYS and PAS.EXE in your Media Vision home directory (e.g. \PROAUDIO.)

2. Copy the new MVSOUND.SYS and PAS.EXE from this directory to your Media Vision home directory.
Example: C:\>COPY A:\MVSOUND\*.* C:\PROAUDIO [Hit Enter]

3. Reboot your system.

This file contains PAS.EXE which is your Spectrum 16 mixer
for DOS. This version of PAS.EXE allows you to change mixer settings and
save and restore your mixer settings. It is corrected for version 3.24 of

To activate the PAS.EXE, run PAS * from the Media Vision Home

C:\PROAUDIO>PAS *[hit enter]
You will then see the mixer screen. You can change each individual
volume control by using your arrow keys.
NOTE: Press F1 to view more options.

You can save the mixer settings by pressing Shift and function key,
F5 at the same time or Shift and F6 etc.

To restore the saved settings, you can do the following:
1. You can execute PAS * and then press F5.
C:\PROAUDIO>PAS *[hit enter]
In the mixer screen, press function key F5 to restore the mixer
setting that was saved.

2. You can execute PAS F5.
C:\PROAUDIO>PAS F5[hit enter]

NOTE: The above examples assume that you had used Shift + F5 to save
your mixer settings.

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