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Three-voice music maker, no extra hardware needed.
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Three-voice music maker, no extra hardware needed.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
1ST_NOEL.SNG 986 351 deflated
AUTOHARP.C 4253 896 deflated
AUTOHARP.EXE 7659 4697 deflated
BLUES.SNG 3860 586 deflated
COME_ALL.SNG 1376 486 deflated
FURELISE.SNG 4840 942 deflated
HOUSERIS.SNG 927 300 deflated
INVENT03.SNG 2282 623 deflated
INVENT04.SNG 2144 601 deflated
INVENT08.SNG 2126 584 deflated
INVENT13.SNG 1880 670 deflated
INVENT14.SNG 2211 528 deflated
LOOPPOLY.PAS 1742 820 deflated
MAKEPLAY.BAT 656 362 deflated
MAKEPOLY.EXE 25771 15755 deflated
MALAGUEN.SNG 9817 1552 deflated
PACHCAN.SNG 2840 1004 deflated
PLAYALL.BAT 4708 1300 deflated
PLAYKB.EXE 13397 8147 deflated
PLAYPOLY.PAS 1711 799 deflated
POLY.DOC 38709 12332 deflated
POLY.H 1292 593 deflated
POLYCHRD.H 7553 971 deflated
README.1ST 2421 1166 deflated
REGISTER.TXT 2976 1284 deflated
RONDOCAR.SNG 3265 838 deflated
SOUNDEFF.PAS 717 358 deflated
STLOUIS.SNG 762 366 deflated
TRIPTEST.SNG 966 419 deflated
UPDATE.TXT 10787 3477 deflated

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Contents of the README.1ST file

Polyphonic Music version 1.20:

Date: 12/8/89
From: Ed P. Grigassy

Well here it is! My third upgrade in the polyphonic music programs and
C language routines. What's exciting is that I've added Pascal (Turbo, that
is) to the PC three voice world! I'm also very enthusiastic about the new,
improved playing routines (ver 1.10) included in this package. These
routines should set a standard for three voice music since they have the
highest quality I've seen anywhere on the PC market! This package is
definately the most powerful music package you can own without purchasing
extra hardware (like MIDI cards, or sound digitizers).

For info on the updates in this current version, check out the file:
UPDATE.TXT - info on what makes this version of
Polyphonic Music extraordinary


Where: = PC, XT, AT, 286, or 386
(use the 286 & 386 for speed-up boards as well)

During the PLAYALL, press any key to jump to the next song,
or Ctrl-C to stop the batch file.

To play individual songs quickly, run:

where = 1st_noel -> the first noel
blues -> an experimental blues jam
pachcan -> simplified arragement of the
pachelbel canon
furelise -> beethoven's fur elise
invent13 -> bach's invention no. 13
houseris -> arpeggiated version of house of the
rising sun
stlouis -> st. louis blues, by w.c. handy
and any other .sng file names.

For complete information on all the files in this package, read the file:
POLY.DOC the full documentation of the Polyphonic
Music package (unregistered version).

By the way, if you really want to have some fun, try playing some of the
.ply files at ridiculously fast speeds (like 200 or less, 10 is really
interesting). Running looppoly at these speeds sounds like you are
nearby some heavy machinery! (Type LOOPKB songname 10 )


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