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Beta version of virtual Sound Blaster/MPU401 emulator for Pro Audio Spectrum users running Windows.
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Beta version of virtual Sound Blaster/MPU401 emulator for Pro Audio Spectrum users running Windows.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

----====< DOS VIRTUAL SB/MPU-401 >====----
----====< WINDOWS VIRTUAL SB >====----
----====< BETA RELEASE SOFTWARE >====----
----====< Version 0.87 >====----

13 November 1991

Hello Pro Audio Spectrum Owner!

You have downloaded a beta release of the Virtual
MPU-401/Sound Blaster! for Windows and DOS! This is a
piece of software that allows you to run certain sound
blaster specific games. By using this software, you are
volunteering to help test, and debug this program. There
are no guarantees to it's performance, so some software
packages may make the system crash. Any crash is incon-
venient, some even damaging to your system data. By
running this software, you are taking full responsibility
for it's results. Due to the nature of this software,
it is recommeded that you load the TSR before running
the game, then unloaded after exiting the game.

It would be appreciated if you would report any
problems back on the Media Vision BBS, via messages,
since this is a new, unsupported piece of software. The
guys in Tech Support cannot help you, they probably
know as much as you do regarding this program. I will
personally assist you, if you find a problem. I just
ask that you leave messages. Many people may report the
same problem, so I will probably address just one of
you to work through the problem. This will help reduce
redundant effort, and speed up the debugging process.

Also, it would be appreciated if you report any
successes that you find when running other sound blaster
software. I have found over 50 % of the software works
with this TSR. If you find some, let me know too!

The TSR software will only load if there are no
other 386 specific software programs already running.
Also, you need to have MVSOUND.SYS loaded (via the
CONFIG.SYS file). If for any reason, the TSR determines
it cannot load, an error message will be printed, and
the program terminated without becoming resident. Once
this program loads, no other 386 specific software will
be able to run, such as Windows 3.x. If some software
blatantly attempts to execute protected mode instructions,
(such as SYMDEB.EXE, version 3.0), a UAE will occur,
and the system will have to be hard reset.

The Pro Audio Spectrum, itself, must be configured
for DMA channel 1, and IRQ #3, #5, or #7. Please make
sure this is consistent with the settings for
MVSOUND.SYS. The virtual SB uses the I/O address range of
0x226 through 0x22E. The virtual MPU-401 may use I/O
addresses 330/331 or 300/301. In addition, the MPU-401
may have to be disabled in order for some software to
work. For example, Carmen San Diego will attempt to
use the MPU-401 in lieu of the FM chips. To use the FM,
load the TSR using the "/N" switch to disable MPU-401

So far, ALL FM games work. The digital audio
specific software that works is:

Broderbund Kid Pix. (640k only)

Broderbund Tree House.

Broderbund Where in the World is
Carmen San Diego, Deluxe. (with
MPU-401 disabled)

Blaster Master, by Gary Maddox.

VPLAY.EXE, by Creative Labs, Inc.

VREC.EXE, by Creative Labs, Inc.

Dr. SBaitso, by Creative Labs, Inc.

Disney's Micky Mouse Jig Saw.

Leisure Suite Larry, I - when installed using
only 640k DOS memory. (Install 640k only, SB driver,
then run the emulator).

MONOLOGUE by First Byte.

Wing Commander II using the Windows Virtual
Sound Blaster.

Here are some software packages that will not work:

VOXKIT.EXE, by Creative Labs, Inc.

VEDIT.EXE, by Creative Labs, Inc.

To run the program, unpack the ".EXE" program and run it:

1. To unpack the .ZIP:

DOS>pkunzip sb2mv *.*

2. To run the program:


The logo screen, and disclaimer will print, prompt
you for a response, then, if everythings okay,
terminate and stay resident. The program takes
almost 15k of memory.

Version Changes:

0.87 Carmen San Diego works only if MPU-401 is
disabled ("/N" option on command line)

0.86 The TSR can now be unloaded. Still haven't
fixed FM in Carmen San Diego.

0.85 Implemented MPU-401 and SB MIDI.

0.83 Second Release. Bug fixes, but also broke
FM in Carmen San Diego.

0.80 Initial Release.

Doug Cody
Senior Software Engineer
Media Vision, Inc.

BBS phone # 1 (510) 770-0968
MVI FAX # 1 (510) 770-8648

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