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The Liquid Player v1.0 Fast Player supports up to 64 digitized instruments.

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The Liquid Player v1.00 - A Really FAST!
Player. Uses DMA Transfers, Supports 64
Channels! Uses Extended VGA Features.
Loan Shark BBS Is The Home Board

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The Liquid Player v1.0 Fast Player supports up to 64 digitized instruments.
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Contents of the LP.DOC file

Last date of revision: 10/29/93 2:52am (Yeah.. yeah.. the middle of the night)

Welcome to the:

Version 1.00

(C) Written by Moti Radomski, 1993.
(C) Music routines written by Nir Oren, 1992-3.

1. Introduction
2. Ok, Ok! What about this player?
3. So... How do I activate the player?
4. Keys to use WHILE PLAYING
5. MOD2LIQ - A MOD to LIQ convertor
6. Nope, NOT FREEware! It's POSTware!
7. Distribution
8. Some more information about the Liquid writers
9. Some VERY important ThankYou's
10. Just a little disclaimer I ripped from another doc... ๐Ÿ˜‰
11. What's next?
12. Known bugs
13. Some closing words.

1. Introduction

Welcome to the Liquid Player. This player is a part of the LIQUID
programs, written by Nir Oren and Moti Radomski. The currently
available programs are the Liquid Tracker and the Liquid Player. In
the future, the Liquid Editor will also be released to the public.
(More info. about the Liquid Editor will be found later, under the
"What's next" topic).

Using the Liquid Tracker, you can create and edit sound modules.
These modules are much like the known MOD files (or STM files if you
use the ScreamTracker from Sami Tammilehto). Currently, the only
player that supports these LIQ files is the Liquid Player.

Some of the Liquid Playing Routines (which are being used by both the
Liquid Tracker and the Liquid Player) features are:

Supports up to 64 channels played simultaneously!

Up to 64 digitized instruments.

Support for : - Sound Blaster 1
- Sound Blaster 2
- Sound Blaster Pro (stereo)
- Sound Blaster 16 ASP (stereo)

Uses 80386 instructions, thus increasing playing speed.

Both the Liquid Playing Routines AND the Liquid Player are written
in PURE ASSEMBLY - that means even more speed!

2. Ok, Ok! What about this player?

This version of the Liquid Player was created because there was no
other LIQ player around. This is just a TEXT version, which serves as
a very basic player. It still lacks a lot of features. I am planning
a full, graphical player, which will support a lot of other sound
formats (such as Amiga MODs, ScreamTracker's STMs, Composer's 669
etc.). I am working on some 3D functions, and plan to create a full
3D featured player. But this will take some time... (Read more about
it under the "What's next" topic).

Meanwhile, this text Liquid Player only supports LIQ files, which are
created using the Liquid Tracker. You can convert your own MOD files
into the LIQ format using the Liquid Tracker (For more information
about that, refer to the Liquid Trackers manual).

The latest version of the Liquid Player and the Liquid Tracker can
always be found on our Home Board, The Loan Shark BBS, 972-3-9318789.
You can FReq them using the magic names LIQUID for the Liquid Tracker
and LIQPLAY for the Liquid Player.

3. So... How do I activate the player?

Activating the Liquid Player is very simple. All commands to the
Liquid Player are given as command-line parameters:

LP {liq filename} [/Sxx] [/L] [/H] [/?]


{liq filename} is the LIQ module you want to play.
Wildcards are (currently) not supported.

/Sxx Defines sampling rate in KHertz, i.e. /S22 will
play at 22Khz. Minimum is 4, Maximum is 41.

/L Will cause the Liquid Player to only play the
LIQ once, and then return to DOS. Normally the
Liquid Player will loop, until the ESC key is
NOTE: Currently doesn't work.

/H and /? Gives a help screen.

N O T E :
The Liquid Playing Routines have a special detection algorithm,
that's why there's no command-line switches for IRQ/DMA/BASE
PORT settings. If the Liquid Player fails to detect your sound
card, please report that to the writers, and we'll take care of

4. Keys to use WHILE PLAYING

[ESC] - Will terminate the player and return to DOS.
NOTE: The music will stop, too... ๐Ÿ˜‰

[1..8] - Will toggle channels 1 to 8, respectively.
Shift [1..8] - Will toggle channels 9 to 16, respectively.

Up/Down - Will scroll pages.
PgDn/PgUp - Will scroll pages faster.

Home/End - First/Last screen.

Right/Left - FastForward/FastRewind

+/- - Increes/Decrees volume.

S - Shell to DOS. Be very carefull using this option.
It could be a bit risky...

5. MOD2LIQ - A MOD to LIQ convertor

I am now working on a MOD loader. (Hope it'll be there in the next
version). Meanwhile, you can listen to your favorite MOD files using
the Liquid Player by converting them into a LIQ module format file.
You can convert any 31 instrumental MOD sound module into a LIQ
format using MOD2LIQ.EXE. To convert a MOD, just run MOD2LIQ and give
it the MOD filename as a command-line parameter. It will do the rest.

6. Nope, NOT FREEware! It's POSTware!

The Liquid Player is a POSTware program. That means that if you use
it for more then 10 days, and find it good/bad/nice/interesting you
have to send me a postcard with your opinion, comments and
suggestions. Please see that this is one of the very first version of
the program, I any comment/suggestion/bug report could REALLY help me
improve it!

Home Board: The Loan Shark BBS 972-3-9318789
Moti Radomski 14K 24Hours, Liquid Folder Support
60 Catz St 49374 FidoNet : 2:401/4.4
Petach Tikva or 2:401/[email protected]
I S R A E L Internet : [email protected]

7. Distribution

The Liquid Tracker is uploaded to the following FTPs:

Some more information about the distribution and the Liquid sites,
read the file Support.Liq

8. Some more information about the Liquid writers

The Liquid programmers are Moti Radomski and Nir Oren. Moti Radomski
is me (I think... that's what everybody else says..;-) and therefore
will be referred as "I" or "ME" from now ๐Ÿ˜‰ Nir Oren is 18 years
old, and I am 17. Nir has finished his studies, and waiting to serve
his country at the I.D.F (Israeli Defence Force), and I'm currently
at the 12th grade.

Anyway, Nir started writing the Liquid Playing Routines a few months
ago. He added support for SB, SBPro, and SB16 and then released the
first version of the Liquid Tracker. By that time, I started writing
this Liquid Player you are now using. We had some problems combining
our routines, but (apparently...) we have overcome them.

In my spare time I compose computerized music, too. I have already
released about 10 MOD files. The all of them could be found at most
of the GOOD Israeli BBS's, and I'm also going to UL them to some
BBS's around the US and Europe.

We can be contacted via the Liquid Folder (Which is available on any
Liquid Support Site), and also via Snail-Mail, or regular NetMail.
(My Fido/InterNet addresses are listed under the last topic).

9. Some VERY important ThankYou's :

The writers of the Liquid Tracker and the Liquid Player wishes to
thank the followings:

! - First of all: Sami Tammilehto - our spiritual father.
Thank you for releasing ScreamTracker and setting the
standards for all PC musicians / PC music programmers!
! - Eyal Perek - for some important TIPs which helped us on write
those programs.
! - Ofer Wald, the SysOp of the Loan Shark BBS - for being the
distribution site, taking care or our mailpoints etc.
! - Yossi Zinger - For taking care of out InterNet mail, and ULing
LIQUID to the ftp's.

10. Just a little disclaimer I ripped from another doc... ๐Ÿ˜‰

This product is distributed AS IS. The authors specifically disclaim
all warranties ,expressed or implied, including ,but not limited to,
implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular
purpose with respect to defects in the diskette and documentation,
and program license granted herein, in particular, and without
limiting operation of the program license with respect to any
particular application use or purpose. In no event shall the authors
be liable for any loss of profit or any other commercial damage
including but not limited to special, incidental, consequential or
other damages.

11. What's next?

As stated before, this version of the Liquid Player is just a very
basic one. There are many improvements to be added. Here is a list of
some of them, sorted by the order of importance:

First of all: File Manager routine.
Instead of giving a filename on the command-line you'll be able to
specify wildcards, and get a full list of files.
Tag/Copy/Delete commands will also be added.
Support for MOD format
Full ProTracker's effects support
Support for STM format
Support for S3M format (As soon as Tammilehto finally decides what
the format will be..) ๐Ÿ˜‰
SBPRO/SB16 mixer
Graphical environment - by this time the Liquid Player will no
longer be a PostWare, it will be a ShareWare, like the Liquid
Then will come - The Liquid Editor:
We (Me and Nir) are planning a full script language, which will be
a part of the LIQ module. You will be able to write some text
messages, and tell the Liquid Player to display them while playing
the LIQ. There will be a few ready-made fonts and effects. You
will also be able to give the player a GIF file and choose
when/where to display the graphics. The Liquid Editor will be the
LIQ script editor. It will edit the LIQ file and insert your
script commands. We are planning a lot of other features, like
Karaoke etc.
More information about that will come in the future (and anyway,
it'll take some time before we'll even start writing that...).

12. Known Bugs

The screen scrolling is currently not so smooth... It has
something to do with the INT8 handler. We'll fix that..

13. Some closing words

I hope you'll enjoy using the Liquid Player. If you don't have the
Liquid Tracker, look for it on the same board you DLed this file
from. You can also DL it from any Liquid distribution site.
Please take the time to write and send me a postcard/NetMail and tell
me what do you think about the program.

Thank you in advance, and byebye!

Moti Radomski
The Liquid Player Author

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