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Yet another .MOD player. This is small and fast.
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Yet another .MOD player. This is small and fast.
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Contents of the CHAMP.DOC file

Can't Hurt . . . Another MOD Player! CHAMP v1 >eta<

Programer: Tom Gardner
Mod Routines: Mark Cox
Language: Turbo Pascal 6

CHAMP is Copyright 1992

Execution: CHAMP

CHAMP is a MOD file player, written especially for files created using Norman
Lin's excellent program, MODEDIT v2.0.

So far CHAMP has played everything I've created using MODEDIT and Whacker
Tracker. However, it doesn't like some MOD files ie; TETRA.MOD and SAVAGE.MOD
which were probably created on something else. CHAMP will let you know if it
won't play a particular mod.

CHAMP should be installed in a directory specified in your path statement.
Execute CHAMP alone from the command line or use /f to list all MOD files in
that particular directory.

Upon executing CHAMP you'll be asked for a device and mixing speed. If you
already know what to do then skip this part, otherwise... the mix speed is
roughly how fast your CPU is (according to Lin). Interestingly enough, I use
a 386/20 but the system crashes on any speed over 11000. Best bet is to enter
1/2 the speed of your CPU and work up.

The main screen is pretty self explanitory. If you ran CHAMP with /f
parameter all MOD files in that directory will be displayed and you'll be
prompted for a file name. When entering the file DO NOT add the ".mod"
extension. CHAMP will display a message if you do and ask for another
filename. I could do a quick check but why bother? The less typing the
better and CHAMP will ONLY play files with a .mod extension.

If you press 'd' while the MOD is playing you'll be shelled to DOS. COMSPEC
is taken from the environment table. CHAMP loads and runs whatever command
interpreter you're using.

From here you're on your own, just don't run CHAMP. Excessive disk access
will degrade the sound a little but that shouldn't be a problem. Programs
will load-up a little slower too but that's the trade off for running MOD
files in the background. I usually run a text editor with CHAMP running,
like right now. I've tried using telecommunication software and the only
(minor) problem was with displaying ANSI graphics. When you want to get back
to CHAMP type exit on the command line. If you changed to another directory
CHAMP will list those MOD files available.

You can specify the entire path to a MOD but after you finish listening you
need to specify again or play only the ones listed on the screen. Perhaps in
the next version...

I wrote CHAMP because most other MOD players:
1. didn't work well with all samples,
2. didn't like 386 protected mode,
3. asked for money (CHAMP is free),
and I didn't like loading up MODEDIT everytime I wanted to listen to a song.
I thought it would be a pretty neat project and I wanted to see what TP6 had
to offer. Maybe next version will include some work with Turbo Vision.

Mark Cox - MOD-OBJ.OBJ
Norman Lin - MODEDIT
Dan Nicholson - TECHNICAL, sort of 😉
Borland - Turbo Pascal 6 and TASM
All MOD creators - you know what you are!
AOL's MOD Squad
Who'd I forget?

America On-Line - THRUSH
Internet - [email protected], or [email protected]
Batavia BBS - 1-206-479-3929, a programmers BBS
Tom Gardner
2928 Stewart Rd.
Bremerton, Wa. 98310

CHAMP is FREEWARE! If you feel compelled to donate then get a hold of Mark
Cox and take him out for a pint of stout.

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