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Send output from PC speaker and direct to Soundblaster.
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Send output from PC speaker and direct to Soundblaster.
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Contents of the SBEEP.DOC file

SBeep 1.00

This program reoutputs the Dos Bell, Ascii character 7, to the Adlib or
any compatible card (Sound Blaster, etc.). This requires Sound.Com, and
is available on Compuserve or any board with good Sound Card support.
Sb-Sound, the Sound Blaster version will also work fine. Sound.Com must be
loaded before SBeep.
included just to be sure you have it. It is a TSR, but is small enough you
probably won't notice its there, and it can be loaded high.
I used a bunch of different source to figure out how to do this, and
thanks to every Assembly programmer on earth.

David Meltzer

Direct Questions to:
CIS: 72477,554
David Meltzer
7817 Old Orchard Ct.
Manlius, NY 13104-2410

Donations are accepted of course!!!!!

This file is hereby released into the Public Domain. Note: The digitized
beep should be ready soon.


Sound.Com: This is a TSR driver for the Adlib & compatible FM chips. I
used it because it significantly simplifies and decreases the size of
the program. It must be loaded before Sbeep. It also can be loaded high to
save on your 640k.

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